Isn’t this “stuff” supposed to be illegal?

“One America News (OAN) is AMAZING, with great ratings and a REALLY loyal following. Despite it being so good, VERIZON, for purely political reasons, will be terminating OAN at the end of this month. Isn’t this “stuff” supposed to be illegal? The good news is that the owners and management of One America News is smart and very wise. They will figure it out!”

By Donald J. Trump

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All these big companies think they have become part the government and can change the rules whenever they want to. Abusing power and censoring any who opposes the radical regime.
OAN is great. Truth and news worthy.


yes…you know truth is the only thing that gets book-banned.


The “truth” is silenced, while everyone else, spreads lies and propaganda. You were absolutely right President Trump. The attacks are getting worse with each passing day! Lil’ Donie O’Sullivan from CNN is suffering with “Trump derangement syndrome”. He is one of the worst culprits discrediting ” QAnon” and this whole “MAGA” movement. Apparently the “fake” news media are never going to acknowledge, you gave me Q security clearance, to research and archive, all the sensitive declassified information.They don’t want to acknowledge, I exposed the government swamp and Hollywood elite, in Epstein’s flight log.They don’t want to acknowledge, I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms, of Epstein island, caught on the security cameras.The news articles trashing”QAnon” are intentional disinformation. I never once mentioned the return of JFK Jr. I never once spoke about crazy lizard people or any crazy nonsense. There are so many, creating their own narratives, for fame and profit.The truth is the truth, and I didn’t make a dime, for exposing everything. I did it because I love my country, the Lord above and precious children. You entrusted me to expose the swamp, and I did so, nearly four years ago.You told me to trust the plan and justice was coming. I’m praying it happens soon for everyone that deserves it. That includes You and precious your family, and the “legit anons” who never gave up once. It takes tremendous courage to expose all the demons. I have been attacked and persecuted, for exposing the truth. This truly is a holy war of good vs evil. I’m thankful God counts my tears, because I’ve cried enough, to fill an ocean. God bless and Godspeed President Trump 🌹🦁🇺🇸 Much love & prayers #QAnon #Covfefe #Obamagate #WWG1WGA


Nancy Pelosi is an Alcoholic Sadomasochist on film at Epstein’s orgy island!

jo young

i have never been so glad that i cut service with verizon years ago.

Timothy Boppart

As much as possible ONLY invest in companies that support the Constitution. Verizon obviously REJECTS the First Amendment.


100% agree

Bonnie Posner

Just rotten!


If you are a special interest group or donor to any and all of these corrupt government official’s then anything is possible.


Verizon used to be my landline phone/internet provider…terrible! Hey, I wonder where the TDS trolls are…they must be recovering from withdrawal sickness after the site having been down for a few days.


LOL. My intuition tells me that most of them are confident that they’ve been banned or temporarily blocked. If they don’t read this, that will be their next grip here. I can see it now. (Donald Trump is bashing Verizon for silencing OAN and he is doing the exact same thing us who oppose him.) My only question is, who will be the first to make the claim?


BOYCOTT Verizon and AT&T!
Both are WOKE/LIBERAL pieces of crap!


Agree 100%

Michael Jenson

boycott Verizon not so good anyway….

Anahita Kar

Agreed 💯

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Time has come to shut down the woke leftist fake news. CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and NY Times need to go out of business.


100% Correct!



maggie kenney

Ughhhh….this sickness never ends (and I don’t mean covid!) No Verizon in this family, E V E R!


i am sick of these woke idiots i hope when you come back we can take care of them once and for all. the swamp is deep and thick with filth.

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