It is a Witch Hunt that’s been going on for years.

“The Communist Democrats are engaging in yet another Witch Hunt, this time going after my Administration’s unprecedented and incredible coronavirus response, despite the fact that, sadly, more Americans have died this year from Covid than in all of 2020. It is a Witch Hunt that’s been going on for years. Why don’t they investigate Crooked Hillary, when so much has now been proven about her and her campaign’s lies and dealings with Russia to smear me and spy on my campaign? I’m telling Peter Navarro to protect executive privilege and not let these unhinged Democrats discredit our great accomplishments. The Witch Hunts must end!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Absolutely do anything and everything to stop their outrageous attacks. Enough is enough. All of their song and dance is very stale and has become ineffective because everyone has caught on to their plan. Once your eyes are open…..

Meegan Fixler

Absolutely, it must be protected!! In my opinion, the greatest President in history!! everything they accuse you of, is exactly what they’re guilty of! Funny how that works! Projection!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.


Dear President Trump, and to everyone else who supports our beloved President,
After seeing news about President Trump’s new upcoming book on a couple of Facebook sites, I commented basically writing that not only was I highly interested in purchasing a copy of the book, but I also wrote that the book is highly rich with many quality photographs highlighting the years and important moments in time of the Trump Presidency. I further stated that I believe the book would also make an excellent keepsake and also a wonderful “coffee table” style book.
What happened next is that Facebook threatened to block my account and then they removed my comments.
I believe it is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE that Facebook with such bias and hatred toward President Trump regarding his upcoming book “OUR JOURNEY”, that I believe Facebook is trying to cancel President Trump’s book.
When will something be done?
Can President Trump look into the issue that Facebook is effectively trying to CANCEL President Trump’s book by silencing supporters who are happy to be buying a quality book?


Is any lefty ever going to be charged with a crime? Is the judicial systems THAT bigoted ?

Johnny Appleseed

I believe you hit the nail on the head….

Rules for us… none for them.

Mark Rakow

Of course they will. If they break the law.
But they haven’t.

So……guess what?

Ken K

Yesterday was the last time I’ll ever give a Democrat advice because it seems even if you save their life or home or car or them they’ll always get back into their Lucifer outfit and attack Christians aka patriots.
I’m done.
From now on if they’re stranded in the desert and it’s 125 degrees I’ll be the guy who gets out of my vehicle ask them if they need water then pour it on the ground and drive off throwing a ton of dirt in the air…
Done done done.


I will set them on fire like a witch!

My Man Trump

They can’t help themselves, Mr. President. They go after anything and everything Trump! They are so jealous, and at the same time, terrified of you. They envy the support and popularity you have with the America First agenda. They also hate you for interrupting their plans by ousting Hillary and your popular MAGA. They hate America first. You raised the country up, they want to destroy it. They also hate you because they do know you are running a shadow campaign and that you have definitive proof of the steal to be used whenever you want. They know you are coming.

Mark Rakow

So, if he has “definite proof of the steal” and there is no steal, then what does he have?

Definite proof of a great, big imaginary nothing.


The judge accepting the charges is the punishment

Johnny Appleseed

The truth is… the way things are… no matter what you did or how you did it… to some people it would be wrong.

Just keep going.

Ken K

Polygraph test for Hillary Obama Bush Biden Holder on 911 election fraud corona virus origins and why it has nano particles in it, where is the 30,000 emails (my cousin can get) and why did they murder Saddam Miramar and go after Assad and Putin? Quick answer is gold dinar and all 4 protect or protected Christians. Putin has built over 30,000 Christian churches. NWO doesn’t like God. NWO is Satanism.

Ken K

Who’s the pussy voting my comment down? DemoKKKratNazis are satanic.


Hillary was executed in a military tribunal. The fake news media have been covering up the truth for the last two years. They know exactly who and what I exposed. I downloaded the declassified files and exposed them all. The swamp all got caught. You are watching the biggest coverup in US history.


Strange. Just saw her at Colin Powell’s funeral.


It was Hillary’s corpse in attendance. They look the same. Both have been beat with an Ugly Stick Multiple Times!

Mark Rakow

Why the hell would there be a military tribunal with Hillary, when military tribunals are ONLY used with members of the military?

Because it all happened in some drunken stupor you keep having.
Put a cork in it.
And in the bottle, too.

Craig Barrett

PISS ON THE DEMONRATS, they are the biggest threat to the survival of this nation


100% Correct!

Dawn Froncek

Totally agree!

Save Our United States

It is simple. Democrats are evil.

Sydney Powell

Democrats didn’t raid the Capitol. RepuliQans did


Nancy Pelosi and the Commie-Libs STAGED the scene!
They told the STUPID capital police to let them in!
Look at the videos!

Mark Rakow

He’s neither.
You, however, are a liar.
And stupid.

But you voted for Trump. Which explains it.


Stop the talking, do the walking, in this case dont wait for more to get woke, your either for freedom or against it plain and simple…..


“You’re “ not “your”

Yuk Chun Birch

Democrats can’t win legitimately so they play dirty! Just like the 2020 election. All of our patriotic votes were compromised ☹

AAMPLLC® Airmen Anderson

Perhaps the question that begs an answer that should’ve been asked is why didn’t the Dems investigate Hillary R Clinton? She is or should I say was of their own party! According to Real Raw News RRN reported months ago that the investigation that was conducted was by the United States Military Commission JAG, & the rest is History. These are tragic times that We the People are living under. Every day I wake up I thank the Lord thy God that I still see Blue Sky! Folks there is a War going on or should I say a covert War going on & half the Country doesn’t even know it. Not only the Witch Hunts must end but our Military Commission JAG must Arrest every Mass Media operation & every Gov’t Official aiding and abetting Crime and lying about it! And why that hasn’t happened on a grander scale begs another question why not? Perilous times and there are more Body Doubles that I can even count! I will make the Call Folks we are currently at DEFCON 1.

Rosanne. Choate

We believe you, sir! Thank you for your service to our great country.


Time to Rock N Roll!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Rea

You really need some new material Stewie!


You need a BRAIN Commie-Lib!
FJB! and YOU!


You obviously need mental health intervention.

Mark Rakow

If you were really connected with the military – which you clearly are not – you would know that no US military court, anywhere, at any level, takes any sort of action whatsoever with civilians. Hillary, of course, is a civilian, as she’s always been.

In short: YOU LIE


Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump,
Thank you so much Mr. President Donald J. Trump, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and everything you have done and are doing for The United States of America. Please always know how much you are loved!
Thank you for keeping us updated, I read your posts almost everyday, and if I can’t due to other projects & activities, I catch up on all your posts as well as the links you provide at the first opportunity.
May God bless you and your family!!

Missoula, Montana USA
Saturday- 20 November 2021


Stand Tall and Proud Mr. President


I have to say, bit by bit, the sleepers are awakening. I can feel it, I’m starting to see it.
We are beyond blessed to have you fighting for us. Thank you. 👏🏻🇺🇸


They found Hillary’s emails… (Joe Biden’s colonoscopy). LOL

P.S. The “Witch hunt” will never end, you’re too dangerous to them Dems and they know it!


These people are so evil.. Just so sick!!




Don, I am pretty matter of fact and in your face if it is required. My response; my friend, is not kidding!

Look; I understand draining the swamp isn’t an easy thing to do, but most things worth doing aren’t easy.

You screwed up by trying to make a deal with the devil democrat demons. We are at war. Guns or no guns – this is war.

The democrats mean to win at any cost. So complaining about it is only making folks aware of what they should already be feeling in the wallets.

I’m really trying to express myself in a family rated way here and it’s not easy. I am not cut from the cloth of the politically correct and fit better on the battlefield.

Stop pussy footing around. Are you in this fight or are you a wallflower? I got you back 100% either way, but you have to send some kind of signal.

I agree with most of what you have done for America so far; (exceptions: Bumpsock ban was stupid and now is feeding the NUT JOBS, and Omnibus Bills signed were pretty danm stupid as well) so let’s hit them hard.


You are scary.

Elizabeth Headley

Flip the narrative on it’s head: these ARE the WITCHES and they KNOW they’re being HUNTED!
Besides…YOU, being the Master of Military Art, HAD to do everything NEEDED, i.e. necessary! when THEY UNLEASHED THIS WEAPON UPON THE WORLD to COUNTER THEM TAKING/MAINTAINING the narrative of this bioweapon’s purpose: DESTRUCTION! (not the ‘flu’, but it’s ‘supposed’ cure). Plain and simple! IF you had not TAKEN CONTROL of the situation when/HOW you DID, I don’t believe ANY of US would be here NOW, able to DISCUSS anything!!…I don’t want to even imagine where Americans, or the world would be…suffice it to say, it’d be a LOT worse than what’s going on NOW IN AUSTRIA, RIGHT NOW!!! AS I TYPE THIS!!
Just keeping it real!
God Bless America!
God Bless YOU, President Trump!

Mark Rakow

YOU are out OF what little BIT of mind you may HAVE ever possibly had. WHICH isn’t much, AND the WAY you write, WHICH is a lot LIKE this, only GOES to show THAT you have A giant SCREW loose.


WHAT are you talking about? Which witches know they are being hunted? trump is the master of military art??? He didn’t control any situation, especially covid. Planetary war? Crazy stuff.




What’s wrong wit these people?! It’s not even cold enough out for them to claim cabin fever boredom. I hope the Grinch raids their homes for Christmas.


Executive privilege should stand. The irony is Biden signed executive orders and asks a question “what am I signing now”? Positively ridiculous what’s going on, just build back better bill should never pass Senate, nor the House, but with the House Mother Nancy Pelosi must keep her children in order (sic). God help us until you get back office

Mark Rakow

Executive privilege will indeed stand. That’s been clear, right from the start.

But, as you know, Trump is not the President anymore.
Therefore, he’s not the executive.
And, so, the privilege is not his.

There is another facet to this, that may help make it more clear. By allowing Trump to claim executive privilege, on the argument that he’s the former President, we would be, literally, granting Donald Trump the authority to overrule the government of the United States, at will. We don’t dare do such a thing.

That means we’d no longer even be a Republic; a government in which We the People are in charge. Instead, by definition, we’d be a dictatorship.


Please, come back SOON! Preferably before we no longer have a Republic!

Mark Rakow

Ironically, that’s the whole problem. If he came back, and became president by reinstatement, then – at that moment – we’d no longer have a Republic. Because our Constitution does not allow a President to be reinstated. That option does not exist.

The Constitution clearly describes the process by which we elect our Presidents. It’s the ONLY legal way it’s ever been done, and the ONLY legal way it can be done.




GOD would never condone it. That’s the deil’s work Stewie!!


God Will Destroy The Commie-Libs and The Corrupt Government just like Sodom and Gomorrah!

Mark Rakow

Really? Then what’s He waiting for?
Is He taking a nap? On vacation? In the bathtub? Taking a dump?
Better tell Him to flush, wash His hands, and get Himself back to work.




You are STUPID!
FJB! and The Commie-Libs!

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