It didn’t have to be that way!

“Afghanistan is the most embarrassing military outcome in the history of the United States. It didn’t have to be that way!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Christine Cowhick

This was intentional on Biden’s part. He doesn’t care about the Americans left behind. He even went back to Camp David. ANY other president would’ve stayed at the WH until the US was secure. This man is the worst president in US history, possibly ever.



One plane flying into a building could be an accent. A second plane flying into a building is DELIBERATE.

A dozen or more dangerously distructive ‘mistakes, blunders and missteps’ are not gaffes. They are DELIBERATE attempts to weaken the US and the rest of the free world.


Criminal Biden should resign or be impeached!

True Americana

Actually, Vietnam was pretty embarrassing for the US. You wouldn’t know anything about that, though, because…you know….”bone spurs.”


Vietnam wasn’t as embarrassing as this. You wouldn’t know anything about that, though, because…you know…TDS.


How was your military experience? I didn’t think so, because, you know, sissy boy.

Mrs. Sunshine

Stolen elections have consequences.

Even worse is the GOP-e was fully on board with the steal. Democrats couldn’t have stole anything without the active participation and planning of RINO scum like Mike Pence and Bill Barr – Both traitors.

Traitors because they made decisions to harm Trump voters and the United States based on foreign influence and money. Traitors get harsh sentences after conviction… up to and including the death penalty.


Well, they have, in the past. Now days, I’m not so sure, sadly.

True Americana

HAHA! “…up to an including the death penalty”???

“Listen up, traitor, you’re going to spend time in prison. And since your punishment INCLUDES the death penalty, we’re going to kill you on your first day behind bars. Have fun serving out your punishment, up to an including until you die in prison after you’ve been put to death!”

Mrs. Sunshine, you’re a tool


Wow! Now you’re making death threats?!!! I know some alphabet people who will be interested in you!

True Americana

Uh – dumbass? Read the whole thread. Nitwit.


Well said Mrs. Sunshine!


Ha. You don’t know what you’re talking about


Keep calling them out!


There’s nothing to expect from an INSTALLED COMMUNIST PUPPET REGIME, but exactly what is happening. Cowardess & destruction!!!

True Americana

“Cowardess.” What’chya tryna say there, Debs? Cowardice? Cowards? A female-representing coward?


Right On! A Commie-Lib Regime!

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