Interviewed by Greg Kelly on Newsmax

45th President Donald J. Trump will be interviewed by Greg Kelly on Newsmax at 7:00PM EDT.

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Well that was a most splendid interview indeed! It was a fun treat to see that clip from your past on the presidency, too. It seems to be more and more the public consensus that Biden’s time is up. It doesn’t help him any that he is backed up against what your plan of procedures with Afghanistan was, either—strength those guys KNEW they needed to respect.

Funny how in the end Biden may brought down by an Afghanistan comparison of your strength and presidential firmness as opposed to Biden’s weaseling around trying to win his predicament by fraudulent statements—again!!! This is one time we can be happy about foreign interference—ha!

R.I.P. Joseph Biden. 🌷

Cary Miller

Liz H. Did a fantastic job, Mr. President!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Thank goodness! Thank goodness, I can now hear from this wonderful President, President Trump. President Trump and we Americans have been cheated. Things are going so badly, and so fast, that I am truly saddened that unless something is done, our Country is really in trouble.
God bless 🇺🇸
God bless President Trump and his wonderful patriotic family.

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