Isn’t there something “slightly” wrong?

“So, let me get this straight! In the Great State of Georgia, if you want to challenge or protest Election results in any way, shape, or form (despite the fact that in Atlanta, murders and crime are the highest in the Nation, with many people dying each month – at numbers never seen before), they will charge you and put you in jail. But if you kill people, you will quickly be set free to murder again. Isn’t there something “slightly” wrong with this scenario? A PERFECT PHONE CALL!.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

A PERFECT PHONE CALL to rino commie bastards that do not have one ounce of integrity or honor. They fell in with the regime for power and greed. It’s the most insidious type of evil.


Challenging and protesting election results is one thing. Attempting to pressure and coerce Georgia officials to change those election results is something else.

In fact, it’s a crime.

Incidentally, the Great State of Georgia has some of the worst prisons in the nation. Which, of course, is perfect.

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Typical Liberal DOPE Herad like Hunter Biden!


Excuse Me DOPE HEAD = Hunter Biden and Brandon!

Save Our United States

Stop watching the FAKE news. The communist Democrats tell them what narrative to use.



Sarah Luu

I’m sure you know ALL about Georgia’s prisons, sounds likely you have spent plenty of time in them!
Asking someone TO DO THE RIGHT THING IS NOT A CRIME. If you can help it, don’t be such a dumbass. Listen to or read(if you know how) to the phone conversation. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’s PART!

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Way more than slightly wrong…it is 100% insanely wrong, an absolute outrage. Also, protest an election steal and get carried away and break some laws nonviolently, and spend months/years in solitary confinement, as in the J6 prisoners. Rob, rape and kill innocent people and go off scot-free to do it some more.
And the dems happily welcome ever more such people into the country through the open border.
Violent criminals in L.A. tattoo “Gascon” on their foreheads…that’s how thrilled they are with L.A. County’s D.A. George Gascon.


Exactly, this government regime is rotten to the core.
I pray that Georgians wake up and get rid of the democrats and rinos.

Sarah Luu

Those of you in Atlanta, Search your history, Your city WAS NEARLY BURNED TO THE GROUND ONCE, & it could EASILY happen again!, when the unchecked riots are allowed to start again. Sarah Luu




It’s a disgrace how they are manipulating the courts.
How can anyone feel safe or trust anymore.



Save Our United States

Yes sir. Our country is derailing, timed and perfectly executed in accordance with the communist Democrat destruction plan.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help