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Wilhelm Schultz

4th generation USNA, reserve naval aviator, a graduate degree from Georgetown & also an instructor, will now serve on the Board of Visitors to the USNA
I’d say @POTUS
made an excellent choice
Congrats “Jack” McCain!

Becky G

Will check it out! Ty…

Mark Rakow

It’s trash, and so is he.

Becky G

Speaking of trash…..🤢🤢

Mark Rakow

Meaning what? You’re trash, too?


C’mon bark bark, we all know you’re so much smarter than that and know exactly what Becky meant.

She was relating you as the Trashcan Man from the Stand, we’re sure you’re his doppleganger!


bark bark bark pant pant pant drool drool drool

My Man Trump

He’s a really good guy but you have to be one to recognize one.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding! I’m definitely going to get a copy.

My Man Trump

It’s fantastic and he is fantastic. Thought I would get a copy when all my other books are read.


The BEST person in the house of Representatives!
Keep On Fighting Jim Jordan and God Bless YOU!

Lenora Thompson

Our Canadian Brothers and Sisters are showing us the way. My friend was in Ottawa over the weekend and here’s her wonderful experience.

Daniel Zakaluzny

Since the convoy got started: Jeff Zucker gone.
Peter The Tool O’Toole gone.
Quebec Vaccine Tax dead.
Alberta Vaccine Passport dead.
BLM online fundraising now illegal.
Michael Avenatti loses another case.
Manhattan D.A. reverses 2 controversial Vaccine passport rules.

Much more to come. Stay tuned.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daniel Zakaluzny

God Bless Canda!


Excuse Me I left Ou an “A”!
God Bless YOU Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More Jim Jordan’s are needed.

Diane Roy

I am looking forward to reading Jim Jordan’s book. I just went and read some of it. Very enjoyable and honest. Boy the year 2020 was really all about politics. Now it’s all about covid covid covid and no longer Russia Russia Russia!!! Looking Foward To Seeing You Back At The White House~MAGA!AGAIN

Elizabeth Headley

I was removed from this site. Had to resubscribe! Sure wish with all of my heart that this seemingly (according to those doing it) unending hacking of six plus years would go away. Forever. It’s getting worse every day!
Where can we buy Patriotic books??? Barnes and Noble? I will not attempt to use Amazon: I don’t exist in their world, making it impossible to order off internet, and I’m fed up with it all. So many good books available now too! How many of your followers could live in a world where internet not available to them?? Not many. I’m sure!
(Looks like a repeat of 2020 for me…dropped OFF my new address at voter reg office 2 weeks ago…new one/updated address has still not arrived. I’m too worn down to continue this fight against the bastards in charge here, Sir. I will call them tomorrow, one call only. After that I’m done! In 2020 I mailed 14 requests for an updated card…I won’t go into that story! But I never received my card, it arrived a day or 2 after voting over…VOTING FOR LT. COL. ALAN WEST FOR TEXAS GOVENOR! I’m fed up with this Crackerjack state….I love it…but I’m fed up! Hope he can/will make a difference!! Abbott’s gotta go! Sorry not on subject, had to share!


Sorry for your struggles Elizabeth, it’s gotta be tough on your own. Hang in there! I’m with you on Colonel West he’s by far the best choice, but will the rest of Texas see it that way?

Elizabeth Headley

Thanks Griff! I’m trying my best to hang in there…I’m kicked off of this site! Yesterday I had to reapply…today kicked off again! Everything: Trump ads, this site, anything to do with Trump, the page glitches, bounces back, when I try to open, in this case, I’m kicked off again! I struggle to get @ it, or I give up. These monsters know how to whittle a person down. I just reapplied AGAIN! And it said “confirm subscription”…well guess what? Nothing in my email to CONFIRM!…you see? So they’re blocking me from reapplying to this site for good now! If I wasn’t already traumatized, this would just piss me off, but this is happening w/ my donations to RNC too! Last month, and this month!! Insane hacking!! Causing so much trouble w/ my acct! and now my calls don’t even go through to them/RNC…I can’t get my “donation problems” answered, dealt with…My final response to everything is BUT GOD! Let GOD ALMIGHTY deal with these demons! I cast my cares to the foot of the cross…(and, hey! thanks for responding, you’re kind to respond to my complaints: I don’t want to whine, moan or groan! I want to be FREE! And LEFT THE HELL ALONE! )
And I haven’t received my new voters reg card, I have a new address – need a new card, and they did this to me in 2020! My vote wasn’t counted in DC. I was told by DC I’d NEVER VOTED. Talk @ CANCEL CULTURE! I will not let these freaks of nature win!!
My bank is messing with me too…the ATM has “eaten” my card TWICE in the last month! I’m getting hit up everywhere…
And YES!! We need SERIOUS CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP, nothing short of this will do! We all know evil doesn’t follow party lines, there are bad apples both sides…I JUST PRAY OUR PRESIDENT RETURNS ANON!…I’m still STANDING (today!) God Bless America! WE WILL BE FREE, FOR REAL, SOON ENOUGH! B/c GOD’S WILL, WILL BE DONE! AND THERE’S NOTHING THESE DEMONS CAN DO @ IT! WHETHER I’M STILL HERE OR NOT DOES NOT MATTER! GOD WINS, WE WIN! THAT MEANS ME TOO! B/C…WWG1WGA! Me included!
(This prolly my last comment ever…w/o a confirmation in my email to REPLY BACK, I CAN’T GET BACK ON! Can you say CCP? They have some LONG ARMS!) So if y’all never see me on here again, know it’s not b/c I’m not trying! I am here. STANDING still!)


What email service are you using? Try adding this site as a contact in your email, and be sure and check your spam folder in case they are purposefully sending it to spam.

Hopefully we’ll hear from again Elizabeth you’re a TRUE PATRIOT!!

Elizabeth Headley

I’m here! By the grace of God! They can’t get rid of me! What service for email? Google I suppose! Oh you know I can’t get on any alternate sights such as Rumble, bitchute, etc…I had successfully, I thought, signed up for Rumble, but when I tried to get back on, I was DENIED?? B/C my email (this one) was already taken???! What…? Yeah! By me! And I wasn’t even allowed a platform to find out what the heck they meant by that! I was on my device at the time. But in the early days, when my hacking started, I was trying to open a NEW email acct, while I was at the phone server store (one of the major ones) b/c they had made it impossible to use..and when it came time to put in the new password, the clerk watched as SOME UNKNOWN ENTITY was entering a password ON MY PHONE before I could!…and we watched the dots just appear!! They are not as transparent anymore…but y’ know years of this can do a number on a person. I’m totally ANTI EVERYTHING A.I. And wouldn’t mind a world after an EMP event: Get RID OF ALL THE EVIL! Then start over from scratch! I have a lot of trouble b/c they removed every way available for me to reach out for help w/ this INSANE criminal act against me, so I went public! Like this! It’s not what I want to do! I’m not a sensationalist! But I have no choice, I can’t GET HELP for this on going criminality! So here we are! In a butt-nut crazy world, I’m really sick of it!! (I could live alone in the woods forever anyway). I don’t trust anyone anymore. And maybe that’s ok…I’ve lost everything anyway. Now I’m just the ‘freak’ that’s hacked, who writes really long tirades, and am AVOIDED BY EVERYONE! (I’m laughing at myself out loud right now!) I get it!! Hah! In late 2020 I went months w/o a phone…maybe 8? B/c the last android I had, I was being “monitored” by the rental agency, or one of the “clowns” renting a room in the same house I was renting in..they put a router outside my room, I took a photo of it w/ my phone, and it popped up w/ my name and a place to put a PW! Which I didn’t have!! So I took a screenshot of it, sent it to the agency rep. asking her what the hockey sticks was this all about…and received an EVICTION NOTICE, while my city was under a NON-EVICTION notice due to covid! And the kicker was, it was a month – to – month rental!? I took that android to where I bought it, and asked them to factory reset it, when they did, it showed an IPhone number and IPhone acct attached to it! It was a cheap Android phone! So it blew their minds. And it was months b4 I bought another phone! I broke down eventually and bought a CHEAP $20 TracFone…what I have now…NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Still all my devices are encrypted, as soon as my name attached to them. I do not own a computer. Just a cheap phone, cheap tablet.( And btw, Idk who’s # the IPone was..They did not give me that info!! K. Guess that’s enough for now! I’m waiting, STANDING…for MY day in court!


Well last night you had a reply pending and I was waiting to reply to it, because it sounds like someone in the house you’re living in has hacked you and your accounts because you’re using Public WIFI access. Someone putting a router outside your door was an invitation to do just that.

I wish I could help more, but it would have to be someone in your local area there to help secure your devices, more knowledgeable than myself as well. Last time this happened your post magically appeared, so we’ll wait and see.

It’s gotta be tough living in a blue city, and having someone in your midst harassing you to that extent. Leave it to a demoncrat to go out of their way to do something to and elderly woman whose ideas they disagree with.


Viruses are exsomes



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