Is either a fool, very corrupt, or stupid

“Anybody that sees the great new documentary, “2000 Mules,” who doesn’t believe the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen, is either a fool, very corrupt, or stupid. Republican “leadership” should act now and do something. Our Country is going to hell!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

Anybody who sees the movie already believes the election was rigged and stolen.

That’s why they’re fools, very corrupt, or stupid.


And you are convinced by the democrats. What and how did they convince you that it was a fair election? They want even look into it because they know and don’t want to be exposed. They don’t want to face the consequences!

Mark Rakow

Not so. The Democrats did not have to, nor did they attempt to, convince me of anything. Instead, I’m convinced it was a fair election, because, to be perfectly honest, I’ve not been convinced that it wasn’t a fair election.

As you may know, in the American system of jurisprudence, there must first be sufficient evidence of a crime BEFORE any potential investigation can occur into possible criminal conduct. Please note, it must be in this order. Until, and unless, there is sufficient evidence of an actual crme, there can be no investigation whatsoever. Period. Like it or not, that is the law.

The fact that Trump lost is not, in itself, a crime. On the other hand, the fact that, in certain States, it appears there may have been certain irregularities in electoral procedures. Such irregularities COULD HAVE, at least theoretically, been sufficient evidence of an actual crime. Accordingly, each of those States conducted its own investigation(s). Heretofore, no State has yet uncovered such evidence. As a result, in most of those States, the investigations have been discontinued.

I say “yet” because, in at least four States, considerable pressure has been brought to bear which has, regrettably, caused the State to persist in their nearly fruitless investigative efforts – and I say “nearly” because what little has been found has been, quite simply, insufficient. It goes without saying tha this considerable pressure has been applied by certain ignoble elements within the Republican Party, and likely at the behest of the even more ignoble, moribund, and defunct Trump campaign. The taxpayers in those States have had to bear the entire cost of this – which I, personally, find comtemptible.

Incidentally, neither the Trump campaign, the Trump Organization, nor Donald Trump himself have contributed so much as a plugged nickel to any of these efforts, which is inexcusable – and downright cheap – considerig the money Trump continues to rake in, via his incessant fund-raising efforts.. “Make America Great Again,” indeed! Better it should read “Make Americans Pay Again, and Again, and Again.”

All that being said, I really must ask, how many times must one peer into an empty clam bucket, before one is finally convinced there are no clams within?


The WHOLE World knows the 2020 election was RIGGED!
They are either a LIAR, STUPID or in DENIAL if they think otherwise!
ULTRA MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You PDJT #winning


A movie made by a bunch of jackasses, most of which has been proven to be untrue. A foolish, corrupt or stupid person perfectly describes trump.


Joe Biden is the JACKASS!
ULTRA MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Man Trump

Says the boob prize. LOL

Mark Rakow

You may rest assured that a team of three attorneys from our law firm, plus a stenographer, are headed to Milwaukee this morning (Friday, May 20) and we will fly to Washington, DC this afternoon, for a profoundly important reason. Certain individuals within this string of comments do not (and/or will not) believe this is so. How very wrong they are.

Beginning Monday, we will take part in a planned series of meetings with senior officials from the Justice Department, including – but not limited to – Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and Solicitor General Elizabeth M. Prelogar. At this point, it appears unlikely the Attorney General, himself, will take part; however, Ms. Monaco and Mrs. Prelogar are eminently qualified, and will surely provide General Garland with detailed summaries of our discussions.

One of our team (not myself, however) has prepared a devastating report, submitted a few weeks ago, which makes a very strong case that one Donald John Trump may be culpable in the commission of certain criminal acts on, and just prior to, January 6, 2021. Whether this will ultimately lead to indictment(s), I cannot say. On the other hand, this report is exhaustive, and, I believe, quite compelling in the affirmative.

For his own sake, I should hope Trump has ample, stout legal representation. He’ll most assuredly need it.

Phillis Massad

Let’s quit side stepping and give this baby a name! Both parties are corrupt, and they have been for years, but since Clinton, Bush Jr., the communist Obama, & now illegitimate Biden, we see the fruits of their corruption making America even more corrupt than Russia. Politicians want reelection, they promise voters they will hold all accountable, they r re-elected & head back to Washington to party with both sides all the while slapping, slamming, spitting in our face & topping it off by taking a big “Dump” on us!! Americans are awake now thankfully because of President Trump!! The leftists communists democrats stole the 2020 election because they couldn’t corrupt President Trump!! Both parties opened up a can of whip a!! And don’t know how to proceed!
WE ARE 9 DAYS FROM LOSING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE USA TO W.H.O. Because of illegitimate Biden & HHS. WHERE ARE POLITICIANS FROM BOTH PARTIES?? McConnell?? He went to Ukraine!! Stop all work in Washington!! DERAIL THIS TAKEOVER OF OUR COUNTRY BY THE W.H.O. & CHINA!! They r one in the SAME!!


I feel the same. Well said!


Change “doesn’t believe” to “believes” and I’ll buy it!!!


Then why was Ken Calvert endorsed? He does not believe any election fraud took place, believes 2020/2021 was free, fair and secure.


I’m getting so confused. Really don’t know all of these endorses. Putting my trust in President Trump. None of the other candidates seem to have Americas best interest or may lie just to get in.


SO WHY WOULD YOU ENDORSE THE MEGA RINO BOZMAN, who under a hidden mic, mocked you for “obsessing over the election” and not the MEGA MAGA, America First, JAKE BERQUETTE?????? IT’S A HEAD SCRATCHER.

Tim Tates

Why did Trump endorse the RINO Dr. OZ?


Sir, the Republican elite were complicit! They were IN ON THE STEAL because they are globalists. Any patriot (s) among the many lawmakers, governors, judges, sheriffs, law enforcement “Bill Barr” etc would have spoken by now. They are all guilty of treason who were complicit. God Will Give us the Victory!

My Man Trump

You’re absolutely right! Republicans are too weak and pathetic.

jo young

here’s the problem, Pres Trump, unless the state legislatures, the federal congress, and the media makes this an issue – NOTHING will be done!! We have always known something crooked occurred on election night.


True, and like Kate said they are all complicit. They are globalist! We need to fight hard to get them out.

A new leaf on the tree

Totally agree


I agree 100%!! If these self serving,corrupt, spineless politicians won’t step up to the mic and say the election was stolen, red flags should go off. America will NEVER, EVER move on as a country until the 2020 election is fixed and justice is served!! And don’t thnk for one minute you’ll get a pass for what you’ve done to President Trump,his family and anyone who stood by his side.We don’t burn down our cities like the hate America crowd but we ARE wide awake and stand strong together…it’s called the American spirit.”Law and Order” it’s a beautiful thing, justice is coming!!


Agreed, there is more God loving Americans than anti Americans. Sweet Justice!


You are our Leader. You must tell us what to do and We will do it. Anyone who doesnt follow the President orders is a traitor and an enemy of the people. There will be consequences when law and order is restored


u be a sheep and a weak oe at that

Patriot Warrior

Get involved and pray for righteous leadership
VOTE! Don’t cheat! NO MORE Dominion machines


Need leaders like Governor Desantis, he doesn’t take that crap. No nonsense guy.


The leadership we have is weak and scared. Afraid they will be cancelled.. they don’t have the balls to do anything that would ruffle any feathers so they are complaciate. Poor leadership. How and who can we trust. My neighbor or the kid that bags my groceries can do a better job running our country.

Debby Karl

Why can’t they be thrown out of office. For distroying this country. They are making it clear. They want all American’s, American babies, dead. I mean it is very obvious.
While filling our country with foreigners. Nothing being done at all.
Now they are rigging elections. How can we the ppl do it by ourselves.


Or all three!!

Mary Geiger

A lot of Repubs are still napping. Who knows when they’ll wake up.

Save Our United States

The Republicans are and have been clueless for a long time. How do I know? Look at the Democrat party. It would never have become so unhinged if the Republicans were leaders and statesman. All that they really do is occupy space in Washington D.C… oh, and an occasional dog and pony show.

Quote of the week: “I think we all agree the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in Ukraine,” – Mitch McConnell

Need I say anything more? Completely off the rail.


Spot on!


When is the Return of the Great MAGA King, sir…?

Joseph Moore

55-0 I think Paul McCartney said it best by saying, It’s getting better all time time, and John Lennon says, cant get no worse. Lord I pray it doesn’t get any worse. 🙏🇺🇸🥰

Michael Jenson

Sorry Mr. President There scared you tell them to shit or get off the pot, well there still on the pot. Hoping no one knocks on the Door. At least they could look out the window and see what’s going on….

Dean Anoia

Let’s do this 🇺🇸

myree williams

👍 👍 👍👍👍


Duped. Slumber.


We agree!

Patrucia Yglesias

We agree


100% Correct!

Gloria Hensley

I couldn’t agree more!!! that being said, our Republican RINO “leadership” is very foolish, very corrupt and very stupid.



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