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My Man Trump

LOL. How right you are. The whole world sees FJBs weakness and lack of anything resembling diplomacy and strength and problem solving abilities. We all see it, Mr. President. It’s time.


The media should have exposed the truth a long time ago. They all know who and “what” I exposed nearly four years ago. Their lack of empathy and total disregard just goes to show how cold hearted they truly are. They’d rather coverup a demonic pedophile ring than acknowledge I exposed everything. I can no longer watch the fake news anymore. I have never seen such a coverup in my entire life!!! It takes courage exposing the truth and I sacrificed everything. My face book page is restricted for 90 days and this wasn’t the first time. I lost my original account, including many friends and family. All for exposing the truth media refuses to do. It took courage exposing all the names in the flight log of government swamp and Hollywood. It took courage exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein Island caught on the security cameras. I thought this was about the children. I’m in need of prayer at this moment. I’ve thought about ending my life from their lack of caring. I’m tired of this “show”. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life! So much for a biblical ending or justice prevailing. Who does this to a human being? I am thoroughly livid and discouraged. How would anyone of them feel if they were knowingly ignored? It has become rather obvious they just don’t care ~MAGA~God Bless ~Godspeed


Diane, for your own sanity you need to be able to let things go a bit. If what you are saying is true and if you’ve done all you can to expose it, rest in knowing that. Think about Jeremiah in the Bible…he warned his country for years about coming judgment and no one listened. But the “blood was off his hands”…he had done his part. That his people didn’t listen was their fault, not his, and they were judged for it. I know it’s frustrating; I want to see these people get what they deserve right now, too. But God doesn’t do stuff just because we little people think now is the right time. I have to remind myself that their day will come. And you will be rewarded for doing what was right.

Marijo Makufka

Joe “the joke” bid$n. What a disaster!!!

Pete M.

I hope Putin does what most Americans failed to do and that is utterly destroys that braindead corrupt pedophile vial killer bastard brandon!!!! That mother efer must be hung for treason for the world to see!!!

Tom Zahm

Yesterday, Mr. Trump said: ““I mean he’s [Putin] taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions, I’d say that’s pretty smart.”. A former US President saying that is what I call a difficult thing to watch.
I grew up in the 50s and 60s. In that America, we stood for Democracy and doing Right. We didn’t applaud autocrats “taking over a country”.


Acknowledging an enemy’s intelligence does not equal approval. All Trump is saying is that Putin is taking advantage of Biden’s weak leadership. Trump is a businessman and is looking at the situation as a businessman and saying from Russia’s standpoint Putin is making a smart move. I’m sure it’s exasperating to Trump to watch this as Putin would not be doing any of this if Trump were still in office.

Tom Zahm

Technically you’re right that there’s a difference. That doesn’t make it right to say what he did. By your way of thinking there was nothing wrong with the newspaper guy asking Abraham Lincoln’s widow “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”


By your way of thinking there was nothing wrong with john kerry going over to Iran during President Trumps term and negotiating with our actual adversary whose leaders continually spout DEATH to AMERICA and burn the AMERICAN FLAG, like you and your ILKE are always doing.

Yeah the so called journalist asking Mrs Lincoln was a flaming liberal by the way working with the Globalist gangster bankers and their liberal State run Media outlets you believe in now, including all your politicians as well.

My Man Trump

Technically you are all a little wrong. I don’t make this stuff up. Please do research and see for yourselves. Also, more world countries are banning together to rid the world of the deep state and any other manufactured virus warfare. Godspeed to them all.

My Man Trump

Nothing can stop what’s is happening.


Here you are again (relating to post on next page comment to you

stating we are all a little wrong, but not sharing why?

that you don’t make this stuff up, what stuff?

and at least asking us here to do research, into what though?

These are replies to specific posts, so I’m not sure what exactly it is you think we’re unaware of, or haven’t researched?

I’m not sure how old you are, or exactly how much more research or knowledge you think you have than any of the rest of us, so please enlighten us.


Trump would be aiding Putin if he were president. Don’t forget he tried to hold up aid to Ukraine until dirt on Biden was found. In C-Span’s annual poll rating presidents by historians, which just came out, trump was in the bottom five worst presidents.


Yawn, what did NPR experts say?

(Remember the Biden Ukraine holdout for money until Biden got what he wanted)

Weak Prize ,very weak.

We are winning.

My Man Trump

LMAO. I have some beautiful property I would love to sell you out in the flatlands.


No, I remember no such thing. I remember Adam Schiff telling an elaborate story about that though.


You need to go back and listen to the “perfect” call again.


Thank you

Johnny Appleseed

He was talking about faux pas and the 6 billion dumbass.

You know get rid of the prosecutor that was investigating Cunter Fiden?? And how that dude was going to be gone or no big dough???

But hey play on them words there pussycrat.

My Man Trump

He is not just taking over a country….He is destroying labs meant for the next pandemic for the Dems and he is also destroying a very corrupt country’s deep state.


Joe “Puppet” Biden is sleeping well right now as Putin attacks Ukraine. Joe did his part. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Next, to honor and pay China is Joe’s next task / mission given by his masters.

My Man Trump

You are dead on!! Their new world order bullshit. Plus FJB crime family has to work a little bit for that 31 million and climbing.


No, what to no what’s not pretty. You LYING all the time about Everything. It PATHETIC

Johnny Appleseed

Sir, respectful I disagree.

I am not a fan of Russia coming against our nation.






Being played like the village I.D 10 Tango.

It’s wonderful in my book.

I want you to think about this.

There I was double check numbers on a web sight. The number proved there was fraud in the elections.

My web service got locked up.


I found… dumb shit little idiot regular Joe citizen… their numbers were not off…



But, I was locked out of the browsers.

Shiny Red Fruit.



All shut down my ability to access the internet.

No big deal… as I have shown I have other ways… I was raise learning how to DESIGN the programs they were trying to use against me.

Little security loop holes that no one can sew up….


everything comes down to one’s and zeros dumbasses…. It just a matter of making the programs run AFTER the supposed “security”…. Should you know how to do it…


(I just made my self chuckle… my teachers hated that about me.)

Happened before… learning how to make solar panels.

I found two since removed piece of information:


Most mental illness can be absolved with Brazil nuts, iodine, and strawberries.



Graphene is a metal so pliable it can be used as a conductor, absorber, and radiator of energy. It is so versatile it responds to frequencies. It can be used to draw ambient electricity straight out of the air itself and be made into a paint you can paint your walls with to create a heater that warms your home taking up no space but the few microns that is on your walls. It can be constructed to creat nano bots(yes they are real). It can be used to create a circuit board one atom thick. And, the smallest highest Capacity super Capacitors ever devised by man.

They locked my computer up…. Said they saw too much unusual traffic from me…. Good thing I have more than one… and pretty handy with them.

Point being….

(Not to you sir, but to the cabal.)

You assholes created me dumbasses.

If you just left me alone and let me read and learn like I like to do…




Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
calvin wrenn

putin is doing what putin has to do plain an simple word up you dont have to agree with every thing the mainstream media is pushing on this scurmish from way back a bunch of lies about russia and it christian s trying to survive in this jewish one world government takedown under stand trumpet my boy

Last edited 1 year ago by calvin wrenn
calvin wrenn

do you remember putin kicked jews from high positions of gov in 1991 that was a good thing for the world of christians i guess nobody like christians any more that what the jewish media is teaching everyone aint that correct you bunch of dummies


Even Biden’s wife is playing him. It’s abuse!

Carmine Gazerro

Putin wouldn’t even consider this of Trump was president. Biden stop in US production of oil actually is anti-green by boating then trucking then by train sending over oil we actually pollute the earth more than if we pulled it out of the USA and sent it through a pipe. It’s anti-green to buy it from people that hate us. We could be paying $1.60 for gas and putting a $.25 tax to invest towards future green energy. We could supply Europe and EV EU and Germany where all the natural gas and oil they need Instead we’re going to go to war and pay nine dollars a gallon and beg countries that throw gay pupils off the top of buildings it makes absolutely no sense. The ideology of woke turns people into morons because they cannot reason everything Hass to make sense for a slogan even if it doesn’t make sense for the environment. If Donald Trump was president nobody would screw with this man think about that people are gonna die because an election was stolen people are losing their homes losing their parents their kids their family members because an election was stolen. There’s not one reason to not be energy independent it’s better for the environment it creates more jobs it saves money for everybody that drives and heats their home I could go on and on. The Democrats have become dumb these are the dumbest people in the world running this country. I know myself and someone I picked that everybody knows on TV from 100 people could run this country better than the Democrats. Donald Trump proved he is the king of all kings. This man didn’t care about the money he gave it away this man cared about the people and made decisions that battered lives these morons make decisions that make them money they’re dangerous. The Democrat party of the JFK days is dead. The Democrat party is dangerous And full of hate everything the Democrats touch they destroy if you buy oil and ship it over from the Middle East you destroy the environment this people are crazy

T Sanford

JFK democrats became extinct after Carter .. well said !


Correct 11/3/2020 and reinstate POTUS Trump…before it’s too late!$!$!


No doubt true, but there is also something else. This is proving to be a great distraction from the disasters caused by this Biden/Obama admin. with vital mid term elections close by.
I’m suspicious at the way Biden & co have been loudly shouting out that war is imminent every day, and the dangerously stupid Biden rhetoric, eg ‘minor incursions’ being ok.
At the beginning, even Putin seemed surprised. Biden has never been so animated.

Don’t you recall how chummy that sneak, Obama was with Putin’s Minister?
“Just tell him {Putin} I’ll be more flexible when the election is over.” unknowingly caught for history on the hot mic. Where are you Mr Schiff or Madam Pelosi?
With Obama still in Charge in Washington, but lazing out of sight, something sinister and contrived would not surprise me.

John F. Brzezinski III

White House Hits Back at Donald Trump for Praising Putin’s ‘Genius’ on Ukraine (

Using this as an outlet because I KNOW your enemies, POTUS Trump, watch this site and interact religiously….

In regards to just one of the 1000’s of continuous ‘smear campaigns’ on a daily basis above, as it has been since 2016, the ‘White House’ with it’s current administration, DOES NOT THINK! HAHAHAHAHA. Morons. Hope this actually reaches some of the indoctrinated folk out there…..because I know they are watching as well.

The White House is a HOUSE! AND We the People OWN IT! Get it right lol.

John F. Brzezinski III

Only because Biden and admin STILL think they are the one’s that ‘control’ this Country. 🙂

Patricia Geymer

Russia and China know weakness. Biden is trying to protect his Ukraine assets.

T Sanford

With all due respect President Trump … instead of gloating and watching this whole thing implode how about you get over there meet with Putin and secure the safety of the free world as the former leader of the free world ? I think you could secure your objective of re-election and make Biden look like the buffoon that we all know he is ! Thanks for your time and I still support you 100%


I think they cut a deal! Joe agreed to look the other way in exchange for Putin destroying any evidence he finds about Crackpipe Biden and The Big Guy.


I Agree!
No telling what kind of deals Crack Pipe Hunter and Brandon cut!

Johnny Appleseed

What deal??

In a deal both parties have to have leverage.

Putin has leverage. He has the whole of Russia behind him. He has all of the former Soviet Union in in emphatic support.




Has no leverage….

Just to address the country he has to hide behind Constantino wire and hurricane fences.

If you think that looks bad…

He is also accused of cheating in an election, addressing the nation from behind constantino wire and hurricane fences…

If you think that looks bad

There is an American trucker convoy on its way to see him… (truckers are tough mother effers that DO NOT back down… the truckers union was the only union unscathed during the union busting of the 80’s. They still have a bad attitude because we don’t give a shit about them and cut them off in cars while they try not to kill us. )

He is accused of cheating. While hiding behind constantino wire, addressing a nation that don’t watch him, screwing up everything he touches…

If you were Putin….

Why on God’s Green earth would you ever capitulate to that?? Even in the slightest like making a trade??

You wouldn’t…. You would bitch slap his stupid ass and walk off with what you want… daring him to do something…

And in true pussycrat style…

All he has was sanctions…


These people are stupid with a capital S.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

He just bitch slapped him. Who would have guessed?


Nice one, meaning the 1st comment, but yes he knocked him to his knees, then picked him up and put him in his high chair, slapped a bib on him, and gave him a toy airplane to play with and said pretend like your bombing us with that now widdle joey, and don’t worry CORN POP is coming over to pway wid U water.


Not as well as he played you sir. Admit it!!!


Glenn, YOU are NO Keith Moon!

Dan for DT

You idiots keep on spewing hateful things about Trump but you can’t say one good thing about your man Biden- Because you CAN’T— there is not one good thing to say about that mental invalid and even an idiot like you should be able to see that. BUCK FIDEN. That’s for you Glenn and the rest of you trolls

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan for DT

Dan for Dog Turd Licker???


That’s the only good think you have to say about byedumdum, well not even sure he’d be qualified for that, but I think you more than sufficiently proved Dan for DonaldTrump correct gwenny.

By the way how’s your government funded Social Security check working out for you?


Are the walls still closing in on Trump Glenn??

Check the news lately (Better go to your safe-space and start sky-screaming)

“TRUMP 2024” (or maybe sooner)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

This statement did not age well….

Daniel A Schenkel

Russia “Putin” is not looking for war. It’s the world elites that want war to destroy capitalism, are way of life. They are using the deep state DC RINOs, resident Biden and the mocking bird media to due it. We hold the keys, turn them off lock them up! Is the Storm still coming ? Convoy !!

Patricia McDermott

I believe that they’re playing one another – Putin and the Biden Administration. Promises made and promises kept between THEM. This has been in the planning for a LONG time! The Left knows exactly what they’re doing. I’m a little disappointed that you don’t see this.

calvin wrenn

the left biden has nothing else left to moral standing in this fight putin is on gods side ,, biden on the devils side remember who pushed the vaccine mandate you dummy

Michael Jenson

Mr Prestdent could you put a bug in Putin ear to tell the “one” with all the ability to talk to world Leaders, if he could find the time to close the southern border ..CONVOY

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Our southern border NEEDS to be secured ASAP!!!


President Trump. Please pull endorsement from Abbott. He is uni-party. We need a commander as our Governor. LT. Col. Allen West!!

Knight Rider

Before more ignorant Wops like your family get across

Dan for DT

I don’t see Italians coming over our Southern borders as being the real problem with the border ya nit wit. What the hell?

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan for DT

How much $ does Mr TRUMP make selling all the email addredses & phone numbers of his supporters ?

Johnny Appleseed

How much money does dean make trying and come up with stupid comments?

He don’t have to sell our info… we would give him all we have to give… and then stop when we can’t, and then give some more when we could…

80,000,000 times $25 a month is fairly substantial… and that is a conservative number.



Probably more than Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary dillary dock, O’Bummer, and Byedumdum did altogether!

Every politician does it, so what’s your point?

It’s just more support comes from grassroots Conservatives.

Dan for DT

All this hate for Trump but you idiots don’t have one good thing to say about your man Biden – because there isn’t anything good you can say- He’s a mental invalid like you.


How did we ever get to this point?

(O’ that’s right)

Thank you democrats, for showing so much hate during the 2020 election.

Its so easy to see what hate can bring…. (Misery, suffering, injustice and death)

Johnny Appleseed

And you can tell something by its fruits……

If the fruit is good then it is good.

If the fruit is bad then It is bad.

Not looking so good for Jo-blah-blah…


that might depend on your point of view.


Putin isn’t playing Biden. They are on the same team.

calvin wrenn

putin does not need biden for anything nobody does


Criminal Biden and the Commie-Libs DO NOT have a clue!
Focus on the USA and Let Europe be Europe!


screw you Stewie and your commie lib BS!!!!



Knight Rider

Oh Glenn, such a reposte! Will you survive Stuard’s brutal attack?

Johnny Appleseed

Oh Gwen… you decided to come back and play…. How fun.


Oh oh Stu be careful, I think Gwennie’s looking for some action!

Knight Rider

He has a VERY limited vocabulary Glenn & I think he’s used it all in like 5 posts “10-4 you commie-lib, FJB & YOU! Amen! Sad!

Dan for DT

Next time you’re at the pump and filling up your vehicle, Ask yourself if voting for that old beatoff was worth the trouble- I say YOU CHOSE POORLY and you helped screw us ALL.

Dan for DT

Your probably not old enough to drive a vehicle yet. Sorry

Johnny Appleseed

Orange man bad

He’s Lying! He’s lying! He’s lying!

There’s no proof.

Man… y’all are broken records…

And as far as Stu…. The truth don’t change so Stu’s material is kinda limited… it’s not Stu’s fault… he just follows the truth…

Unlike some people we know…

Dan for DT

If you support Joe and the Dems, you are a commie lib socialist Marxist idiot child who hates America- that’s just the way it is- We are NOT better off now, in case you haven’t noticed – ballon head.

Sue Mckee

We need to focus on our own country! We are about to loose the land of the Free! We’re are the conservative news reporters on the people’s CONVOY! We are fighting for freedom in USA while there talking about Ukraine!


The soaring fuel prices is by design. It is to complete the job of draining the wealth from a wealth from lower and middle class society.. Complete crushing of the people

Raven Hawk

Is it true we have have to pay/donate to join TruthSOCIAL?


Just watched Charlie Ward and Mahoney, nice explanation of that whole issue. Funny as hell too!!


Putin knows you won, too. Everyone does. He and all the dictators of the world know that the USA, with fake elections, is now in their column. Biden isn’t being played. He is playing along. Biden has ZERO interest in protecting the USA. If he did, he wouldn’t have allowed a fake election to stand. But, if he didnt take that role, someone else would have. Pelosi and the rest of the communists have control. SO, eba-dee eba-dee, eba-dee That’s All Folks!
We have one and only one shot left in our barrel and it is in the hands of the Republican state legislatures to outlaw those machines. Our country, unfortunately, perfected stealing elections by practicing in other countries, which NEVER should have happened…and so, of course, they realized, if they could do it there, they could do it here…and they did.

Patricia McDermott

Elections in this Country have been stolen in the past. It’s just that it was done in different ways. Think JFK for one.

Craig Barrett

A damn tadpole could play FJB like a drum


Putin is playing Hussein like a drum. Why should we be surprised? He is just as stupid as Brandon, he just doesn’t have dementia.

jean guirao

Dear Mr President, we are sick and tired of this biden muppet and his vax, can you please come back asap before he kills more Americans and sells the rest of us to the chinese? Please!!


biden is a lily livered coward a fool and a jerk. a true communist but he is not the one running the ship.

Knight Rider

“LILY LIVERED?” Are you like 150 years old there Donna?

Patricia McDermott

Thank you! I’m so happy that there ARE others who know this!



Gloria Hensley

It may not be pretty, but looks are not everything. It’s what he asked for. It would not phase him one bit to say to Putin, “you want America? Here, she’s yours. I’m moving to China. They love me there. They will gladly take care of me”. Really??

Patricia McDermott

He may believe that, but they’ll only treat him well for as long as they need him. Then…

Gerald Warner

History repeats itself

myree williams

I think you’re right, he is playing them 🤔

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