Instead, we have a horribly tragic and unnecessary war

“If my energy policy had remained in place, where we were energy independent, and would have soon been bigger in production than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined, the world would have had no problems whatsoever. This war should never have started in the first place. If the Election wasn’t Rigged, America would right now continue to have record-low gas prices, as it was under my Administration, and we would be supplying the world with oil and gas. Also, Russia would not have attacked Ukraine. Instead, we have a horribly tragic and unnecessary war, record-high energy prices, Inflation, no Border, crime, and chaos. Make America STRONG Again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Marijo Makufka

It is absolutely AMAZING that you made our great nation energy independent.

We the People WILL NOT FORGET.

Soon, even those still asleep will realize your greatness.


My Man Trump

You can fix it all in Jan., Sir. Right now we have a horrible little posers in the WH who’s main goal is to destroy us. They don’t even get that they had to manufacture a virus to steal the election so that they could get in office. Nobody wanted them.

We will be energy independent again . Everything will stop in Jan. when we make America great again and strong again and undo these disasters.


LOL trump just needs to go enjoy his twilight years. Poor guy has just lost any sense of reality. Maye he can get the dream team back together of Stone, Rudy, and Bannon and run for some local office. His leadership was so poor we got Biden enough said.

Dan for DT

Another VP heard from – Biden is not a Biproduct of Trump –He was inserted in, to spite Trump by people who were to stupid and hateful to realize how well off we were. WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF NOW.

My Man Trump

Another jokester heard from. Go make yourself fat and happy in front of the fake news tv set, cause we’re coming with the real President of the U.S. and we are coming soon. Red wave immediately followed by No. 46, DJT.

Elizabeth Headley


Ralph Fleming

Please keep that same energy!

Pete M.

It’s high time the American people rise up and utterly destroy the demon rats and the dirty traitors that are destroying our country!!!! How the hell are 300 million people just sitting by and just watching and bitching about how they are destroying our country and DO NOTHING about it????? I don’t know who these people are living here now, but they sure ARE NOT Americans!!!! Americans would fight to the last drop of blood for our country!!!! Americans would have tar and feathered every one of these damn TRAITOR politicians getting to be billionaires off our backs, and hung them for the world to see with a sign around their necks that says THIS IS WHAT AMERICANS DO TO TRAITORS!!!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Illegitimate election of 2020. Stolen. By demonrats in bed with CCP. These scums tried their witch hunts and hoaxes twice with garbage impeachments.
Every democrat that was a party to this crap should be removed and led out the door and dropped off in some 3rd world shit hole. There are many on the list…
Swallwell with his Chy-na loving spy, that retard Ted Lieu, another scumbum… Jamie Raskin, what a vomit worthy POS… and many others.
Democrats and RINOS, they prefer the Chinese CCP instead of Our Country.
They need to be gone.
What is going on in the Ukraine needs to be addressed, and ASAP.
The Clinton Foundation, that zombie Soros, as well as the Biden syndicate have to be held accountable.
We the People cannot withstand much longer, our Country is going down the drain.

Johnny Appleseed.

Imagine that….

The deep state blamed Russia for all their problems.

They blamed Russia for Trump getting elected.

They blamed Russia for all the wrongs and all the wars to cover their asses…. Looks like the Cold War don’t it???

The political correct thing to do is go over there and ask Putin to have tea and crumpets and demand strongly that he stop fucking with their money.

They kissed his ass a little bit to get him to understand they needed him to just start shit so they would be able to bluff the American people.

They shut down our keystone pipeline.

They set things up so they could make the money off the transport of Russian fuel.

They even backed his pipe line.

All in a business deal to get themselves rich and Putin paid off.

But, Zelenski remembered getting threatened.

Putin remembers getting stabbed in the back.

Russians do what they say they are going to do.

Stalin said it over and over during WWII.

Gorbachev proved it all the way down to removing the Berlin Wall.

Putin has proved it by continuously stopping and asking if they want peace talks, then not requesting the removal of the people’s President of Ukraine.

(Which by the way, this whole thing has to end with Zelenski looking like he is strong and saved his people, and Russia has humility and strength. Rules of Chivalry.)

I believe Putin is tired of his people getting lied on.

And Zelenski is tired of his people being used as pawns.

[Corruption requires the decent to be complacent and the passionate to be imprisoned.]

At the moment… there is a rub.

Someone somewhere is being a hold out. They are not going down with out a fight.

But on the large table…

Zelenski has to appear to still have control of his country.

Putin has to appear to be ready to make them a glass parking lot (though the Nuclear option it off the table for Putin… someone currently has control of a silo somewhere and they have not been rooted out.)

There is someone out of control of both parties… and they have to be reined in so the peace talks can happen.

Imagine Ukraine and Russia make a peace deal.

Nuke is sent out and destroys any of us.

Instant defense systems around the world activation.

The world is changed forever.

With out nukes the small faction has ZERO




They are pointing the cannons at you.

“Fear not for I am the Lord your God.”

These words bring me peace



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.
Johnny Appleseed.

It’s really going to mess everyone up when they realize:

Through kissing Russia’s ass….

The Deep State actually paid Russia to attack Ukraine.

I am going to say that again.

They are so stupid they handed a loaded weapon to Russia to shoot their own selves in the foot. Instead Russia decided to shoot the Deep State in the foot.

There is a term for that:

Poetic Justice

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.

I’m listening, not sure many will.

Johnny Appleseed.

Griff… I am a commoner.

These are the things I want answered.

Plain and simple.

If I am to pick a dog in the fight….

Don’t I need to know what is actually going on???

I am wondering if the hold out is the Atheist that turned in Jews and does things with only money and making money on his mind???

My personal thoughts:

They are showing blown up equipment with small charred burning fires.


Where is the disruption of the ashes to get them out?

If the conflict just happened… and they are Ukrainian military equipment….

Why are the particular pieces of equipment RUSTED???

I have seen equipment look like that at qualifying ranges right here in the United States.

Please someone explain.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.
I think you will like this griff

This is the actual invasion from what I understand.

And this is like right now. You know right now right now.

I think you will like this.

Last edited 1 year ago by I think you will like this griff

Yes very interesting!

Your delusional

FACT: we were never “energy independent” under your presidency.


Crack Head Hunter and Brandon?
I hope YOU freeze to death!

Dan for DT

You must have spent that 4 years STONED. You can’t be helped I’m afraid.–VP



Laura Bland

Don’t wait any longer, Please Mr. President, come back!

Walter Goad

Will Trump I will say this whole mess is because you failed to protect the U.S. constitution and the people of United States simply by not arresting these crooked bastards on Jan 20 2021. But you did nothing to bring them to justice and put them in jail for treason. We don’t have till 2024 or even 2022 to take back the house and senate the U.S. will be gone by then because Russia is going to do a nuclear first strike for the world taking action against Putin by removing Russia from the swift program. Putin as stated publicly that removing Russia from the swift would be considered an act of war and so here we are Thanks Trump great job!! Our only hope is in Jesus Christ!!! that’s where I am putting all my hope in (Maranatha Lord Come Quickly)


2016-2019 were the best years in my adult life.


Reagan years were GOOD,
but the Trump years were BETTER!


You were clearly drunk for 4 years. trump was just ranked as the 4th worst president in US history.

Dan for DT

GFY – your full of shit


It’s true. Go read the C-PAC poll of historians.




Sorry. C-Span


You were on Crack like Hunter and Brandon!
FJB! and YOU!


POTUS Trump ended America’s involvement in wars, and also made US 🇺🇸 energy independent. I was reminded when I stopped for gas Saturday. Under POTUS Trump I paid $1.87 per gallon. Under Brandon’s reign of tyranny I pay $2.29 per gallon. Even Harris can do that math!

Correct 11/3/2020, and reinstate POTUS Trump before it’s too late…!$!$!$!


Just filled up at $4.76! Sickening.


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!

Meg P

We cannot know what you are feeling President Sir, knowing how much blood sweat and tears you put into getting all the proper elements into place and stabilizing so much on the global front as well as on the domestic front. We know that God is ultimately in charge, and he is waking up Europe to form a real alliance, as they see just how real, enemies like lying Putin, really is. All that you did in your meetings with the leaders of Europe to “just pay their current amount due and remove “past due amounts”, for US military protection. We know how arrogant the former leader of Germany, spoke to you, and to a gift horse in the mouth! Well now God, is making them responsible for their own countries, for they do not have you and the US leadership to rely on. We pray for all of Europe and especially to Ukraine and Afghanistan. May God Bless


I don’t know about a terrible war, most of the footage they are using seems to be coming from that great film, The Battle of the Bulge


I thought the same thing!
The Only thing missing is Telly Savalas with a .30 Caliber Browning!

Elizabeth Headley

Ah so! young grasshopper! You are growing wiser


America is ready to start over! Flush this great reset plan down the toilet along with the current deceitful media, upside down corporate agendas, distorted education system, the crooked and un-American Monetary corporation, the devious political comptrollers, and all the greedy industrial and social complexes! This system sucks! WE ARE SLAVES! TIME TO TAKE IT BACK! WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE!

Yeshua Faith

Thank you, President Trump, for all you and your family have done despite what you all have had to endure during the past 6 years!
I am praying for you!!
Evildoers (who refuse to turn around toward our Maker and Strengthener, YHVH) will be cut off, He tells us in His Word. Do all you know to do, listening to His Ruach HaKodesh (Set-apart Spirit), and He will do the rest that is needed!
We are behind you, and support you in prayer, as you and many others continue to fight the hidden battles, to rescue, redeem and deliver the victims of the evildoers!
I am praying for Wisdom, Protection, and Good Discernment, for our military, and for every honorable Republic States of America “national,” who fears The Creator’s Name, in sincerity! We are all in this spiritual battle together! Yeshua HaMashiach has already won this war!
Shalom, in Faith in Yeshua

Elizabeth Headley

Yes! I touch and agree with your post! Yeshua HaMashiach, Our King & Savior will return not as a Lamb, but a mighty, roaring LION of Judah with his fiery sword drawn! Thereafter will we reside in Jehovah Shalom!


The last year+, everything turns to sh..!!!


100% Correct!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!

Gloria Hensley

Those responsible will pay. My guess, is both in this life and the next. God is merciful, but if His mercy is not received and accepted with humility and repentance, that leaves judgment. Judgment for all they have caused will most likely be severe – that will necessarily include the murder of over 6 million innocent babies, child sex trafficking, abuse and molestation of children in the tunnels, the murder of millions of peoples with “gain of function” coronavirus engineered at Wuhan into a bio-weapon causing genocide of the whole world’s population. Makes me wonder, can people that evil in control of Satan, even in the face of God, bow their knee in humility and repentance? Free will.


Right On President Trump!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!
Make America Great and STRONG AGAIN!


You said it, President Trump!
Russia is even causing terror, horrible suffering and deaths of innocent animals in Ukraine. People are fleeing in a panic to Poland or elsewhere, leaving their animals behind to fend for themselves in a war zone. Others are desperately determined to save their animals and take them along. This all happened because of the Biden administration’s ineptitude and weakness, as we all know. Aside from that, I thought Putin loved dogs, see here: …so he must be totally losing his mind (which is very frightening) to now be causing even those innocent souls, who have nothing at all to do with human conflicts, so much horror, suffering and death. If America were still strong, with Trump leading us, none of this would be occurring.


If Putin isn’t bothered by the deaths of innocent children, he definitely isn’t going to care about dogs. Number one requirement to be a tyrant monster–no conscience. The ends always justify the means.

Johnny Appleseed.

What do the cameras in Ukraine show???

The actual live cameras for traffic and general observation???

Has anyone actually thought to look at them???

And if you do… what do they show?

What about the photos being used to talk up the war?

Are they actually of Ukraine???


I would like to know myself…

Is what we are being told



Thoughts of a humble observer.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.

Apparently lot’s of photo’s not of what they’re being portrayed, but that’s never happened before.

Elizabeth Headley

I love watching LIVE video cams too! Ukraine is beautiful at night! I can almost hear the crickets chirping! A very peaceful place..ahhh, it will be a wonderful place to visit soon! God IS so very, very good to us all who are NOT IN SERVICE TO HASATAN!


It is so very important that we get the voting laws and security corrected and monitored so the corrupted methods don’t obstruct a fair election 2022 like it did in 2020 and 2021 in Georgia and other states. We are in a very dangerous place with the corruption outcome from the 2020 election, just as you predicted. God Bless you and all those working to save our country. God Bless Ukraine families that are dealing with the bad actions by the current administration in the USA.


Well Said!

Mitch Hagen


Dear President Trump, I pray that you will be our next president of the United States, for you have overcome, with God’s help and those of us who believe in prayer. You made it through investigations and all who told vicious lies against you like the oppressive groups of evil democrats in the House of Rep. and Senate. However, you did NOT give up or shrink on the scene. Instead, you kept solving problems under extreme stress, by the lying media, print media, and evil democrats who did everything to bring you down!
I WILL NEVER FORGET NANCY PELOSI STANDING BEHIND YOU IN THE STATE OF THE NATION SPEECH, HOLDING THE YOUR SPEECH IN THE AIR AND RIPPING IT APART FOR ALL TO SEE! Thank God, we are finally getting to the TRUTH of what Hillary, and others did to you, and two the two phony impeachments that Nancy Pelosi made YOU AND US suffer through. I PRAY, for you and our Party, that we will continue on the path of truth and faith!
Amen! I hope you will let the past go, and let people know what you will do to reconstruct the United States after the disaster of Joe Bidens reign of DISASTER! Elizabeth Whitley Ky.

Meg P

How True. We all witnessed so many ugly truths about those demoncrats and such beautiful truths that came from our White House. Now the Joe Mansion’s are standing up to these ugly people who have taken over their own party. Pray, spread the truth, and stay only in Love of God and Jesus and to each other, to see us through.

Elizabeth Curtiss

The sad thing is that all this destruction of American and the war certainly seems to be
deliberate and timed for greatest impact right behind all the covid manmade scam. Question is why? Hmmmm, Gates said there are too many ppl on the planet, and we all know he is in the globalist group. They will try everything to stop you. We have to be ready for the next steal. They want give up ground easily. #Trump2024


Excellent Question!
Great Thought!


Dems stole the election in order to steal money. The only way you can steal money is to cause a war.



Dan for DT

Yup– He is 120% to blame for all this crap and so is any of his underlings who follow or support his incredibly feeble administration. They are all Blathering FOOLS. Buck Fiden.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan for DT




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