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Save Our United States

The entire Federal government is a fraud.


Yes, IT IS!


Of course not! It’s all entirely being done to keep you from running/winning in 2024, so why would those crazy evil people want anything resembling fairness in their embarrassing sideshow?


100% CORRECT Laura!
TRUMP 2024 for a THIRD Term WIN!


A Commie-Lib Political Circus!
I guess the USA is a communist country NOW!


Kevin McCarthy pulled all the GOP committee members before the investigation started. You know that. And the folks who have testified are long time republicans who once worked for you. Many of your crew including Mark Meadows, Bannon, Navarro, and others have refused to meet with the committee. What else do you want?


All based in LIES. The election and entire election system were rigged; at the root of it all, the 100% biased mainstream media for 4+ years while we had a great president.

The “J6 riot” was instigated by the democrats to ruin an otherwise amazing show of peaceful support for Trump and a rejection of the election results.

We’re clearly seeing why the dems caused the “riot,” with the ongoing play at martyrdom, your “committee’s” hate circus, etc.. They’re even trying to force us to watch it now by cutting in on popular tv shows in the evening. How desperate can they get? Hah, silly question. No low is too low.


Dummy Liberal, The Unselect committee is RIGGED just like the 2020 election!
Go smoke some crack with Hunter Biden and the prostitutes.


That’s how this regime works. Just as they are doing this to you, they will do to any citizen.
The people must see, they will not get a fair trial.
What has become of our justice system?
Democrats have corrupted everything good in America.

YOUR Help is Needed

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