Instead of a loss, there was a landslide victory for Mike

“One of the biggest stories in the Lamestream Media yesterday was the very important Congressional race in Ohio and whether or not Trump-backed candidate, Mike Carey, would lose against a large and outstanding field of other candidates. The mainstream was chomping at the bit to report a loss for a Trump endorsed candidate—they couldn’t wait. In fact the Washington Post still hasn’t corrected their very old story. But lo and behold, instead of a loss, there was a landslide victory for Mike—a win far larger than even the most optimistic of polls. It was a great day for Ohio, but the story of this victory has been barely reported by the Fake News. If my endorsed candidate would have lost, it would have been nothing but front page. Such a double standard, but congratulations to Mike, he will never let Ohio down.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Hunt

Widdle Twumpty loves him some straw man arguments! IF Mike had lost, IF it had been closer, IF the media had paid more attention, IF Twumpty was given credit. What a maroon! Sounds like Grandpa’s bored & not getting enough attention! Maybe Merrick Garland & the DOJ should start giving him the attention he craves & deserves!


I see a few annoying trolls here, I got three questions for the trolls do you honestly believe that Biden is better for other country than Trump? if you do you should probably see a doctor quickly. Can you name anything good than Biden has done for our country in his 47 years of politics? What has Trump ever done bad in his 6 years of politics that make you hate him. Good luck!

We Love You Mr. President Trump Save America 2024

Mike Hunt

It’s all in perspective there Denski, we look at it as a few annoying MAGAts here trying to boost their delusions that Trump has done anything but try to enrich himself & destroy Democracy so he can become dick-tator


lol you really believe that? Trump never took a cent while in office, while using hundreds of millions of his own dollars towards his campaign and this country if he was really worried about himself and not this country he would of just taken donations from big tech instead of using his own money.

Never once did Trump try and destroy democracy, destroying democracy is when the social media and big tech can be bought off by politicians to spread lies and twist the truth about there opponents.

nothing good to say about Biden??

Ralph Fleming

Dennis I would have voted for anyone over Trump. I believe Biden will be less damaging for this country than Trump would have been for four more years, especially since he wouldn’t have to worry about getting re-elected.

Trump has more failed business than successful ones, yet everyone thinks he’s this great businessman. Trump lies about everything including where his parents were born. Which I understand that all politicians lie but Trump lies about things that don’t need to be lied about. Look at his speech for the U.N. where everyone laughed at him for claiming he has done more in 2 years than any other president. When the U.N. laughed, he said something along the lines of he didn’t expect that reaction. Then he was interviewed after the speech and tried to claim it was a joke and he meant to get a laugh out of everyone. When he makes a mistake, which I know everyone does, instead of admitting it or just moving on Trump gets on TV with a clearly altered map and tries to convince everyone he was right. He made a mistake during a speech about building a wall around Colorado or Kansas which is clearly not along the border. Instead of just admitting the mistake or just moving on Trump gets on Twitter and tries to claim it was a joke for all the people in the room who are from Colorado or Kansas, he was in Pennsylvania at the time.

Trump went to a foreign country to try to get them to start an investigation on a political rival. If he had all this proof he would have went to our justice system not a foreign government. Biden’s crimes weren’t an issue for him in 2017 or 2018 but when Biden decided to run for president all of a sudden it’s a problem. I’m sure that Hunter is guilty of crimes but you don’t go to Ukraine and try to get them to investigate it.

Trump is the closest to a dictator this county has ever come. I get the not cooperating with the other party to a certain extent. My big problem is that Trump also did not follow the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court decided that the DACA program shall be left as is until the Trump administration fixed it’s argument. His administration stopped processing applications and stopped accepting new ones. I do not agree with DACA but if the Supreme Court says that legally it remains in place for now you follow what the Supreme Court says. We have a checks and balances for a reason.

Trump has claimed from the very beginning of his political career that if he loses an election it’s only because the other side cheated. When he thought he might lose the primary to Ted Cruz he claimed that if he did it was because Cruz cheated. He claimed Hillary cheated to win the popular vote. Now he has claimed he lost this election because of cheating. Look at what his lawyers, including Giuliani, say in court when they are in a court of law and have a legal obligation to tell the truth. His lawyers had to admit that poll watchers were in the room in Philadelphia. Giuliani had to admit that his case wasn’t even about fraud. Sydney Powell’s defense was literally a reasonable person wouldn’t believe what she was saying. Look at what Fox News AND OAN said after dominion threatened REAL legal action. I don’t remember if it was Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity that was sued and their defense was that they weren’t a real news show.

Trump’s big brag is the economy. So let’s look at the numbers. Obama created 11 million more jobs his last three years than Trump did in his first three. The unemployment rate had done nothing but fall since 2009. Trump’s GDP wasn’t any better than anyone else’s. He just happened to be president when unemployment hit the lows and the economy was doing extremely well. Trump likes to blame Biden about gas prices. Look at Trump’s tweets when gas prices were low. He tweeted that he was going to get the price of oil to raise again. They then went and negotiated with Mexico and Saudi Arabia to stop producing oil. He had absolutely nothing to do with the drop in gas prices, then did things to get the price to go back up, and then tried to take credit for them being that low.

I would like some honest responses to the things I have placed in this post. But I am sure it will either be ignored or I’ll be called a leftist, socialist, commie or a RINO. I am none of those things I am a Republican that does not agree with Trump or almost anything that he has done while in office.

True American



Quote: Ralph Fleming “I believe Biden will be less damaging for this country than Trump”

well you believed wrong… have you seen our border? taxes? inflation? unemployment rate? Crime? gas prices? and I could go on

Quote: Ralph Fleming “I am a Republican that does not agree with Trump or almost anything that he has done while in office.”

hmmm really, you don’t agree with lower taxes? being Energy Independent? Border Security? More police? good Foreign Relations? Lower unemployment? Higher Wages(20%^)? America First? and more…. he took 7 million people off of food stamps.

ummm why don’t you like that??? please explain why thats bad

Ralph Fleming

Biden hasn’t done anything to change taxes yet and when he does it won’t affect me and most Americans. I don’t make anywhere near 400,000 a year. I’ve paid more in federal taxes than Trump has in the last few years, to me that’s a problem. I’ve paid more than Amazon and many other giant corporations and that’s a problem. Trump did double the standard deduction for income taxes and I liked that but he did so much more for cutting the taxes of the wealthy than he did for most Americans.

Biden isn’t for defunding the police he actually wants more money to get police more training.

Trump had nothing to do with the unemployment rate, I covered that in my initial post. Unemployment has been on a super steep and steady decline since 2009. Well before Trump even thought of getting into politics. And once again look at the jobs reports, Obama created 11 million more jobs in his last three years than Trump did in his first three years. Salaries had to go up for employers to entice people away from their current jobs. There weren’t many people left without a job so you had to pay people more. It’s simple supply and demand. Trump had nothing to do with that. I also covered gas prices in my initial post Trump literally WORKED to get gas prices to go up. The president doesn’t effect gas prices on a normal basis.

I don’t think the things you put are bad. Trump just didn’t do anything to improve those things. They were all trending that way when he got into office. His administration did not improve at all on the economy any more than any one else did. AGAIN Obama created 11 million more jobs in his las three years than Trump did in his first three. The numbers don’t lie. Trump did nothing to improve the economy.

Things cost more right now because of supply and demand, everything is trying to catch up from being closed down during 2020.


Biden has a history of lying and apologizing for lying… And you still believe him? Inflation IS a tax. Also, I remember seeing a headline on CNN saying “100 of the Top US Companies Support Biden” (This isn’t the exact title, nor can I locate it anymore). However, if you look at donors from BIG corporations they all support Biden tremendously. Trump also admitted to taking advantage of Obama/Bidens business tax loop-holes.

Obama had a relatively peaceful 8 years. Trump has been dealing with impeachments with no evidence, and even doctored evidence at one point. A completely biased media narrative, Antifa/BLM terrorist organizations predominantly hurting Black areas in democrat-controlled cities. And a pandemic where the economy got closed down all over.

However, It is true Obama bounced back slower than previous presidents when coming out of a depression. The best things in my opinion, that were accomplished under Obama were Bin Laden’s demise and Gay Marriage (which he opposed gay marriage at first. Side note: Democrats often support things they previously disagreed with if it’s a good political move that gives them power.)

Anyways, I think Trump could of done way more if he had an easy ride like Obama did, or a full 8 years.


It’s funny how the (liberal?) trolls can enjoy free reign on conservative sites, but if the roles were switched, the liberal sites are full of bugs and viruses enough to make someone puke for risk of being hacked! Liberals are criminals through and through.

True American

But how about that coup d’etat attempt on January 6th, tho?! Liberal protests were all about police killing black people, but the snowflake Trump-o-tards actually tried to hack the electoral process and install Donnie Little Hands as their overlord and supreme leader! So weird, the comparisons.


Far from “true American” more like “Truly Ignorant”.

True American

*shrugs* That response and $3.50 gets me a latte. What else you got, scooter?

Mike Hunt

Even though he can’t spell or define it, all Skippy has is Ad Hominem attacks.

Mike Hunt

Sabra, did you know that mental health is covered under the ACA?

Mike Hunt

Oh Sabie, such a victim! Waaah! I have 4 lifetime twitter bans & just finished a 60 day term on FB! But SURE, it’s the poor MAGAts that are being discriminated against!

Mike Hunt

Every post Trumpty makes here underscores why he is banned from Tweeter, FB & most other social media.


your right Mike, because they don’t want to hear the truth even when they know its true.


He may have won (a primary), but you’re still a loser.



Mike Hunt

No Donnie, the defeat will come in the November elections in 2022 & 2024 when the country finally rids itself of your stench!


Trump won and everyone knows it. That includes the world’s dictators. They all watched a man who didn’t win a United States Presidential election be sworn in by theft. If this isn’t corrected, the US will remain on their side forever.
@realMikeLindell has the packet captures for the entire election. He spent the last 6 months validating and analyzing them with cyber experts. He is presenting all of it at his #CyberSymposium onAaug 10, 11, 12th. We must all call our state legislators and congresspersons and insist that they attend this event. If he is right, we all need to know. If he is wrong, then they can deliver that information to their constituents. We can all stop this fighting with the outcome of this event. If your representatives are certain his information is bad, then they should take s cyber expert with them to the Cyber Symposium and claim the $5 million challenge. They can donate if they feel so compelled. (but we all know they wouldn’t).
I believe I read the rooms are all comped. Its for our elected officials and credentialed cyber experts. Every attendee will have full and complete access to the information so they can personally analyze it. Prove him wrong.
If I was an elected official, wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag me away from it. Dems can try prove him wrong, Republicans can find the truth. Both can report back to their constituents. What would they have to lose?

True American

What episode of “Crazy Sensitive Faux Insurrectionists” is this plot-line from? Can’t be from the first season.


Another WIN for the Republican Patriots!
Trump 2024!


stop patting yourself on ur back you POS!!!!


Crybaby Liberal Kiss It!

Mike Hunt

Crybaby liberal? This whole site is nothing but a “safe space” for snowflake Donnie to whine! Banned from the adult social media & stranded here to bitch where only his most fevered acolytes come to praise him!


You can’t even “dish it out” all that well, but you very clearly “can’t take it”! What a petulant child you are.

True American

Aw, Kenny. Did we learn a new word today? (You know what’s fun? Poking you dipsh*ts to see how loud you cry.)

Can’t wait to see Little Hands Donnie “reinstalled” in August. I’m positive Mike Lindell is absolutely a great source of unassailable fact. No way that former crackhead, current pillow shill is going to produce anything but actual, reliable, referenceable fact.

What day is August is it, again?




It takes a very sad person to go out of their way to stalk someone, on their own website! Get a life loser!


President Trump is the best President EVAH!!!



True American

Why do you think so?


And Obama was the worst president ever(at least in modern history). President Trump basically did everything Right. Obama basically did everything Wrong. Its just that simple. Got it, True Communist? (Not that I would actually think to ever change the mind of a Commie like yourself.)

True American

Hey little buddy. Make sure you eat all the hamberders and buckets of lard you’re entitled to, by God. By the way – did you happen to see that Ms. Pillow Lindell isn’t so sure about that August date? Man, it’s almost like he’s in on the ongoing Trump grift. What do you think?

Mike Hunt

Can you define Communism w/o using Google? Thought not!

Ivan Yerkinoff

Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds 

Trump Ordered to Pay Eight Separate Charities $250,000 Each

Remaining $1.8 Million in Trump Foundation Bank Account Disbursed Among Charities

 NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after Donald J. Trump was forced to pay more than $2 million in court-ordered damages to eight different charities for illegally misusing charitable funds at the Trump Foundation for political purposes:
“Not only has the Trump Foundation shut down for its misconduct, but the president has been forced to pay $2 million for misusing charitable funds for his own political gain. Charities are not a means to an end, which is why these damages speak to the president’s abuse of power and represent a victory for not-for-profits that follow the law.


How’s that Flat stock market going for you Comrade? BWHAHAHAHA! If Trump was in the White House ,it would be well above 38,000 by now. (Biden Blows)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
True American

Do you understand how the market works, you adorable little dung beetle, you?


Ivan the Terrible STAY in Communist Russia,


Thanks Donnie you the man.

True American

But is he?

Rita Gordon

GOD Speed President Trump! Keep up the fight! Real America is behind you!

True American

“White America is behind you!”

Fixed it for you, Rita.


Now True Communist, can you fix your Brain? (I doubt it)

True American

And here we all thought you didn’t have the ability to “doubt,” given your absolute, knee-bended subjugation to the Future Prisoner, Little Hands Donnie.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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