It can’t be allowed to happen!

“Shifty Adam Schiff and the same “scum” who fought us on Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and more, coupled with Crazy Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, have gone on, as the Unselect Committee, to try and destroy the lives of many wonderful people. It can’t be allowed to happen!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

“It can’t be allowed to happen.” Oh, really?

Well, it IS happening, and there’s not a damned thing Trump can do to stop it.


Prayer really changes things!! So Mark if you care about your beloved America,
then you better start praying too, sir. If not, then put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodby. The politicians up there in Washington DC do not give a rats’ butt about you, me or anyone else not in their untouchable circle. Pay back will be hell for those that don’t turn they will burn!

Carmine Gazerro

There’s only one way to stop them Republicans act nice when they were in power you need to go after every dishonest and honest Democrat and try to put them and put some in jail. They will not stop until you hammer them back so they know it’s a two-way street. Right now they put Republicans on trial destroy their lives over allies. And over real crimes you can steal election your son can go to China and get $5 million in diamond diamonds in free cars in 1,000,000,000 1/2 investment that’s all cool no need to look here to the real crimes to the real problems. But now we’re going to make up a dossier that Trump has to go to a hotel and get hookers when he’s got the best looking wife from anybody 25 to dead

Dean Anoia

Same crazy morons with the greatest fitting nicknames, infecting and destroying the American ppl.crumbling before our eyes. Isn’t it a great sight?


When will this madness end. These demorats and rinos need to be out of office. Schiff has been lying for years and he is still there. I am sure there is some cheating in his elections too.


People vote straight Republican ticket, in every election & all across our nation. Lets’ finish what Trump started, get some backbone & start standing up against Washington politicians.

Marijo Makufka

I believe the Jan 6 hearing will be your best theater to date, Mr. President. Aren’t your people, going to produce ALL the REAL EVIDENCE from the days leading up to and including January 6, 2021?
The true story must be told of that prayerful day filled with your BEAUTIFUL MAGA MOVEMENT—and many other attendees—all present to hear your patriotic, powerful speech about the FAKE and RIGGED 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.
Your brilliant decisions that day were spot on:
(1) you ran waaaay over time (the FBI agents posing as Trump supporters got started breaking into the Capitol too early! MAGA hadn’t even really shown up yet!)
(2) you “captured” on stage behind you some of the main infiltrators, the antifa/color revolutionists in DC to overthrow the prayerful mood and day you inspired. They were stuck behind you, clapping weakly and looking terrified, as you encouraged We the People to NEVER GIVE UP.
(3) you filmed prior to and on January 6, both inside and outside the Capitol, EVERY MOVE MADE by the CRIMINALS—the l$ciferian brotherhood/sisterhood (including demon-crats and RINOs alike) working to break Our Great Nation.
This is YOUR show, Mr. President. I look forward to watching as you dismantle many, many power organizations right before our eyes: the news media; the FBI and other corrupt spies; and the ritual illusionists within our government, including Nervous Nancy and her sick cronies, who tried to pull one over on the American people. They didn’t destroy January 6, 2021, Mr. President. Their sick acts will actually help YOU and YOUR BEAUTIFUL MAGA MOVEMENT memorialize it forever.
The more you show us in this bizarre theater, Mr. President, the more we know WE NEED YOU NOW. We the People remain forever in your stead. We await the RETURN of the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!
I pray blessings over you and yours!


Great Timeline and Bullett Points!!
Well Said!


So true.

My Man Trump

All of them are only doing it to guard the fact that they set it all up to try and destroy you. They know that you know the election was stolen (the biggest insurrection of all) and that you would go after them. None of it worked. Most of us know that they caused Jan 6 to happen. Just look at the rallies and the polls. Nobody cares about those a-holes. And yes, they should not have been allowed to provide a cover up for their bad deeds.


All your lawyers must know of a constitutional means to stop him. What is it??

Becky G

Watermelon head and the rest of the dsc will see, one day soon, the reap what u saw thing…😀



They are just trying to cover themselves from being in the news for all the corrupt things they are guilty of. So they attack and spread lies of their target to everyone who is force to listen to the fake news. Keeping the fake news with plenty of fake news to air.

Susan Miller

That’s right, it cannot be allowed to happen.! That’s all these scum democrats do. ! Bs Commission! ..
Knowtice they do not go after the real ones who planned and caused the 6th ? The antifa and blm people!! It was a dam set up. The Dems were a part of it!!
They never do anything you make ourr Country great, or to protect we the people! They just destroy, lie and destroy! I’m sick of their Marxist, communist agenda ..
They are so jealous of President Trump..
They should be going after Hunter and creepy traitor Joe!


Also, who told the Capitol Police to pull back the barricades?
It is ALL on VIDEOS!
Was it Wino Pelosi?


FJB! the Rinos and the Commie-Liberals!

Gloria Hensley

Things are coming out of the woodwork now. I don’t know how long it will take, but the plans of he evil are being revealed. Biden and Pelosi. Their connections with Ukraine and not only theirs but others. McConnell is losing his hold. It looks impossible until we stop and think that God says “I’ve got this”. We, in reply say “Jesus I trust in You”. When everything looks like it’s the darkest, the sun/Son comes out. It may not be darkest yet. But Biden is crumbling. Tucker said we need to do an Article 25. Others are saying Article V. I’m thinking both, but Article 25 will remove Biden. Not sure if Pelosi can block it, but she’s walking on thin ice with her son making millions from Ukraine, along with Hunter Biden’s Computer from Hell. Jack Maxey has come back, knowing he needs to be in the open which makes it more difficult for the enemy to attack. Evil likes darkness. Unlike Biden and Pelosi, Jack is a faithful, strong Catholic. I am praying it doesn’t take too long, but when we begin to have food shortages and people wake up because thousands of kids who don’t even need a jab, will be dying from the UN-vaccine that has been engineered by Mr.” Gain of Function” murderer Fauci and pushed by the CEO of Pfizer who is not even a doctor, just a very greedy evil entity. It’s a mess, but we know we stand on a Firm Foundation, while the enemies of God’s people are on shifting sand.. There is only One who fix all of this, that is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. His children are being slaughtered, and we do have a handful of strong MAGA in the White House, and millions of MAGA citizens. The whole evil cabal won’t know what hit them. Hang on, we have just begun – as soon as we call on the Name of the Lord. (Sorry this is so long)

Hannah. 🙏❤️🇺🇸💯



Amen Gloria!
Well Said!

Elizabeth Headley

When you point your finger at others…three more are pointing back at you!
But I’m guilty of POINTING at ALL of them too, honestly! Time to do some SPRING CLEANING IN THE HOUSE!


Don’t fret. Karma is on its way for that bent crowd as well as the mob in the White House.
The poseurs out in front, as well as those hiding behind the curtain, pulling the strings.
I sense Judgment Day is a comin.

Craig Barrett

Amen, WE need to arrest THEM for TREASON

Michael Jenson

I agree


Mr president, if you didn’t step down from your rightful position as duly elected president, you would be in a much better position to deal with theses scum bastards!!

Pat McGroin

He lost.

Dan for DT

2000 Mules- stole it.


and the RIGGED Dominion voting machines!



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