It is Communism come to our shores.

“A puppet judge of the New York Attorney General and other sworn enemies of President Trump and the Republican Party has just issued a ruling never before seen anywhere in America. It is Communism come to our shores.

Businesses will be fleeing New York, which they already are, for other states and other countries. Today’s ridiculous ruling by a politically-motivated, hand-picked judge makes it even more vital for courts in both New York and Florida to do the right thing and stop this inquisition.

We have to fight back against radical tyranny and save our Country!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Stand up against this evil!!!


Fight the GOOD Fight Patriots!
Every Moment Every Day!

My Man Trump

Communism is here but not to stay. President Trump helps us so much at his own risk. We need to help him. Stay loyal and stay vigilant.

Airmen Anderson

Good morning Mr President, yes I agree We the People have to fight back and must fight back, but when you have this kind of Tyranny breaching every Branch of our Gov’t there is only one alternative left. It is our courageous United States Military White Hats fighting for Freedoms cause that must take decisive action at this point and Military Arrest these Tyrants threating our basic Liberties and Freedoms immediately. And if this means as reported by RRN 75% of our Congress & the illegal corrupt Biden regime & their minions then so be it. God save the Republic, Mr. President Sir!


Well Said!
Everything is So Corrupt the only way to stop it is to round up ALL the criminals!


Tyranny=communism. All they do is try to make laws or change law to fit their agenda. Everything they are doing is to accommodate this radical takeover of our Country.
I pray after November 8, we will see a dramatic change and law and order will be restored to the American citizens.




FJB! and the Commie-Libs!

Mr. Ree

Sonny you’d better google communism because it isn’t what you think it is. Ask your BFF Putin!


How are things on the Russian Front Comrade?

Kreg Vergith

The simplest perusal of the collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin will tell you a lot about the contaminated (mostly by Obama’s opportunism and ego) version of Neo-Marxism which so captivates the “American Left”.
It’s always advantageous to know what your enemy is thinking (sic), It makes them much easier to predict and shut down.

They surely should know that they are doomed to spectacular failure if they have read the last chapters, but they drank the Kool-Aid anyway.

Not a good philosophy for “winning the hearts and minds” of the proletariat (that’s us).
Don’t ignore it, but don’t dwell on it, either. It’s not gospel.
Fight it on their own terms!


Well said.

Brad Bowen

I am thankful for your sacrifice and great love that you have for the American people. You had a fabulous life and did not need Washington to become a billionaire. You actually wanted someone else to do it but no one would. You saw a lot of stupid things and saw the great potential if corrected. 

You accomplished much and demonstrated that fixing stupid things increases wages, wealth, and security. I am so sorry for how dishonestly you have been treated from the beginning. I pray daily that more Americans will see through the deception. I pray daily that you be given strength, health, wisdom, protection. 

I hope that you stay on the national scene and run in 24. I was only on twitter to hear from my President and deactivated immediately and am gone with my President. I hope to hear more from you but you have done plenty of good even if you stop now.


I’m sure many appreciate his “sacrifice” , especially the 400,000 people who died because of his mishandling of the pandemic.


You MUST be talking about Governor Fredo Cuomo!

My Man Trump

Excellent comment. Who killed more people than that asshole….oops! Biden did. MAGA

Brad Bowen

You have been lying for many years. You knew that the President was “wiretapped” in a Stalinist effort to search for ANY crime but you chose to lie. You knew that the President did not refer to Natzis and white supremacists as “good people”, did not violate the Constitution when banning travel from terror designated nations, did not stand on the graves of our great military call them “losers”, did not lie about his desire to put American people first rather than the people of the world as have all others, did not lie about his desire to oppose foreign wars after eliminating ISIS (the jv team), did not lie about who he would nominate to the Supreme Court, did not lie about moving embassy to Jerusalem, did not lie about Biden family feeding out of the swamp, did not lie about banning virus travel from China, did not lie about dozens of racism narratives. Did not lie about commitment to life. We now have documentation that you knew all of this and yet YOU CHOSE TO LIE.

Your dishonesty is deplorable. The false narrative about the military graves is particularly despicable to me and is revealing about those who concocted and disseminated such hurt. However, you are NOT irredeemable. Years ago you can perhaps be forgiven for being deceived. You were bombarded by propaganda from institutions that have been trusted. Institutions that have become controlled by the children of the Devil (John 8). The time has come for you to no longer be deceived. We now have history that can be examined. It is similar to the lies told in Lion King by the hyenas; our nation has suffered. You no longer have an excuse. It is only your pride that is preventing you from having eyes to see and ears to hear. When you stand before the Great White Throne you will have no excuse.



That is very admiral of you and I feel the same.

Patricia McDermott

What is the ruling?


A Manhattan judge on Thursday ordered a monitor to oversee business practices of the Trump Organization.

Just Me

It may be the appointment of a “monitor” to keep up with every transaction made by any member of the Trump Organization.

In the past day or two, I read another ruling. Now, I can’t find an article on it, though.



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