It is leading to our Country’s destruction

“Biden, who is destroying our Nation with insane policies of open Borders, corrupt Elections, disastrous energy policies, unconstitutional mandates, and devastating school closures, used my name today to try to further divide America. This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed. Our Country no longer has Borders, has totally and completely lost control of Covid (record numbers!), is no longer Energy Independent, Inflation is rampant, our Military is in chaos, and our exit, or surrender, from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in the long and distinguished history of the United States—and so much more. Why is it that the Unselect Committee of totally partisan political hacks, whose judgment has long ago been made, not discussing the rigged Presidential Election of 2020? It’s because they don’t have the answers or justifications for what happened. They got away with something, and it is leading to our Country’s destruction. They want all conversation concerning the Election “Canceled.” Just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves. They are not justifiable, so the complicit media just calls it the Big Lie, when in actuality the Big Lie was the Election itself.

The Democrats want to own this day of January 6th so they can stoke fears and divide America. I say, let them have it because America sees through theirs lies and polarizations.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mum Mylus

You are not only a SORE LOSER, you are a TRAITOR!

sore loser 

  1. One who complains or blames others for one’s loss; one who is easily angered by losing

traitor. 1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty. 2 : one who commits treason. A traitor is such a low-born, low-life, morally corrupt person that only exists at a selfish level—this type of person’s soul is long dead. When such people die people rejoice and celebrate their death. 

Johnny Appleseed

So… you CAN use a dictionary.


To be a sore loser one has to lose first.

Being cheated…

You didn’t cheat Trump out of the presidency…




Wow, those descriptions perfectly fit Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, respectively. And only a sick, twisted person celebrates somebody’s death.



Johnny Appleseed

These people remind me of dogs in a kennel.

They like the free food.

They like the comfort of getting out of the rain and a dry place to sleep.

But they are always on the look out for a way to “escape” their pin.

And when they do find a way to escape, the harsh realities of life sets in so they blame the hand that feeds them… then they bite it.

It’s a real aimless thought process driven by primal instinct and selfish intentions wrapped in the bullshit of “fixing the world” so they don’t have to admit:

It’s their fault their world is a bad place…

But, I digress….

Mark Rakow

Joe Biden did not mention Trump’s name even once today. Not a single time.
Instead, he used the phrase “former president” 16 times.

At some point, though, he also used the word “Nazi” – although, possibly, it was actually the phrase “not see.”

On the other hand, maybe he was talking about Stephen Miller. Or Ted Cruz. Or Jim Jordan. Or Marjorie Whatzername. Or Boeber Bobbitt; whoever she is.

But I doubt he was talking about Miss Dicksee. Because he would have said “Lindsay.”

Johnny Appleseed

Did you actually have a point… your rambling sounds like Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini…. All shiny verbal bullshit…. Except actual bullshit has a use….

I can’t find a single use for anything you have spewed so far….

Keep trying…. Every dog has his day…. A broken clock is right twice a day… and assholes accidentally get it right sometimes….

Don’t get your hopes all up… you didn’t this time… but I am sure by the the law of averages you will eventually…. Even if it takes a million plus years….


(Please note I never called you an asshole.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Mr President, you speak the truth, but it’s all old news! We the people want to hear what will be done about this FAKE FRAUD pretending to be president, and how long will he be allowed to destroy this country!

Johnny Appleseed

Sir, we cannot blame Faux Pas for this coordinated effort to destroy our country.

He can’t remember what he lied about 35 seconds ago.

This is a concerted coordinated effort to over throw the United States government.

In which case they are truly enemy combatants.

These people need to pay and pay dearly for the attempt to over throw our Constitution.

I am ABSOLULY POSITIVE… you have many north, south, east, and west on your side.

All in inconspicuous placements. In every level of the economic spectrum. In all levels of government and healthcare.

Each are fighting diligently and precisely.

I have have had conversations from janitors to directors and everyone in between.

All listening intently to everything you say. All awaiting that small thing they can do to contribute.

All are sick to death of being treated like trash and mushrooms while being bled to death of their life’s efforts.




(They tried to flush us out, Sir… they accomplished galvanization and heels dug in.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed


Save Our United States

Link: Reps. Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Taylor Greene on Jan. 6 Anniversary

The Democrats could care less about Jan 6th. What they want is to prevent President Trump from ever running/winning the Presidency again. The Democrats are afraid that their march toward totalitarianism will be destroyed if he wins another term.

Last edited 1 year ago by Save Our United States
Mark Rakow

Democrats have nothing to fear. Trump is not going to win another term.

Johnny Appleseed

Probably because he can’t… two term limits and all….

But, keep walking down the path y’all have chosen….

He is going to be a three term president…

All from your creation…

Thank you. We needed him.

My Man Trump

Hahaha. Too late. Trump won in a landslide in 2020 and the truth will come out to everyone. No courts, they are too afraid of it. FJB, his handlers and the elite have big plans of power, control and greed. None of those plans include you people here. Sadly, the Marxists will not be in power long enough for you to learn that.

My Man Trump

Don’t get mad President Trump, get even and then some. We are behind you all the way but it must be prompt so that we still have our country left.


They have trashed the Constitution and the rule of law. When will they become accountable?


They worked hard to steal the election. they are working harder to keep it. The Truth will Prevail.

Susan Long

Biden Harris administration is corrupted ! Even our voting system!

calvin wrenn

You first of all need to get your talking about vaccines THE KILL SHOT NOT WORTH A FU”””’C ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE HELL OUT OF HERE

Last edited 1 year ago by calvin wrenn

Today’s comments by Joe Biden are outright lies. They want to pass a new way of voting. Voter identification is the only way to prove who we are and that our vote will be counted as it was cast. This day we’ll go down in history not as the way the Democrats want but once the truth is finally allowed out should be a day of celebration. Many of us are still behind President Trump, we believe in his beliefs of loving our country and of the last 12 months being destroyed by a government that is only out to destroy America. God bless God save our America.


Please note : Mr TRUMP has no beliefs… just what’s good for Mr TRUMP in the moment.

Johnny Appleseed

Hmmmm…. Glad you think that. It’s going to make it easier to kick your ass.

Mark Rakow

Voter ID has one purpose, and one intent: To suppress the vote. It’s no secret, and even a few Republicans have inadvertently admitted as much.

Voter suppression is precisely what the Republicans want. If you don’t believe me, simply ask a Republican if Voter ID is voter suppression. The enraged, spluttering, screeching, furious denials will answer the question – though it may be hazardous to your health.

Johnny Appleseed

Voter Id has one purpose….

To stop ILLEGAL ALIENS from other countries from interfering in our elections.

Now if you said that about a private drivers license you would be on to something.

Or maybe forced insurance coverage…..

Forced health care….



But you really don’t give a shit about the truth now do ya????

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

You really are ridiculous. You need an ID for everything and anything you do in this country. Big government Dems came up with that long ago. How else do you think the radical commies know right where to find you. All of you when they are ready. Besides, you commies would vote for yourselves over and over again. And the aliens FJB wants here is so they can illegally vote for commies. You stole the election in 2020 and this is how you plan to steal it again. It is the only way you evil fruitcakes can win. America does not want you.


People that attended the rally and were practically escorted into the capitol building by the few Police that were there are still languishing in a DC prison. The prison had been closed down previously bc conditions are so bad. They live in solitaire confinement, given a bologna sandwich for food through a slot in a door and they sleep on bug infested filthy mattresses…sounds a lot like Cuba. Their crime? trespassing…in a building that is owned by the people. There was no insurrection that day perpetrated by them or any true Trump supporter.
We support the rule of law.
I watched a documentary called Capitol Punishment. It is shocking what these tyrants have gotten away with and still are. In fact, even writing this comment could be dangerous in the new America.
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, but we lost our country and it happened long before Trump ever ran for President.
They let us think we still had elections, but we have not and this has been the case for decades. Then Trump came along and, we the people, catapulted him over the wall with our massive voting numbers and he landed right in the middle of the swamp. They sought to devour him daily until and at last, they finally did with THEIR insurrection, which occurred Nov 4, 2020 -Jan20, 2021.
The big lie is that we had the country we thought we had. The deep state has been in control, but were kind enough to hide from us until they no longer could, because of one brave man who calls everything like it is, President Donald John Trump.
Unfortunately the swamp monsters conspired and executed a scheme and overthrew the actual President. Their insurrection was a success.
This day we memorialize the tragic loss of Ashli Babbit, The United States of America, and the political prisoners being beaten, starved and tortured for attending a rally. The left have learned Marxism well, haven’t they?
Oh say, does that star spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? No, son. It does not.
The United States of America: Rest In Peace. The monstrosity that rose from the ashes is hungry folks so beware. Even acknowledging the truths I just shared is dangerous.


we know the lying, thieving no good liberal rinos and asses for exactly what they are.


Ted Cruise is a turncoat.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Senator Cruz let us down today and he let down President Trump. What a disgrace.


What did Cruz do? He has always been a hero of mine. I’m not sure what you and Hannah are referring to.


Your “hero” said this year marked “the solemn anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol…”


Ok, Ted Cruz came on Tucker Carlson tonight and Tucker gave him a bit of a tough time over what he said. Cruz made it very clear both that he regretted his choice of words, and that when he said “terrorists” he was only referring to those who attacked the police, which he feels strongly about (as do I). He never meant the thousands of peaceful protesters in Washington that day. He is certainly no turncoat. Any Trump supporters willing to throw him under the bus just for one unwise choice of words need to take a deep breath and not be so quick to form a circular firing squad. Cruz is a good man of the type who is all too rare in Washington, and we need him now more than ever.

Mark Rakow

There’s a certain, rather obscure word that perfectly describes Ted Cruz: OLEAGINOUS

The word has two definitions. Ted Cruz is a combination of the two. He’s both ” excessively and distastefully insincere, ingratiating in manner or speech,” and “saturated with an unusual amount of grease or oil.”

He’s similar to Trump in that regard. But Trump is much less intelligent, so he’s not as obnoxious about it.

Johnny Appleseed

Watch out…. You are telling on yourself.

Your reading comprehension is showing due to your arrogance….

I love it when the bad guys show their true colors and don’t even know it.

You are going to be looking at this one all day trying to figure out what you said that proved you are a dumbass…

My Man Trump

Little Markie is trying desperately to impress us again and again you fell way short.

Johnny Appleseed

While I agree with you….

The fire needs to be turned hot every once in a while in a free republic to keep our politicians honest.

Don’t throw the patriots under the bus.

Don’t throw Cruz under the bus….

Perhaps he had a Cabal Relapse like Paul had…. Turned the fires up on Paul and he made just as subtle an about face as the subtle stabbing in the back he gave the American people….

Trust none.

Keep an eye on all and turn the fires on when they look like they are swaying.

Boot their ass to the curb when they go astray.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I learned years ago not to put people, especially politicians, on pedestals; they almost always fall off. But if there’s one person in politics I trust, it’s Ted Cruz, based on his long and consistent record. But you’re right, no reason to turn your brain off and think someone can do no wrong. I’m a natural optimist, but I’m learning the art of cynicism…sad it has to be that way, though.


Tabbysaurus, all you have to do is look up what Ted Cruz said about Mr. Trump before he became president to know how he truly feels about the former president.


He should look up what Lindsay Graham said while he’s at it too.


…and Rand Paul! (P.S., If I’m not mistaken, I believe she identified herself as a girl on a much earlier post.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

I’m a she, actually.


I didn’t know that


That’s ok, I purposely picked a name where you couldn’t tell my gender. I have a cat, hence the “Tabby-“, and I’ve always loved dinosaurs, particularly T-rex, so…”Tabbysaurus” LOL. I used to dress my plastic dinos in doll clothes when I was little. I was a weird kid.😄


Shell, I was an all-out Cruz supporter during the 2016 primaries and was devastated when Trump practically steam-rolled him. Whatever I heard Cruz say about his opponent at the time, I’m sure I agreed with. I think he and I both amended our opinions over time as we saw what Trump would actually do for the country. If Cruz still hated and opposed Trump, as you imply, why did he stick his neck out for him January 6, even after the events of that day?


The answer would be this–for political purposes! Mr. Trump is still very popular amongst Mr. Cruz’s constituents. Opposing Mr. Trump could mean the end of his career. This is especially true since Mr. Trump has consistently tried to destroy the careers of anyone who refuses to back his “Big Lie.”


If we were talking about someone else, I might agree, but this is Cruz we’re talking about. He has a long record of sticking his neck out for what he believes, even when that means standing alone against everyone else in Congress. He is a Christian and a man of conviction. If he disagreed with Trump, he would say so, come what may. That’s the kind of person he is.


It doesn’t bother you that trump insulted Cruz’s wife and father and he still embraced him? Even his daughter admitted she disagrees with most of his views. Mark Rakow’s definition is spot on.


Of course Trump’s insults bother me (well, ok, a few make me laugh a little). As I’ve says before, just because I support him doesn’t mean I agree with everything he’s ever done or said! However, I’ll point out that trading insults and personal attacks has (unfortunately) become part of running for office. Cruz was able to “bury the hatchet” and support Trump for the good of the country.

Mark Rakow

Many Constitutional scholars believe that Ted Cruz is ineligible to become President. He was born in Canada.

As you probably know, there are three Constitutional requirements: At least 35 years old, a US resident at least 14 years, and “a natural-born citizen.” His mother is a US citizen, so Cruz is, too – legally speaking, anyway.

I’ve never met him, but I know several people who know him quite well. It so happens that we both went to Princeton University; he graduated in 1992, and I in 1987. He got his law degree from Harvard; I got mine from the University of Iowa.

Johnny Appleseed

Didn’t give a shit when it was Oblahblah did ya….

Rules for thee none for me….


 “America sees through theirs lies and polarizations”!!!!


Hey MaryLou, Pete M ODY! I see you are as passionate about this election fraud as I am:)


Pete, maybe you should give it a rest….I’ve seen your posts to Mary Lou now for quite awhile and if she hasn’t responded back to you by now I’d have to say you’re bordering on stalking. None of my business but jeeesh!!

Teresa Chisholm

Thank you for letting them have this day. The mockery sits on their shoulder with people planted in the crowd controlling the outcome.

Mark Rakow

Oh, baloney.


Guess when trump says “used my name” he is referring to “defeated former president“. Never actually said his name.


Everyone here is thinkin’ it but I’ll say it. FUCK OFF AND DIE


Dan, you sound like someone with a mental illness.
Get help and find Jesus

Johnny Appleseed

Jesus whipped the liars and cheats out of the temple….

Yes Dan, find Jesus.

And ignore this guy.


When God gets angry, it’s righteous anger. Righteous anger does not utilize foul language and telling people to die.

Johnny Appleseed

Did you read the Bible??

Tabby, I am normally on your side…

But I will say shit fuck or damn any time I damn well please…

Show me in the Bible where God said not to use a cuss word….

I am waiting….

Maybe if “Christians” read the Bible more instead of believing “cleanliness is close to Godliness”… we would not be having all these problems…

Remember the God we follow…

Chose smelly offensive John the Baptist as the herold for our king born in a manger….

Chose a 12 year old boy to cut the head from a giant….

A coward to defeat the attacking armies…

A harlot to guide guide a saint…

You to do your part….

And me to do mine…..

By my estimation of perfect Christians ostracizing Christians like me….

I promise there are way more of me than there are of you….

I am trying to get them engaged…


But we seem to forget that and RUN OFF THE PEOPLE WILLING TO FIGHT.

David’s words directly to Goliath were he would feed his insides to the beast of the field and the foul of the air right after Goliath said he would do it to him…

David said:

Fuck off and die.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Johnny, I’d rather not get into a religious discussion with you, but you asked, so I’m going to give you my honest thoughts.

Yes, I’ve read the Bible, multiple times through, in fact. I was raised in church and attend whenever possible (weekly except when there’s illness or whatever). My church is led by “live wire” pastors–fiery preaching, old fashioned hymns and values. But I don’t know any Christians who use foul language, and it was actually startling to me when I came on here and found people who do.

I’m not casting doubt on your faith, by any means, but I was always taught that Christians should be different. Our speech should stand out as being clean and different from the world, not just as filthy.

You said to give you a verse where God says not to use cuss words. Maybe there isn’t one that specifically says that, but verses that come to mind are the one about our bodies being temples of the Holy Spirit, the one about Peter cursing and swearing when he denied Jesus, and the one about how someday we will answer for every idle word.

I don’t think I’m perfect just because I don’t use certain words. Any Christian who thinks they’re perfect has a problem, in fact lol. The examples you cite from the Bible show us that God can, and does, use anybody, and more often than not He likes to use the humble and insignificant. You’re absolutely right. But I don’t see how that is an argument for foul language. Not that God can’t use someone who uses it (Trump’s language isn’t pristine), but I believe it’s wrong.

So we come back to where we started. There are plenty of examples in the Bible where God shows anger, but He doesn’t sin. Jesus certainly used strong words toward the religious leaders of his day, but He didn’t use dirty ones. God tells us it’s all right to be angry at injustice, but we’re not supposed to sin. I admit there’s room for improvement for me here, too. Believe me when I say I have always had a temper problem, and there are times when I yell at the TV screen or go around the house ranting and raving over the newest outrage, and my mom has to calm me down. (It doesn’t last long; once I let off steam and cool down I’m ok.) I tell you that to show that just because I try to be “nice” on here does not mean I’m perfect, by any means. But there are words I will never use, and can’t picture God using.

I appreciate your passion for our beloved country.

Johnny Appleseed

I was taught actions speak louder than words.

And we are to accept people for who God made them.

I was taught Christians are supposed to be different too.

No… I am not questioning your faith either.

But, I would rather a Christian that is not perfect and is different by actions.

I don’t give a damn what words they use as long as they

Keep their word.


Good job, Tabbysaurus!


It’s more likely anger issues. Those type of responses are not at all uncommon with the Trump followers I’ve interacted with on this site.


No, Dan, everybody here is not thinking that, and you are not doing Trump-supporters any favors.

Mary Geiger

You will one day open your eyes as to what the dumokrats have been doing to our country and what their plans for our future is. Think it doesn’t include you? It does.


The first time Brandon has not used the name “Trump” in over a year. We all know who is really in charge, can’t wait until President Trump is back in front of all of us.

Mark Rakow

You’d better get a hobby. Because it’s going to be an extremely long wait. Until Hell freezes over, in fact.

calvin wrenn

You talk like you are one of the first dummies that took the Kill Shot ,,,,,,,,,, didnt do your homework dummy.


Used your name to further divide America, dream on.
you are the biggest divider in chief the USA has ever seen.
You create division by creating the big lie (the election) that was won fairly. No evidence of corruption in the votes, no court in the land has upheld 62 of the cases brought before them and you are again scaremongering to get more support to allow your grift to continue.
How was the vaccination and booster shot, feel ok now, haven’t died or been picked up by a 5g mast?
you are a complete joke…

Robert A. La Scola

All you say is true, we need to take control back. I ask how? We can vote, contribute money, protest, they have infiltrated our very ranks, married into our families, moved next door taken over our schools and local government, how do we change the tide. What should our next legal move be?


The American people, we the people, are waiting, patiently, for justice to run it’s course, let’s hope we don’t wait too long too change what is happening.

Mark Rakow

They’ve “moved next-door.”
Is there some law against that?

They’ve “taken over [your] schools.”
How have they “taken over,” exactly? Anyway, since when are they YOUR schools?

What you’ve said seems disturbingly familiar. As in Germany, circa 1934?


Waiting for the Dem leaders to take a knee for the Taliban after Afghan withdraw. What a train wreck. Support terror more than Americans safety. Defund security, support riots,cancel, open borders and blame. All while they live with there security details and corrupt money.


Why aren’t we watching you today as planned last week? Very disappointed about the cancelation of your speech today.


Because not the Democrats have their day of damnation, our President Trump will be at the Trump rally in Phoenix on 15 January. There’s no sense in him trying to over speak what the Dems are trying to say today, he’s going to make his words count.

Yuk Chun Birch

Thank you for sharing your insight President Trump! This administration has ignored majority of the citizens and catered to a small group of extreme left. Like a child protests to the parents, our hearts are shutting down to hear these obstruct political statics! I will not turn on the television to hear all these insane rhetoric today!

Sue Mckee

President Trump you are correct as always. We the people have turned off news today including the conservative news. We know this was a set up by NANCY and other government partners. Why can they round up 756 Trump supporters and put them in an abusive jail with health violations and worse treatment then a third world country, but Antifa, BLM, rapists, thief’s, criminals are walking the streets?


I agree. If people choose to listen to those who have come to steal, kill, and destroy – let them live with it. That includes the bought out RINOs. if they can’t tell the difference between the Christ (not you) and the anti-Christs, they will learn the hard way.

Craig Barrett

Piss on the fraud President and all who agree with him, President Trump won and we all know it


craig i am with you all the way.


And so we continue to wait for the facts to be known. Good wins over evil every time

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Only donate and support VERIFIED Save America candidates!


You do realize that the RNC is using money you and other supporters donated to pay trump’s private legal fees in New York

Mark Rakow

Well, fine. That means he can’t run again in 2024. The Constitution only allows a person to be elected twice.


No, it allows someone to SERVE twice.

R Minoglio

The true American Patriots know the truth. The demoRATS and the MSM do nothing but lie. They are destroying this country. Wake up people before it’s to late.

Mark Rakow

Are you sure you want that?

After all, they’d be “woke.”

Kim Kelly

Agreed, Mr. President. But what about the 700+ Americans who were trapped into trespassing by our corrupt departments and are now being tortured (solitary confinement, disgusting food and conditions) by the corrupt DC government? Are we to forget them? Are they cannon fodder? PLEASE DO SOMETHING to help them! They showed up for US, we must show up for them!

Mark Rakow

Trump won’t do a damned thing for them. In fact, he can’t.

He didn’t do a damned thing for them on January 6, so why would he do anything now?


Get tough Republicans! And FAST!!!


Before it’s too late!



Empower the voice of the 45th President with your support!