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Why isn’t Trump back in? We know he has won. God knows he has Won because he picked him. Trump should of done the right thing in beginning and have the military arrest all the people in the government that are stealing our money and having people be slaves to the governments for over 100 yrs. Please don’t ask me to financially donate, I will help in other ways but don’t have the money. Thank you

Marijo Makufka

I LOVE this interview! You make me laugh out loud with your apt, hilarious, and concise descriptions of the RINOS, Mr. President. We’re ready for the truth to come out about the 2020 RIGGED election. We know it was a landslide victory for our TRUE president, the BELOVED and DULY ELECTED Mr. Donald J Trump. Blessings to you and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY ever!!!


President Burden 46


Great Job President Trump!

Johnny Appleseed.

Gut sick was watching someone get the prize by cheating… and the establishment exposing themselves by not doing the right thing.

Linda Goodman

When the conservative press prints President Trump’s statements, none mention the website, so most supporters are unaware of it and each statement receives a few dozen comments at most, when each of the President’s posts on social media easily received tens of thousands. Is the omission deliberate? Who’s controlled opposition? The worst bad guys pretend to be the best good guys.

On Oct 22, 2020 Breitbart fact-checked the last presidential debate and the results should have made worldwide front page headlines: {TRUMP 0 FALSE STATEMENTS; BIDEN 0 TRUE STATEMENTS!} Instead, Breitbart fact-checked each question & answer on a separate page, 31 pages total and buried the headline. Did they just want more clicks? If all the results were on a single page with a shocking headline, it would have meant millions more. No way the election could have been stolen then, so no media exposed the final tally. Is everything infiltrated?

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; on infiltration instead of invasion…”JFK, The President & the Press; Apr 27, 1961

Linda Goodman

Thank you for posting my comment. I’m embarrassed it sounds so presumptuous, but it just seems so obvious and makes me so angry, We’re suffocating in bulls*it when the truth is right under our noses and entirely on our side, but the conservative press seems to strategically obscure what’s deadly to the deep state. Case in point is the cheapest trick – ‘projection’, that puts a cloak of innocence over the guilty accuser. Once you know the trick the magic is GONE, but it’s essentially kept secret to the enemy’s great benefit, since they project constantly! That can’t be an oversight by the conservative press; they’re not dumb and even a longhaired leaping gnome like me can see right through it by simply knowing how the trick operates. But nobody with significant influence is telling.

“In his analysis of Nazi propaganda, Ellis Freeman identified an influence tactic based on projection: accusing another person of the negative traits and behaviors that one possesses and exhibits with the goal of deflecting blame away from one’s own misdeeds and toward the accused…the use of projection as an influence tactic is not limited to fascist regimes and its consequences can be socially devastating…”

Debra Puddy

Interesting that Trump uses the word execution in regards to what happened with Afghanistan, he used to say it was a terrible withdrawal. Trump chooses his words very carefully.

Becky G

4 10 20

Linda Goodman

Yeah, most consciously but ALL unconsciously.


Never give up. US has to correct the steal.

Linda Goodman



Yay, Lou Dobbs is back!!! Love Dobbs. He stood up for truth when some of the other weenies at Fox News didn’t!. I thought maybe Oriely would be a ‘good to go’ fighter for truth, but when he came out with Trump pushing the vax on people, I was appalled!!!! Let people make their own choice. If you want to be snowed, and risk the death shot, so be it, but don’t tell me it’s a life saving drug. I’m NOT stupid! Only benefit, if any was for the elderly. But what’s the point if it’s experimental and they’re not even sure they’ll get the actual thing, how many are just saline? When other therapeutics like Ivermectin, HCQ, and MAT are saving lives, promote and encourage those. And above ALL promote American freedom, and Choice! The Evil’s at the root of this tyrannical control who are pushing a one world govt need to be exposed! Let’s GO DOBBS!!! We KNOW you’re a fighter for TRUTH! Anyone who’s promoting Truth and Freedom the Lord gives us has my support! Walking Free!!!!!


Great to hear Lou Dobbs been a long time!!

enslaved canadians

URGENT!!! To our american brothers and sisters, there is a media blackout on what is really happening in Canada. Truckers had it and they are driving to Ottawa our Capital to demand our freedoms back and stop all mandates. The elite controlled main stream media is putting a spin on any reports. The very few reports that have come out recently share the same narrative about a small group of truckers 10% or less are demanding their jobs back and do not want to get vaccinated. Trudeau and his goverment are delusional and are writing their own version of history while tearing Canada apart. There are millions of people in Canada that want our freedoms back but Trudeau is using our establishments against us and has put anyone against him out of work which has many Canadians stay quiet scared in their homes. Police, doctors and many others tried to say something and all are out of work. Truckers are now being attacked. Canada has been taken over by elitists and China. Trudeau says he cares about Canadians health yet puts many on the streets and out of work for not getting vaccine. Canada has fallen and Trudeau/his goverment are acting like nazis….all they push is vaccines and division while saying they care. All they care about is power and taking away our freedoms……has nothing to do with science or health. 2 years of lock downs have shown the elites agenda. Do not trust what main stream media is saying, they are lying to the people….paid by the elites. what’s in the news is not real….they lie!

Next is the USA….then the elites have full control and there are a few countries left(russia, balkans, a few little middle eastern countries and 3rd world) they will go to war with to implant their elite agenda. The elite have used China for the next super power…thats why they have built them up over the past few decades….while weakening North America. China has made it very known it does not like North America. They send their people as trojan horses to infiltrate our society….and they are winning.

Canada is no longer Free…USA is next.

Canada Convoy For Freedom 2022!

Last edited 1 year ago by enslaved canadians
Linda Goodman

And eco-tyranny follows medical tyranny. Trudeau is poised to crush the populace under a carbon jackboot. And BIS whistleblower Ronald Bernard says globalists are following Revelation, and the two appear related. The number for carbon is 666 [6 protons, 6 neutrons & 6 electrons], the human body is carbon-based and globalists reportedly intend to replace cash with a carbon chip in the hand. The # of both man & beast, the dual meaning perfectly defined. And Trudeau gave the eulogy for global warming mastermind Maurice Strong, so there’s that.

And Trudeau was born on Christmas Day, the only world leader to have met the pope fresh out of the womb. And ‘antichrist’ Nimrod was born on or near the winter solstice, while Jesus was born in late summer/early fall. Are Christians unknowingly celebrating the antichrist? Maybe, but it’s remade in the spirit of love and giving so I guess it’s all good. Trudeau has charm and good looks and postures as a man of all peoples – who does that sound like? He says he didn’t plan to become Prime Minister, yet he was groomed for it from birth. And though many believe he’s a lightweight, his birth chart says the opposite – ruthless and rageful with a passion for power, beneath an almost gentle demeanor. And he bears a striking resemblance to old blue eyes Adam Weishaupt, who vowed to return in a future life to rule over a ‘new world order’. But lots of people resemble lots of people, so it’s probably nothing.

Two Sep 19, 2016 headlines out of New York City:
Justin Trudeau Hailed At UN in New York As ‘Example’ To The World
“I love him. I admire him. He is a wonderful young leader of this planet. He’s an exceptional politician. He is giving an example to everyone in the world.” – Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev

Temple Of Baal Gateway Arch Is Going Up In New York Today

 If Christians were fooled into celebrating the antichrist, why not fooled into believing in the End Times’, that when the s*it hits the fan there’s no need to fight, just sit tight and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior to secure a seat on the Rapture Rocket. A belief that benefits the forces they’re escaping from? Jesus was a fighter who died for the truth and he’d surely be appalled. He valued courage and didn’t want to be worshipped or a church full of sycophants in his name. And his most fundamental teaching was reportedly reincarnation, replaced with Original Sin by Constantine at the Council of Nicaea, handing the Church absolute power over life and death. Jesus taught that we can all reach perfection as he did, impossible in just one lifetime, so it seems obvious what part of the Story is missing. And I wonder how many others?

Over half the world accepts reincarnation as natural law, which included Native Americans until warrior Christians reached their shores and forced the survivors into praying villages.

[side note: The Native American Great Law of Peace of 1142 – Gayanashagowa – is the foundation of the U.S. Constitution, not Greek or Roman democracy. Yet this vital truth is not taught in our schools and FB & YT censor attempts to share it – why? If all Americans knew our true history, the absurd, divisive lie that America is founded on white supremacy would dissolve and surely we’d all come together to protect and defend our sacred liberty. So maybe that’s why? The most truthful sources on the Great Law of Peace are Gregory Schaaf and Molly Larkin; but Dr. Schaaf’s excellent book is not being reprinted and growing more rare and expensive every day – is that deliberate? He languishes in obscurity in New Mexico when he should be on every English-speaking patriotic podcast across the world to unify us and cause the collapse of the leftist house of cards that holds us captive. ‘Left’ literally means sinister – who knew? “Sinister comes from a Latin word meaning “on the left side”; the earliest uses of the word in English—dating from the 14th century—pertain to some measure of evil, foreboding, or malevolence…” merriam-websterdotcom/words-at-play/sinister-left-dexter-right-history]

So the west suffers under a blinded Judaic belief in one life only, that’s where Christians and atheists agree and it’s retarding our evolution. If everyone accepted reincarnation as natural law, the fear of death would essentially vanish and even the most self-serving souls would try to do their best, if only to assure a better future life, leading to a dramatically less painful evolution for all. Cause & effect is recognized by both science and the spirituality, so it’s a start.

About science, Dr. Ian Stevenson is called the Galileo of the 20th century for his 40 years of research into 1000s of children who recall their prior life, essentially proving reincarnation is natural law. Dr. Stevenson discovered through the mouths of babes that we all choose where and when to return; and we retain our character, purpose, skills and even our appearance from life to life, and wounds from a recent prior life sometimes appear as birth marks in the wound’s exact shape and location. All life is energy and it appears that spirit memory informs genetics. What makes sense of life apart from reincarnation? Read Dr. Stevenson’s scientific data and come to your own conclusions. The ‘elites’ know the truth of reincarnation and it gives them an immense advantage to keep it hidden and rule by fear. Knowledge is power and Truth shall make us free, if enough of us know it.

Sorry this got so long, it’s just so unusual and inviting to share in an environment that values truth. Tyrants control most everything now and they fear the truth like the wicked witch fears water. They’re cowards whose only shield is censorship to protect them from dissolving under the weight of their sinister lies. We need another Pamphlet War to trump their censors with hand-to-hand truth combat. The first one led to liberty and another one can surely save it. And millions of patriots would proudly hit the streets if asked, but we’re only asked for donations to pay others to help when we’d happily help for free. SAD.
The Cause of All Mankind in Revolutionary Pamphlets
“Pamphlets, not muskets, ignited the revolutions that swept through America and Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. Written in Philadelphia coffeehouses, hawked on the streets of Geneva, and reprinted by Amsterdam booksellers, these documents defined the transgressions of tyrants as they called the people to rebellion. The rhetoric of freedom traveled on folded sheaves, often small enough to hide in a pocket. Transported, read, and debated in North America, Geneva, the United Provinces of the Netherlands, and the Belgian provinces, few were as bold and none were as widely read as Thomas Paine’s, but like Common Sense, they roused their readers to revolution.”

Linda Goodman

Here’s the pertinent quote of BIS whistleblower Ronald Bernard: “The agenda they are running is from the Bible. They’re following the revelations of the Bible, the prophecies of the Bible. Maybe they are the only ones who are following the Bible in a very serious way. And they’re quite on track with their agenda.” – BIS whistleblower Ronald Bernard, Nov 2020
[3:24] youtubedotcom/watch?v=oI5k-mNYpbY&t=790s

And this, at 1:34
“You can see already the picture of the banksters, because for them it’s really a game. It’s an agenda but it’s a game. So when we were creating wars, or duality, diseases or conflicts, whatever, it’s just making profit. Only profit. It’s sucking your energy. And we did a lot of speculation, gambling, because sometimes humans are so unpredictable. But most of the game was a well-known agenda. We knew already the outcome of what we were creating in this world. But I brought with me a picture about the financial structure and in the top you see the golden triangle, that’s the people I worked for and they are eight to eight and a half thousand people. A few hundred years ago they started to develop a banking structure system who control the human race, to enslave them….

“And here in this picture you see the top of the banking system, it is the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland [BIS] You have the central banks and here the most important one for them is the mechanism of the banks themselves. Below that you see the multinationals and you see there the governments, and the governments are the connection between the real world – this is the real world, the people, the planet and all the living things, because there, on the planet, are the real values. In the world I come out of there are no ethics and no morals at all. Everything was allowed to fulfill the agenda they have. And the agenda they are running is from the Bible [3:24] They’re following the revelations of the Bible, the prophecies of the Bible. Maybe they are the only ones who are following the Bible in a very serious way. And they’re quite on track with their agenda….

“On the left you see all the mechanisms they use, like armies, laws, rules, police forces and so on to keep us below and on the right side you see how they are taking out all of the value via the banking system to the top, to become richer and richer and now they have 99.99% of all the wealth on the planet. One of the mechanisms to transfer the wealth is explained in my second interview and it’s on youtube online. There I explain everything about the transfer of wealth to the top. But one mechanism, one of the main mechanisms, is charging interest.”

Ronald Bernard tells his story in english, no subtitles, to eloquent, passionate Trump supporter Sacha Stone; the interview was removed from YT, but downloaded here: Ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard talking to Sacha Stone

In the same vein is the sinister opening ceremony in June 2016 of the Gotthard Tunnel, the longest tunnel on Earth. It suggests a cultist dystopian future, but the U.S. election derailed their plans.

Here’s how the media spun it..
Gotthard tunnel: World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel opens in Switzerland

And the Satan After School Club emerged in 2016 to target our children, but disappeared after the blessed election. Now it’s baaaack. But after four years of President Trump demonstrating how things are supposed to be and always could have been, there’s no going back to darkness; if what we know didn’t matter they wouldn’t lie so hard to fool us. And money can buy time but no one escapes karma forever, not even men who believe they’re gods. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Why does conventional wisdom assert that we can’t handle the truth? We’re not children, but if we’re ignorant we won’t recognize or rebel against increasing tyranny. Obvious ‘cui bono’ from that. And as usual the opposite is true and humans are hungry for truth, no matter how brutal. Many go into denial for awhile if it’s tough to take, but eventually see if not manipulated to stay blind. But finally many can see a medical system so sinister it’s openly killing our loved ones by withholding lifesaving medicines. it’s criminal insanity!

And still most don’t know that IG Farben [now Bayer] was adjacent to Auschwitz and used its victims for horrific experiments. And the only difference between then and now is marketing; now we pay to be sickened and killed and call it ‘healthcare’. Easy when you control all the organs of knowledge. Of course the system offers life-saving treatments and medicines, but it does far more harm than good and over time we’ve been conditioned to accept the insane, like drugs for one symptom with 40 potential side effects. Evil is inversion that made ‘First do no harm’ a ‘quaint’ relic.

And like the cause of most dis-ease, few know how ‘modern medicine’ REALLY started, because that’s the first step in curing it and who wants that? Not the 1% so the rest of us are kept ignorant. So how many know the sickness started with the Flexner Report in 1910? It was financed by JD Rockefeller to sell his petrochemical waste in pill form and control our healthcare and essentially our lives. So all truly healing modalities were condemned as quackery to prevent threatening competition, which continues to this day. Censorship is the only way tyrants survive. So Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski cures cancer and saves lives with antineoplastons for nearly 40 years, but he’s ignored and censored as millions more die. Insane! But the most unspeakable harm is caused by childhood vaccines and a collective awakening is bursting at the seams.

Linda Goodman

Forgot the full Gotthard Ceremony link:
Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ritual (Shocking)


I wonder what he had to say? 🧐


He said “Prize is a DICK.”


I would no longer be shocked by anything that comes out of Mr. Trump’s mouth or out of the mouths of many of his supporters (like Dan’s, for instance)!

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell
Johnny Appleseed.

She’ll is an asshole.

Can’t use logic and reasoning with assholes. They can’t understand it.

Go Dan.


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed.

Your comment speaks for itself! What is logical or reasonable about a post that serves no other purpose than to call someone a profane name?

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know he again talked about the size of the crowd.


That is a relief! 🙂

Johnny Appleseed

She’ll…. There is nothing that can be said to a person like you.

You keep proving you are that kid that will continuously touch the fire.

Your parents could tell you over and over: don’t touch that it will burn you. They could smack your hand. They could get in the way and get burned themselves trying to save you. They could whip your ass trying to stop you from getting burned…

But you won’t listen and just have to do it any way….

No reasoning with assholes.


Have a nice day.

Johnny Appleseed

Makes ya jealous don’t it….

I mean… how many copying machines you guys have to thank and well…






Not everyone misses you Sir!!!!!!

Johnny Appleseed.

Only the commie scum bags…

Even the leftist are starting to realize they have been lied to and used.

My Man Trump

I really miss Lou Dobbs. So great to hear from him again. Terrific interview. Mr. President Trump, we need you back in office now to fix all these terrible things and to address us any time you want.


I cannot wait until you are back!🇺🇸♥️

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Wonderful to hear Lou Dobbs! Outstanding President Trump, we NEED you back in the White House ASAP.

Mary Geiger

Great interview. Waiting for Saturday! The rally will be something good and fun to watch.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mary Geiger
R Minoglio

We need you back. The demoRATS are destroying our great country.

Vicki L Dillard

Couldn’t agree more..I would only change one thing….”DEMON”rats.

Johnny Appleseed

My next question is:

Where is Paul Harvey???

Where is that conscience of the American mind set??

You have all the pieces… what’s…

The rest of the story??

Linda Goodman

Not blunders, strategic ruthlessness to destroy the last beacon of liberty on Earth and build an eco-tyrannical world government on its ashes. The ‘Great Reset’ to hell. Of course you know that, so why not call it what it is, Mr. President? I don’t get it and pray the reason is over my head.

Johnny Appleseed

GO Mr. Dobbs!!!! I will be listening to it!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Elizabeth Headley

Thank you Mr Dobbs! Thank you Sir! Great interview! We will BE GREAT AGAIN under your tutelage/LEADERSHIP, Sir! They STOLE EVERYTHING FROM YOU! AND IT IS CRIMINAL!!
(I know that loss! I too have had everything taken, by the same snakes).
God Bless Our Constitutional Republic!
The ENEMY CAN NOT HAVE MY COUNTRY!! I too want to be counted, and included, and am not! And it’s devastated my spirit.
Awaiting your RETURN as patiently as I am able! I fill out your polls all day long! I reply to your CONTESTS (Texas Rally too!)…all day long…b/c of my 6+ years of hacking, these responses are all averted?! To where?? They Disappear! They’re ‘sent’. ..but are not received! Then you always say WHY DO YOU IGNORE US?, in your ads, after sending!? I DO NOT IGNORE! I DONATE! I FILL OUT THE CONTESTS!! I message you!…all of the time…
MY NATION HAS REMOVED ME FROM ITS “ROSTER”. I guess, in my case being born orphaned, I’ve remained one…
May God save us, bless you, this Nation under God, and all the White Hats/Military under your lead!
(I’m not recognized in my own country as being worthy as counted a citizen, to vote – my 2022 vote did not count! according to Washington DC)
Yet, even illegal criminals, aliens from other Countries, are given rights that I am denied! And I’m not a felon! It’s my POLITICS they despise. My insistence on the TRUTH! TO EXPOSE WHAT THEY HAVE CRIMINALLY DONE TO ME! These illegals EVEN being allowed all I’ve strived for my whole life, and now as I’m nearing the end, it’s all taken away, I’m denied BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS afforded all men/FREEDOMS, in my own Country! Will the SILENCED ever be heard?


May God give you he strength and guidance, that you need.

Elizabeth Headley

Thank you Carlos! May our Lord bless you and keep you covered as well! These are hard times for everyone, I don’t mean to sound selfish! I dont consent to this evil being PERPETRATED on ANY of us!


And lots of money to give to this conman..

Johnny Appleseed

We could do what you guys do… not like what you say then boot you… but… we want to know what you are saying… you and your five compadres are our MVPs.

We hear what you say and well…

I just want to thank you for all your efforts… feeble as they may be…

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Michael Jenson

I will watch this. Thank you, President Trump, your wife and kids too.

Pete M. ODY

Mr. President, Will this treasonous coup be allowed to stand???One year has gone by. We understand that the swap is deep, and the enemy is strong and smart. BUT, TREASON on this level CAN NOT be allowed to stand in America!! Will the enemy be allowed to destroy this country, or will we fight and defeat this cabal??

Brad Gustafson

Thank you, President Trump.



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