It is incredible that our National Guard is standing at the empty Capitol

“It is incredible that our National Guard is standing at the empty Capitol, not at our Southern Border, where the number of illegals coming into our Country is at a level that has never been seen before!”

By Donald J. Trump

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What a set up!!! The undercover guy getting his cover blown, as usual President Trump correct!!!! Make no mistake, we are still here supporting the true Commander and Chief! We will NOT bow down to tyranny!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Mein Trump

Nobody has the balls to tell him the National Guard was never in DC for his lame pity party? Not ONE! They broke up the 100 participants by yelling “FREE PIZZA” on a bullhorn.


SIEG HEIL Nazi-Liberal!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

It really is a total disgrace. What are they at the Capitol for, to protect that hag, worthless piece of crap Pelosi??!!
All kinds of rifff raff are pouring in through our southern border. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a complete failure and disgrace.
Our Country has never been less secure and safe. Mainstream media and Big Tech are in cahoots with the CCP. Time to wake up. Time to demand that this worthless basement dwelling zombie and his entire administration resigns!
Milley is guilty of treason.
Hillary’s lawyer has been indicted.
Where is Hunter?
The time is now to SAVE AMERICA.
God bless President Trump.


Nice post, Don jr




The military is responsible for protecting our border. This is an invasion. When are we going to defend it? Why are our laws not being enforced? We the people are running out of options. We cannot survive much more of this toxic administration. Election fraud has to be dismantled.


100% Correct!

Mein Trump

All true EXCEPT the little, tiny detail that the National Guard is not there. They were never there. Whoopsie!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Please stop trolling President Trump and please leave.

Bulilly Shears

Correcting someone’s error isn’t trolling, sweetheart.

Tim Tates

Where in the Constitution does it state a VOTER FRAUD President can stay in office? We need the real President-Elect Donald Trump back in the White House!

Bungalo Bill

You have to PROVE Voter-Fraud first in a court of law. Something trump has never done.



Unfortunately, our so called “Elected” leaders are only interested in protecting themselves from the people they’re supposed to be Serving………I wonder why? What could they be hiding from us? Hmmm……..

Debra Puddy

Very person who voted for Biden should be ashamed of him, and what he has done to our nation! We need for this to stop! We need to make our nation great again! But the global elites and cabal have a firm evil grip! We need to stand up and say no more! We have God given rights! The military are to protect our nation, they should be at the border!


What can we do to save our country, Biden cares nothing for America or Americans,he is bought and paid for by China,like a lot of others in our government, in big Tec, in our schools.we are no more than cash cows for pharmaceutical cartels,and doctors and hospitals are paid to lie about this fake pandemic,keep us in fear and separate from each other so we won’t see what they are doing to the free World. We are all in danger. The U.N. new world order, has to kill ,depopulation, most of the worlds population, all free thinkers, so they can control what is left!Slaves to the elite, our childrens future is in our hands! What are we to do???


Mr President, my husband and I could NOT agree with you more about everything at topic lately. We love our country and its people. We have never been more embarrassed by our military, my father serving 24 years in the USAF. I am glad he is not here today too SEE what the democrat party is doing to our country because of their hate torwards the people that put them in their positions. It’s disgusting, disgraceful and ENOUGH already!!! Biden and his ENTIRE CLAN need to GO!!!! We miss you President Trump. God bless you and your family….and God Bless America.

joy young

You are correct, as usual. I am calling my reps in DC, not that I think it will do any good, and telling them to get the planes ready because I will expect every single illegal that came over since babbling biden entered the WH to be removed to their home country. Not a single media type or politician better tell me “how compassionate Americans are” in order to keep them here! I am sick to death of the illegal immigration problem created and kept going because of the voting patterns of illegal on the dem side and cheap labor on the rhino side.

Also, none of the people arrested because of 1/6 should still be in prison – only Trump supporters are treated this way.

Agape Filled

I agree with you that they should all be sent back, but why on our dime? Take them back to the border at which they entered illegally (after fortifying it back up like POTUS Trump had it) and let the organizations that brought them there (most likely Soros paid) take them back home where they came from. Enough with us taxpayers paying for Demonrat mistakes! And it’s really not just the Dems, it’s the spineless and useless Republicans or Rino’s too that are doing NOTHING to help stop it!

My Man Trump

Everything is on our dime. The cash given to them every month, free food, free health care, free housing, free everything. We are even paying for the corrupt admin so change our country and our people. They are destroying us on our dime.

Mein Trump

All true EXCEPT the little, tiny detail that the National Guard is not there. They were never there. Whoopsie!

Sue Mckee

Yes they were hoping to trap patriot’s and make them look bad. Several reports of Undercover FBI in the small crowd. Joke is on them! We get smarter when they get sneaky 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸. We have political Prisoners who don’t belong in DC prison we need to help them but careful not to get set up. Not sure how we can help but we will make our voices heard either way. While they are letting killer’s out if jail, rapist’s, but not the political Prisoners. BLM and Anifa are still running wild. You are correct we have an invasion at our boarder. This is the worst Administration Ever! And illegally certified!! # Trumpwon.


This gene therapy is now being pushed onto our children,,, when will this be stopped ????


How might they be reassigned? Who has more authority than you President Trump??

Mein Trump

All true EXCEPT the little, tiny detail that the National Guard is not there. They were never there. Whoopsie!

Jimmie Bowling

Sad thing is if this was the Marxist group BLM, there would not only be no NG, there would be no police! Jan 6, no cars were burned, no stores looted and set on fire, no innocent bystanders beating and no one shot (except for the one unarmed white woman shot by a black policeman). Yet BLM are hailed as “heroes” while Trump Supporters are called terrorists! In my lifetime, I never thought I would see in America one political group/ideology so badly suppressing the freedom of another political group/ideology like liberals are suppressing Christians and conservatives! We are at a very, very dangerous point in history. America may not survive.


“Jan 6, no cars were burned, no stores looted and set on fire, no innocent bystanders beating and no one shot (except for the one unarmed white woman shot by a black policeman)”

Shame on Pelosi ! Miserable woman ! Pelosi, you will soon die without taking with you all the things you picked up ! Think of that !

Mein Trump

That last Klan meeting was a hoot wasn’t it Jimmy boy!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Why don’t you ask Sleepy Joe.

Gloria Hensley

Incredible is one way of describing all of it – but the corruption and evil is so deep and so wide that I think pitiful is also a good word. It’s like all he corrupt people are so narcissistic, they stand at the brink of hell and laugh. But their laughter will suddenly turn to screams of terror when God’s strong right arm calls forth His army. There are already myriads of angels just waiting for Him give the call. Amen.

Susan Knittel

Imho everything being done is a distraction from the audit. This administration is spinning out of control, trying to do the most damage, before the ultimate results. I pray for an uprising against this unjust, illegal tyranny.

Johnny Appleseed

They are working diligently to keep those pesky Americans out… you know those extremist right wing terrorist that threaten our county…


Sarah Stone

What’s even more incredible that your still running your fat lying mouth. You LOST! ACCEPT IT! Twice Impeached, one term, EX President. It’s over. You’re done and will be indicted soon enough.

Tell your CULT the truth for ONCE in your life!

Shelley Strachan

Really! Indicted for what exactly? How has this wishful thinking worked for you, so far, flogging a dead horse. If seeing and sharing the truth makes me a member of this “cult” (not) then I am in. Please only partake here when you know how to tell the truth, or at least accept it – Donald Trump IS still the legitimate President of the US. I hope that you enjoy the AZ audit results.


Oh Sarah makes a progress ! She writes “ACCEPT” now but not “EXCEPT” ! Bravo ! Says “thank you” to kind Trump’s supporter who corrected you !

Mein Trump

All true EXCEPT the little, tiny detail that the National Guard is not there. They were never there. Whoopsie!


Bill Clinton was impeached. President Trump was not. The Democrats tried but did not succeed.

Mein Trump

BOTH were impeached. Neither were removed. THAT’S how the constitution works 4X! The HOUSE impeaches & the Senate removes. Should I repeat myself for those a little slow like Stewie & Thoski?



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

President Trump is always 100% correct. No President has ever worked harder or done more for our Country!
We Americans need President Trump back in the White House NOW!


When (the first domino) AZ is decertified the Federal Agencies will stop acting recklessly!!

Mein Trump

When the first unicorn is captured it will lead us to the herds!


And you will shut up forever !



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