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“Senator Ted Cruz had the courage and wisdom to write a new and very telling book, “Justice Corrupted, How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System.” It is great, as it spells out in detail things that others, including Republicans, are afraid to discuss – but shouldn’t be. It is a must read for those interested in the new hot subject of Election Fraud, of which our Country has PLENTY. Congratulations Ted! The book is available NOW!

By Donald J. Trump

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Outstanding. Ted Cruz has really grown on me in the last 6 years. I will admit I wasn’t a fan of him during the 2016 presidential campaign although the debates between the two of you were some of the best and funniest I’ve ever seen but now he has shown he really is a great patriot of this country.
All the best to Ted, personally and with the book.


Today, Paulie Pelosi was attacked in his home, and for some reason I can give a damn. Funny, how this is made a big deal on MSM and yet it is taking place all across the country.


that’s equity.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding! I’m ordering a copy. I love all the books that President Trump recommends.


Can’t wait to get it.

My Man Trump

Ted Cruz is a great patriot and extremely intelligent attorney. His book is a must read.

joy young

ordered it two days ago from barnes and noble – i never ever use amazon for anything the most un-American company in the US.

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