It is a constant complaint I make during speeches

“Remember when Bernie Sanders used to draw crowds of 3,000, 4,000 or even 5,000 people, and the press would go absolutely wild talking about how big Bernie’s crowds were showing them from all different angles and making it sound like the greatest show on earth—but when I draw 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or in one case 87,000 people, reporters do not report it and cameras are not allowed to show how big the crowds are. It is a constant complaint I make during speeches. Turn the cameras, I say, turn the cameras to show the crowd, but they refuse to do it, not even the networks that are even a little bit on our side. The good news is, the people of our Country get it, and they get it like never before!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

They will not turn the cameras, because they don’t want Trump to look like a lying idiot.

They needn’t bother. He does that quite well on his own.


I’m glad RSBN does!


It’s the one thing they are still able to do. I wonder for how much and how long. These media outlets will ruin their reputations just as CNN did.

My Man Trump

They are very jealous of our President. It’s fake news at its best. Look at what the President has done drawing enormous crowds because the people love him and so does the dems base more and more. Thank you, FJB for being a rotten commie that people despise. And during the 2020 election, DJT had 30,000, 40,000 and 50,000 crowd size and FJB had two cars in a circle. LMAO. One time he had eight cars because six carloads of Trump fans showed up to annoy him. But we are suppose to believe that he won the election. LMAO. This regime is such a woke joke that even his moderate dems can’t stand him. RED WAVE!!!!!


Mike Lindell sets a good example, of starting an interview where the crowd can be seen and traveling to the other side. You could do the same, enter on a random side each time, so they have to figure it out, and you’ll see plenty of cameras sweeping around giving a much more realistic view of the crowds.
Perhaps assign one of the faithful networks like RSBN to make sure they get some small video clips and some still shots of the crowds at max size each time, and any overflow that can’t make it inside, and post them each time. So long as we know they are there, and can link them on social media, we will fact check the media when they try to misrepresent the size of the crowd for any given venue. 🙂

Save Our United States

I can attest to the crowds. The largest was in Alabama — think there was 65,000 there? Just amazing. There were a lot of people. It is fascinating how President Trump consistently fills the venues where he speaks. I do not think any other President or former President has accomplished this, ever… and best of all, it pisses off the Democrats to the core.

Walt Granger

RSBN show the patriotic crowds !!!!!

Patricia McDermott

Those of us who are not “woke” but who are awake, get it. MSM interference and brainwashing goes back decades. So many on the left are so indoctrinated by now that I’m not certain that they can change. They’ve been taught to believe what they’re told and not to use the brain God gave each of them. I hope and pray every day that more of them will WAKE UP and see that our Country is being destroyed more and more every day. God Bless You and keep you safe for all that you’re still doing to help save our Country.


Spot On President Trump!


Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) turns their cameras to show us how big your support still is. Praise the Lord for them!! And you! 🙂

Michael Jenson

Yes we do Fake news went woke and we all know what happens when something goes woke right Chris Wallace, damn skippy and the Nazi’s have arrived the “pronoun ministry of waa waaa sniff sniff” bunch of……..


Chris Wallace is Now a fry cook at Burger King!

My Man Trump


Gloria Hensley

Yes we do get it. When God gives us a job to do, and we are obedient, He’s the One who makes all things possible. The people come and are there in droves, whether or not the fake media wants to show it. But last time in Ohio, after you said something about not showing the crowd, one or two of the cameras did swing around and the size of the crowd was shown all around. So those of us watching it streamed, did see it. So, stop worrying. RSBN always does a sweep of the crowd. But when someone is anointed by God to carry HIS glory, He handles the details. 🙂 Amen!

Dan for DT

Yup- we do get it. The media isn’t on the side of the American people and we damn well KNOW IT. Some day, I hope they will wish they had been.

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