Iowans, make sure you go out on Monday

“On Monday the incredible people of Iowa exercise their sacred right to peaceably assemble and participate in the great Iowa Caucus! One of the most time-honored and American of traditions. Neighbors will join together to cast their votes and determine their future.

However, the corrupt and elitist Democrat Establishment wants to steal Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation status. They want to limit your freedoms, silence your voices, strangle your livelihoods, and restrict your God-given right to nominate your political leaders.

Coastal Democrats allow illegal aliens to vote in California and New York, but are attempting to stifle the free speech of great American Patriots.

With me, Iowa will ALWAYS keep its first-in-the-Nation status. The great people of Middle America will have a powerful vote and voice. Iowans, make sure you go out on Monday and participate in your precinct caucus!

Thank you to Governor Reynolds, Senator Grassley, and Chairman Kaufmann for fighting hard against the Radical Democrats!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lynn Frank

What election is this? Was it the 7th?

My Man Trump

IOWANS SPEAK LOUD AND PROUD. This illegitimate regime will all be undone when the real president Trump arrives….soon.

Lewis Beville

An email that I sent to National Review’s Andrew McCarthy this morning:

To whom it may concern at National Review and specifically Andrew McCarthy,
As I read Andrew McCarthy’s opinion of Liz Cheney, Adam Kin zinger’s role on the Jan.6th commission and his opinion of Mike Pence’s role in the electoral vote count I find myself wondering the following:
Why does the rejection of Kevin McCarty’s nominations to the Jan. 6th commission NOT outweigh the RNC’s rejection of Cheney and Kin zinger?
Does Andrew believe that this commission is legitimate?
Does Andrew believe that the withholding of ALL the relevant facts surrounding Jan. 6th is correct, appropriate and legal?
Whom does Andrew conclude is responsible for security of the Capitol on January 6th?
Shouldn’t all email correspondence and phone records, including those of the head of capitol security, his supporting cast and Nancy Pelosi be released to the public, so the citizens of this nation can develop an “informed” opinion and decision as to who is ultimately responsible?
What does Andrew believe that the appropriate next steps were to be, after representative Paul Gosar from Arizona put forth his objections to the electoral votes with the required written support of Senator Ted Cruz?
Does Andrew believe that the objections are merely an opportunity for disgruntled politicians to air their grievances, or does Andrew think that there is a logical next step to be taken when the objection is supported by a Senator as the procedure requires?
Would Andrew support a “redo” of those objections and a roll call of that day’s other objectors, not allowing any that were going to submit similar protests that day to reverse their stands, after the oh so convenient disruption that occurred at the exact time that these were to be presented to the public?
It would seem that the current efforts in congress to revise the roll of the VP do in fact support that a “next step” was intended by the founders, and that the 2020 election should have the same opportunities for examination, that the election had that caused this provision to be instituted.  
Finally, as the author of a book in which Andrew profited, outlining his opinion of the manipulation of the 2016 election, and the many hoaxes that went on during 2016 to 2020, does Andrew believe that the same corruption from 2016+ suddenly stopped during the 2020 election?
Could it have grown in veracity and complexity considering the failure of the previous attempts?
Andrew McCarthy should ask Dinesh De ’Souza to offer him an advanced screening at the upcoming film 2000 MULES, providing him the supporting evidence that was used in the production of the film.
Once Andrew is satisfied with what he has seen and verified as legitimate supporting evidence, let him publicly support or denounce the opinion that most of us believe, and that is that the 2020 election was indeed stolen by a sophisticated system(s) of voter fraud.
At this point, Andrew seems to have been happy to personally profit from the corruption of the 2016 election though his book, but now appears to be a RINO supporter and willing participant in the suppression of evidence.
If a Unites States Attorney cannot offer the public answers to all of these questions, than he in my opinion has rejected the oath he took when he assumed that position, and therefore has become just another political pun dent, ready willing and able to skew, obscure and suppress facts important to the American people. Andrew should never reference his previous position as a United States Attorney, if he cannot continue to operate with the requirements that that office mandated and the oath he took. The oath taken is still a requirement if he chooses to elevate his opinion with that title.
Lewis Beville


If your State allows non-citizens to vote, then that whole State votes should not count for national elections, otherwise they are stealing my good vote.


God knows if the corrupt, rigged election processes that remain with flaws that allowed the stolen 2020 election will be as bad in 2022, the Georgia 2021 election showed that as well. My concern is corruption at this level needs all of us to stand together and make sure that we do the steps to get back our election to be free and legal and by our Constitution

Johnny Appleseed

He who has control of the United States has control of the most powerful weapon ever created.

It burns a person to death if it is touched. (Radiation burns from the inside out).

It will make a person sick and have boils and all sorts of things.

It has to be kept in an ark made of gold.

Gold and led are one atom apart. Led blocks radiation.

It can wipe out entire nations on the battle field.

Didn’t the Ark of the covenant do the same thing….

The description sounds a lot like: (insert your answer here)

Ark of the Covenant….

Nuclear weapons…..

Just a thought.

He who controls the nuclear weapons…

Controls the world.


How long has the Cabal been pointing those weapons at us… taking out good men…


Johnny Appleseed

I just had a thought…. If you guys are for real… and what I think I see about to go down is actually going to happen… this is biblical.

Truly written in the Bible biblical.

I mean finding the stones of the agreement and remembering the covenant biblical.

I just want to thank y’all for letting the lowest man on the totem pole possible can’t remember how to tie his shoes half the time… write with y’all.

It has been an honor to get things posted.

The only way left for them to stop all this is if they start setting off nukes.

I pray to you father in heaven… please let those codes be in the right hands.

Carmine Gazerro

Fox is a disgrace. Tucker,Greg, Jessie Try but are knee capped can’t even talk about Election fraud investigations, things that of happened in the court regarding the election, on and on it’s a joke they won’t touch the topic that’s why they lost me.


Being from your Neighboring Show Me State GET OUT & VOTE Iowans
Monday February 7th!
Keep Iowa GREAT and Save America!

Michael Jenson

yes and another thing why is it fox news, every time a election is close they become the third mouth of the dem-witts………….shame



Gerald Warner

As for any change in the electoral college it is making all states have equal votes or it is no different than popular vote

Elizabeth Headley

Everyone VOTE!! My Country doesn’t ALLOW MY VOTE! Not sending my new Voters Registration card to me in time for primary AGAIN!…just like last vote in 2020! Where my vote WAS NEVER RECORDED! I KEPT PROOF I VOTED! You all need to do the same!! MY AMERICA IS PREVENTING ME FROM VOTING AGAIN!!!!

Kreg Vergith

The Iowa caucus is proof that the “fly-over” states still have a very strong influence in our elections.
It’s in the blood of Iowans to “By God, Get It Done!”

Leadership of both parties will watch the caucus very closely.

My Man Trump

They are great people and work really hard for America First. Protect Iowa!

Yes he did!

Didn’t you come in third the night of the Iowa Caucus?


It will be destroyed Iowa if it is ruled by the Democratic Party. The states controlled by the Democratic Party will be like California and New York.

Iowa must be protected from the Democratic Party !!!


It will be destroyed if it is ruled by the Democratic Party. The states controlled by the Democratic Party will be like California and New York. Ohio must be protected from the Democratic Party !!!

Pete M. ODY

Mr President, As you, and the entire world know, you are the duly elected President of the United States. However, as you, and the entire world know, the election was stolen, and a fake fraud of an imposter was appointed by the deep swamp, and for over a year now is pretending to be president! Although this braindead corrupt pedophile killer fraud is NOT the president, the damage he is doing to this country is real! Sir, this TREASONOUS coup to overthrow the duly elected president of we the people CAN NOT be allowed to stand!!
If this treason is NOT dealt with, we the people will NEVER have a vote again!!! The Iowa caucus will mean NOTHING!. The mid term elections will mean nothing, and sir, you know, neither you or ANY republican will EVER be elected in 24!!! If they get away with 20, it’s game over for this country!! We the people are loosing hope! Every traitor who participated in this revolt against the will of the people must be arrested and executed for the crime of overthrowing our government! Sir, we know that you are fighting a swamp that is very deep, but NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING NOW! Those were your words! We need to see action behind these words, or our country is lost!



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