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Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences


Dear God, Is it okay to kill the devil? Because they are doing a great job of destroying your favorite nation.

David Ronaldson

America definitely isn’t God’s favorite nation.

Save Our United States

Inflation results when too much money chases to few goods. It can also happen when a commodity, such as energy, is artificially inflated. Inflation is a Marxist tactic to create government dependency. Everything this administration is doing is an effort to break the backs of the middle class. Climate change is merely an eliteist money grabbing scheme that will result in the removal of energy from the economy and will ultimately result in the degradation of the middle class and the loss of freedom.


100% Correct! Well Said!

My Man Trump

Everything this commie regime is doing is right out of the communist handbook on how to destroy a country and destroy its people. The big question is where is our handbook on how to successfully stop the people with the commie power to do this.

Save Our United States

For starters, apply an equal and opposite force plus… And make sure that we vet and elect conservatives, not RINOs. Truthfully, Democrats haven’t changed — most of them have always been EVIL; it is the RINOs that have caused this entire problem by not paying attention and inaction. We need a strong, principled Republican Party of action.

K.M. Cox

We have a manual. Its called the constitution. Which must be upheld and enforced.


Inflation is THROUGH THE ROOF do to FAKE President Biden!
Let’s Go Brandon!


I miss my president!


Save America!


getting lazy huh??????


Just YOU Commie-Lib!
Move to Russia Comrade!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President