It used to be the other way around

“So interesting to watch the so-called Democrat “Progressives” being lied to and played by the Democrat Moderates. It used to be the other way around. Let’s see if the Progressives fold, and how long it will take them to do so?”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

But we still have the pretend infrastructure deal which is really the green new deal. Well played FJB. You filthy swamp creature.


I think you all are missing out that the 1.2T infrastructure bill was NOT voted on by “the Squad” that wants the 4T BBB to pass… (the squad was holding the 1.2T hostage so they can get the 4TBBB), Pelosi betrayed them by getting the progressives and RINOs to pass the 1.2T.

Is it possible we are now seeing the start of the implosion of the Democrats?

Sometimes you cannot tell people how bad ALL of the congress is, you have to show them.

mike jones

i would think words like revolution, tyrants, radical, destruction would be more fitting to what they are doing to our country ..


The bill passed because the Dem moderates got RINOs as a substitute to the Socialist Dems


100% Correct! Thirteen RHINOs voted for this piece of crap bill!

Ken K

KKK is in control of the democrat party. Nazis infiltrated the KKK because their agenda is the same. After they purge all Christians they’ll purge non whites world wide. Ask Hillary under oath the top 10 conspiracy theories hooked to a lie detector. She’s KKK Nazi. 75% of our government is KKK Nazi. Voters have been played. Don’t take no vaccine. There is no vaccine for any virus that will eradicate a virus. There is however a vaccine to commit genocide developed by the CIA CDC FDA FAUCI who held black natives in cages to develop a shot to kill colored people. Notice how the Nazis in past and present blacklist those fighting Nazis? Are we doomed? Funny how these Nazis have killed saddam for protecting Christians. They killed Gaddafi for protecting Christians. Assad protects Christians. Putin protects Christians and has built over 30,000 Christian churches in Russia. So who is the axis of Evil again.
P.S. mask won’t block no virus but will make you sick.
The test for covid gives positive for the common cold you will always have in your body at different levels.
Its planned genocide!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K

It is NOT a vaccine!
By FDA Rules a vaccine MUST have at least five years of clinical trials and be At Least 90% effective. This stuff being pushed by the Commie-Libs DOES NOT meet this criteria!


That claim is preposterous. Where’d you get “75% of the government is KKK Nazi”?
You can’t just say stuff like that.

P.S Masks have been used effectively for a long time before COVID came along.

Johnny Appleseed

I have money on snap like toothpicks….

Don McKellar

The “progressives” are driven by crackpot ideology. The moderates are driven by corruption. The moderates have the advantage of old age experience and treachery against youth and enthusiasm. I’ll put my money on old age and treachery. They’ll get the “progressives” in on the corruption gravy train and they’ll fold.


Well Said!

Jean M Guirao

Dear mr President, you know as i know that the democrate or monarch elite and the tech mogul want to take possession of the world. Big pharma has creating a massive worldwide genocide selling their vaccin or poison. You are the last rampart between them and us the people. I would like to let you know how much I admire you, showing so much courage and being so wise and fair. You children are also incredible which shows that you are a great dad. Please carry-on the good fight, the biden’s democrats all need to go to jail, they are a bunch of traitors to our beloved America. Don’t wait too long because biden and his thieves are taking over our country by force and they really think we are stupid and naive.
All the best
Jean M Guirao

Carlos Idelone

Trump,s ascension in politics has inspired many others to wake up and take up the anti-establishment mantle. Also the democrats’ lack of concern for the populace has become apparent to many people, now that they have power. The people of Virginia, now conscious of this, showed THEIR POWER this week by lawfully rebelling against the Democratic oppression and electing a people’s party candidate for themselves, while keeping a sharp eye out for election fraud. We the People are once again a force to be reckoned with.

Lenora Thompson, Writer

And speaking of Ashley Biden’s Diary (which was NOT stolen), Google was slow on burying this article after it trended last year. Wanna read a BANNED article!?! 😉


Joe Biden = PEDOPHILE!

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