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Nancy A. Daylo

THANK YOU! PRESIDENT TRUMP for sending me this link to your dinner in Iowa caucus. Very enjoyable and I loved every moment of your speech and your visit with the crowd. I can only imagine.
Nancy A. Daylo


ALL HANDS ON DECK!!It doesn’t matter how much Trumps support goes up every time a new inditement is filed!! It also doesn’t matter that Trump is innocent!!! They are trying to keep Trump off the ballot! If they get a conviction, they can keep Trump off the ticket!!! Appeals will overturn a false conviction, but by then it will be to late!!!! These inditements are VERY SERIOUS!!!!!! They KNOW Trump will win, so they MUST keep him off the ballot!! DC and NY are corrupt to the core, and the jury will be 100% ANTI TRUMP!!!! Stop looking at how this boosts Trumps ratings!!! It doesn’t matter!!! If it goes to trial before the election, they WILL convict him for sedition, and that will keep Trump off the ballot!!!! VERY VERY SERIOUS!!!!!!Yes, we can impeach braindead. That is important, but The number one goal is getting Trump in office in 24. The rest is distractions!!! WE MUST STOP THESE inditements!! 100’s of millions of Americans may want to vote for Trump, and are planning on voting for Trump, but if he is NOT on the ballot, we will not be able to vote for him!!!


Just take a look into this corrupt POS eyes! Unable to post photo, but just search images.of this very EVIL being. He is the DEVIL incarnate. Look into his dark, dark eyes. Justice will prevail, and Jack Smith will end up where he belongs, God willing.


That really scares me. There must be something the American People can do. Write him in, have a sit out protest at the White House. He must win.
Pray for America.


TRUTH! Could not have been said better. What about write in? Would that work? We can begin a campaign to write TRUMP in and defeat the corrupt DEEP STATE.



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