It was a Constitutionally permitted challenge

“My two Georgia phone calls were PERFECT. In fact, the Washington Post apologized for its incorrect mischaracterization of one of the calls after hearing it on tape. The other call was made with many lawyers and others knowingly on the line. It was a Constitutionally permitted challenge to what I consider to be a corrupt election. It is the election itself that should be under investigation, not those seeking the truth!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Take positive, safe and legal action. Volunteer to be a poll watcher, monitor drop boxes and video suspect activity and report it to authorities. Be calm, dont engage conversations with brainwashed liberals, share facts with sane people provide verifiable source of your information so people can see for themselves. Vote in person only and encourage as many people as you can to vote in person. Fair and accurate elections will solve the current plague of lunatic progressive agenda problem.


Well Said President Trump!


It was fine until you asked Raffensperger to find 11780 votes in your favor, one more than Biden received. You had no evidence, you even brought up the spliced videotape that Rudi and his cronies doctored. When they would not find votes that didn’t exist, you threatened them. You are good at rewriting history. A history that will certainly not be kind to you!!


The crack you bought from Hunter Biden today must really be good!

My Man Trump

You know what you are doing. Sir. These commie rinos jump on everything Trump to discredit you and prevent you from office. We are now governed by very evil, sick people.


USA = (Unfortunately) CORRUPT COMMUNIST State!

Save Our United States

If you hadn’t noticed, the Democrats choose the Democrat or RINO who is going to hold elected office. As long as you go along with the communist plan, you’re in! You sir are not one of the chosen so you were not welcome in 2016 (how impure) nor are you permitted to hold elected office again.

I don’t know why we have to have all of the kabuki theater and bullshit — just state the obvious and get on with it!


100% Correct!

Meg P

Alert, 7/21, go to the New York Post article on Joe Biden testing positive for Covid. His Dr. O’Connor states details of his past medical condition that was all withheld when he was running. Ashma, sinus surgeries, brain aneurysms and recent throat and cough concerns, were stated.
As a RN and LCSW I have connections with many doctors and nurses in south Fla. and this recent Covid variant that is referred to as Stelth A/B has been highly contagious in South Fla. It started in May and hitting heavy in June and now July. It goes two ways, running nose followed by severe tiredness and long extreme need for sleep, day and noc for 7-10 days. 2nd is severe throat strep infections with a coup-like cough episodes, severe nasal draining, no appetite, low mood, lasting 10-14 days with lingering symptoms. (Some have mild symptoms only). Covid tests show positive. Please wear your mask and watch where you go.
JB is 79 y/o with past respiratory conditions, so this does not look good. I got the 2nd-throat and nasal, and it was horrible. They put him on Paxlovid which is a combo antiviral. Some do well on it, and some cannot tolerate.
Pray for America as we put our country in God’s hands.


Now this is where I disagree with you, Meg, but I understand your being in the medical field and compelled to obey the party line. It was surprising and disappointing, that’s all. Hopefully you don’t go so far as putting patients on deadly remdesivir or pushing the vaccines, i.e. clot shots.
“Wear your mask,” when masks evidently failed us miserably, and were primarily a glaring symbol of communist style obedience? Ah, no, just no. I’ve had covid and it was mild, no vaccines; I have natural immunity. I will never take what the mainstream media states about covid as facts. They want us all scared, “locked down” and keen to obey democrat dictates.
Funny how Gov. De Santis’s state is the hub of this recent covid hysteria. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Please don’t push “their” narrative any more.


Right On Laura!
They can STICK IT!


Thanks, Stuart.


100% correct. I totally agree.


Much appreciated, Cindy.


Biden = FAKE President!
TRUMP 2024 for his 3RD TERM!


Of course that’s true. It’s so sad that President Trump is literally forced to contend with the attacks and lies put out against him by the media every day. He has only his own forums and a few ethical media outlets to do so, so that’s what he does. Then the usual creeps criticize him for fighting back in that way.
The dems and their trashy MSM are the worst and most corrupt people on the planet, right down there with people who abuse children and animals, and yes, they also do that, as with wanting to force LGBTQ “educational materials” (porn) on children in schools and with their funding of sadistic, fraudulent animal experiments, etc.


So true. I can’t believe they continue to focus on something that we the people demand to be done. You are the only one that is for the people. We all knew something was very wrong with the election.
It must be investigated. Thank you for fighting for our rights.



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