It was my great honor to do so!

“Today’s decision, which is the biggest WIN for LIFE in a generation, along with other decisions that have been announced recently, were only made possible because I delivered everything as promised, including nominating and getting three highly respected and strong Constitutionalists confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. It was my great honor to do so! I did not cave to the Radical Left Democrats, their partners in the Fake News Media, or the RINOs who are likewise the true, but silent, enemy of the people. These major Victories prove that even though the Radical Left is doing everything in their power to destroy our Country, your Rights are being protected, the Country is being defended, and there is still hope and time to Save America! I will never stop fighting for the Great People of our Nation!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Becky Peterson

Fifty years ago nobody gave rights to babies in the womb now they have a better chance at life, not in California though.
Plan parenthood is still slaughtering the unborn for profit.

Prayer Patriot Warrior

God First He Did This


Life is priceless.


#MAGA God bless and Godspeed President Trump 💓 Much love and prayers 🙏Patiently waiting …..”Q-Anon” WWG1WGA

My Man Trump

Thank God for President Trump’s nomination of three superior additions to SCOTUS. They really came through this time.


The court just took away some basic women’s rights. That’s ok? And it wasn’t trump’s doing. It was all McConnell.


OK, one, they didn’t take anything away, they simply sent it back to the states to decide for themselves. Two, since when is murder a basic right? And three, this would not have happened without Trump’s nominees.

Look, Prize, I don’t know if you’re a man or a woman, but I have a hard time believing you’ve never seen an ultrasound picture or heard about a friend or family member (or yourself) listening to their unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time. Can you honestly sit there and say that isn’t a human and can be destroyed simply because they aren’t convenient? Seriously?


Are the Republicans going to agree to universal health care, child and day care benefits, after school care, etc., etc. They vote against everything. Once a child is born, republicans are done with that child. Are they going to force the father to pay child and/or medical care from six weeks on? It costs approximately $275,000 to raise a child to 18.
No one should decide for or take another human being’s rights away. It’s none of your business.


I completely agree with you that no one should take away another person’s rights–and that’s exactly what abortion does! It takes away a tiny human’s most fundamental moral and constitutional right, the right to life! If we’re talking about women’s rights, the answer is equally simple. Can’t afford to raise a child? Don’t get pregnant in the first place! Aside from (relatively rare) rape cases, most abortions are for convenience. So, you (general you, not you Prize) are basically throwing a fit because you can’t just throw morality to the winds and act like an animal in heat and just get rid of the consequences of that behavior? Sorry, but you’re getting very little sympathy from me. Amazing how this sort of thing wasn’t an issue years ago when people generally waited till marriage. Sorry if I sound harsh but I have very little patience with this issue. Can’t afford a baby? Be a responsible adult and don’t conceive. If you do, well, that’s your responsibility, not the government’s–at least not as our government was originally designed. There are countless childless people who would give the whole world to adopt your child. It all comes down to morality, something our country sadly abandoned long ago.

A few years before I was born (so in the 80s), a dear relative of mine got pregnant out of wedlock. It shocked our whole family and her parents were pretty upset. But I don’t think she ever thought of abortion as an option. She kept the baby, worked like crazy and I’m not sure she ever got a penny from the father (actually, she didn’t want it anyway; they were better off without him in their lives). The child was well loved and none of us can imagine the family without her. She is now a successful businesswoman whose work benefits hundreds or thousands of underprivileged people. I bet she’s glad her mom chose life.


This is one of the great days of U.S. history! The innocent blood of the 70 million lives need not cry from the ground for justice any more. June 24 should be an annual holiday in their honor. To God Be The Glory. God Bless you, President Trump and God Bless the USA.


Two Thirds of the nation’s counties are 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties. Let’s see how well those Red Flag laws work out for them.

Save Our United States

We need to get these red flag laws overturned. They are unconstitutional — you know it, I know it and they know it. Most of all, they are not a fix for gun violence. They are another slippery slope attempt for “authority” to take our guns.

Gun rights are integral to a free society. They are a deterrent to potential government over-reach and authoritarianism. When Americans have guns, tyrants have doubts and this is vital for freedom. There are over 1/2 billion privately owned guns in this country; the tyrants are outnumbered and they know it and that is why they want to take them.


They will NEVER take OUR Guns!


My state is a Constitutional carry state and you Do Not need a permit to carry a firearm!
Also, my state within the last year saw this coming and passed a state law where we will NOT abide by federal gun laws because the United States Constitution Overrides any federal gun laws!
FJB! and the red flag laws!
Lock N Load!


We need many more guns to make this country great again. Guns are essential for all true americans

Becky G

Thank you, MR. PRESIDENT for….just being you…WE ❤❤❤❤ YOU!



Great news, just feel like I’m on crazy pills. Lol, we had to fight to keep mothers from murdering there own children and a political party that is all for it. Wow just hard to believe!


Today was one of the biggest accomplishments of Trump’s presidency! I’ve honestly been kind of disappointed in how his SCOTUS nominees have performed so far but they really earned their salt today! I hope and pray they will stay safe.

Save Our United States

Gee… I haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since we freed their slaves!


Good one!

James W Darrenkamp

Everything? Hillary is not in jail… yet.


Just because the “fake” news doesn’t mention the truth, doesn’t make it untrue. They all know the swamp got caught. You are watching a “show”. Nothing can stop what is coming.#MAGA🌹🦁🇺🇸

My Man Trump

100% boss! Well put and right on the money!! The patriots are closing in and nothing can stop what is coming!!

Linda M

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our wonderful USA. ❤🇺🇸❤


Thank you for being a faithful servant to the Lord God Almighty, the creator and giver of Life.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr

Outstanding job, President Trump! However, the 2020 election was full of frauds and was stolen. Democrat strongholds unleashed the worst amount of ballot harvesting and fraud in history.
Furthermore, the State of Georgia is becoming a serious problem. Integrity in that State needs to be first and foremost.
Lastly, I for one am glad that you profess to keeping our Country great. We need you back, we need you back in the White House ASAP. We need you to finish your biggest promise…
Draining of the Washington swamp full of democrat and RINO garbage.

Jim Rains

President Trump thank you for appointing the judges that you did, it is my belief they will come to all of their decisions using our Constitution to guide them. This is truly a great thing for America and one of the stated promises of your legacy. God bless you, sir, you are a Great American, whom I am proud to say, you are the best President of my lifetime.


Thank you for being a faithful servant to the Lord God Almighty, the giver of all life.. With Him we all have had a great victory today and throughout the world.


The only way the three were confirmed is just like you, they lie to get what then want. Each one of them told many Senators that they would not vote to overturn Roe V Wade. Right out of your playbook. Mark my word, this is not going to play well for republicans in the midterms.


I remember when Supreme Court justices were held in high esteem. The trump/McConnell justices blatantly lied to the senate and the country. This will be a rallying call, especially for women.

Last edited 8 months ago by Prize

I agree.


You hope not; if you think everyday people are as worked up about the right to abort babies as you communists are, you might be in for a surprise. I’m sort of neutral on abortion, but sure as hell would side with the “pro-lifers” when push comes to shove…if only they all really were pro-life, including animals, and not self/humanity worshipers.
But anyways, since when are you people for “medical freedom” (as in women’s freedom to kill their unborn babies)…aren’t you the forced-vaccine (etc.) fire-breathers, and in favor of forcing anything you want onto everyone? Such as taking away our effective self defense in your increasingly crime-ridden world. Freedom is a dirty word in your world, when it comes to law-abiding others’ freedom that is. How nice for you.

Laura Bland

Thank You Mr. President Trump. We need a fierce leader like you. Praise be to God the Father for today’s victory.


This couldn’t have gone any better Lol!

Mary Geiger

Aren’t we lucky to not have Merrick Garland sitting on the Supreme Court bench? His job is to make sure laws aren’t broken but he’s busy pushing for the Supreme Court to somehow fail? He should be neutral, but he is such a biased Dum0krat that he can’t separate a law that’s been defeated from the present law that is now the law of the land. He fails to see that only two things have changed – the location of where abortion will be judged and that the feds can’t support the old law. He is so biased that he should be fired. He will never be able to investigate a legitimate crime by any law in the books with a clear mind. IMO

Last edited 8 months ago by Mary Geiger
Nicola Spagnolo Jr

Garland is a complete disgrace and should be impeached. Senator Cotton already had his day with that guy. Garland doesn’t care about our Country.

Mary Geiger

I am astonished at what Garland gets away with. He is not what he pretends to be, he is the exact opposite.


Time for Happy Dance


Great job President Trump!!! Thank you. Now the crazies come out of the woodwork…

Patricia McDermott

Such wonderful news! Promise made, promise kept!
But get ready everyone because this isn’t going to please a lot of people. There’s going to be violence and we certainly cannot depend upon this administration to stop or ease it. In fact, I believe they are going to encourage it. God Bless President Donald J. Trump and the Supreme Court members who voted to overturn this horror.

Cheryl Weinberger

Thank you for EVERYTHING you have been doing for us President Trump!!! God Bless you and your family!!!


“Your rights are being protected” (unless you’re a woman)


I’m far more worried about my 2nd Amendment right to self defense and my right to choose what medical procedures are used on me, etc..
As a woman, I never considered it a “right” to kill an unborn baby, unless it would be harmful or deadly to be pregnant and give birth, or if the baby was extremely ill-developed and would never be capable of a decent life, or if the girl or woman was raped and chose not to be pregnant. For convenience though, for wild hanky-panky gone wrong? That just seems wrong once a baby’s development has begun, especially if they want taxpayers to foot the bill!
But since when do people care about what’s right or wrong? They approve of animal growing farms, slaughterhouses and vivisection labs after all.
Anyhow, abortion laws are up to the states now, so they’re not being “banned.”
Better though: Don’t want a pregnancy? Use birth control and be responsible for your actions, even when “out-of-control” horny or looking for love in all the wrong places.


Unfortunately women in most states won’t have the option to abort an unhealthy fetus, rape victims, or when it’s a danger to the mother, without it being considered murder. As for taxes paying for abortions, the Hyde Amendment bans federal funding for abortions.

Some states are looking at banning contraception as well, so even if people want safe “hanky panky”, the option will be unavailable. Why reduce the chances of safe sex and increase the odds of transmitting STDs?


Take all that up with the governors and state legislatures, which is how it should be.

That’s not true about “most states” as can be seen here:
It may be about half of the states where it’s strictly outlawed eventually; people can go to a state next door if they really must resort to abortion.

There are a few governors looking to ban only certain contraceptives, not all of them. Any governor looking to ban morning after pills and such is a problem in his/her own state and will be voted out of office, so they’re not likely to do it. RU486 is an actual abortion pill, so that is another matter.

People can and do lie about being raped if it means getting a taxpayer funded abortion. Anyways, the Hyde Amendment does NOT ban federal funding for abortions, it restricts it: “(It) is a legislative provision barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion, except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.”


This reply is for Laura:
I can tell you and I have very different views on things, but I couldn’t agree more strongly with your last couple sentences. When I hear people screaming about how women should have the right to control their own bodies, I’m like, yes, CONTROL THEM and don’t get pregnant in the first place! And in regards to your other comment above, yes, isn’t it funny how “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply to vaccines?


Thanks. You saw my reply to that person before it was approved; I still don’t see my comment. That’s a fluke on this site; I’ve seen others. They must not like me, haha, lot of my comments await approval for days.

Yes, it’s “choice!” except for whatever THEY say you must do. As you probably know, the covid jabs were in the works before they unleashed their CCP plandemic to help ruin Trump’s chances for re-election…so they’re not actually his fault. He always said they should be voluntary, never mandatory, with his not at all being a tyrant like biden and the rest of them.

So you must disagree about animals; that’s too bad. All along, people like me have been forced to pay for animal torture in their government funded “research” labs, as with Fauci and his beagle torture experiments and covid jab development and “testing.” So maybe you can relate with having been forced to pay for abortions, etc.

In my estimation, a species that can blithely accept animal torture and slaughter for invented reasons is a species that can kill its own babies, even at or following birth. The ungodly animal abuse at the root of our “human” (as in wise and kind) “civilizations” is a huge part of all of the evil in our species. Of course you’re free to disagree, although said disagreement is disappointing.


This is for Laura again–thanks for the reply! It depends on your views…I am not an environmentalist, and I had the impression from your comments that you were. As a Christian I believe that humans are superior to animals; according to the Bible man is created in the image of God and given dominion over the animals, which includes using them for food. By the same token, though, I believe it’s our responsibility to treat God’s creation with care and treat animals kindly and humanely (so, eat chicken, but let it run free range and without being treated with hormones, and butcher it quickly and as painlessly as possible). I’m an animal lover, have a cat who’s been my sidekick for almost 16 years, and can’t stand animal abuse. I think there may be a place for experimenting on animals when it’s a matter of, say, a potentially lifesaving medical treatment that’s being tested. But Fauci’s type of experiments are evil and sick and should never happen–it’s torture and abuse. Hope that clarifies my position!


Please watch an old documentary from the 1980s and see if you still want to believe in animal “research.” It is quite the opposite of life saving…it keeps the pharmaceutical and medical industry extremely profitable, due to animals in NO WAY being proper scientific models for human beings. Here’s the link, you’ll have to sign in to Youtube to watch: Or if you prefer text info, there are loads of info and references here:
Btw, I’m vegan for many years and quite healthy…long past menopause and, so far, never using prescriptions or medical “care” of any kind. I do not believe my loving God finds the growing and butchering of animals to be at all kind or humane. But it’s no use debating that. As human beings, we’re all responsible for the full breadth of our lives’ deeds in the end.
At least you oppose the covid jabs and are on the side of MAGA…American Freedom, sovereignty and prosperity. With “biden,” that’s all going down the drain and we urgently need it to STOP.
Funny how my comments are not appearing but still this conversation. Oh well…things are strange.
And no, I’m not an environmentalist in the “progressive” fake sense of the word, but do care about the Earth and the animals and do my best to be respectful and appreciative.

Last edited 8 months ago by Laura

Forgot to add a great source for learning on this issue. Matthew Scully is a conservative Christian and vegan who co-wrote Melania Trump’s 2016 convention speech. Please search and read his book:
Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy


What about rape or incest? That’s ok? Nobody forced anyone to get a vaccine. If you couldn’t go somewhere or lost your job, that was your fault.


It’s up to the states now to decide about rape or incest. 1973’s Roe v. Wade ruling was unconstitutional…that’s what was reversed. I’m not opposed to abortion in very specific instances, but your sort brought this ruling on by taking abortion “rights” way, way too far with convenience killings months into pregnancy for the irresponsible, the partial birth and after birth (sadistic) killings, the marketing of baby parts, etc.. In the past the other side swung back way too far with even being opposed to “morning after” pills to ward off pregnancy on rare occasions of unprotected sex. Both extremes are off balance. Justice Alito’s and the SCOTUS’s decision was right on balance. Governors and state legislatures now determine abortion laws. The crazy, loud, ongoing reaction is totally out of line, but done deliberately to foment hatred against conservatives with November coming up, as in desperation. Facts.

Oh, another fact: Many, many people were indeed forced to get covid vaccinated to live their lives in peace and to keep their vital jobs, etc. And the pressure is still on from biden and cohorts, including for babies now. One such woman that I know of owned a vegan Chinese restaurant with her very healthy husband who gave in to the democrats’ pressure in order to travel somewhere, got vaxxed, and died the following week of blood clots and a stroke. She now is alone running the restaurant with help from friends.

Last edited 8 months ago by Laura

Made a mistake re. the Chinese restaurant owners, remembered it incorrectly, checked just now: They were indeed FORCED to get vaccinated to reopen their indoor dining restaurant after the shutdown, and he developed myocarditis (like so many others) and died from that.

Cheryl Driscoll

Now if Texas would just SECEDE!! 💥🇨🇱 I’D GET MY STATE BACK!! (All the liberals will MOVE!!) More room for riding horse, planting gardens, and raising healthy GOD loving babies! Amen!

Becky G

Damn right! I wish we would SECEDE!


Michael Jenson

Bravo, Bravo



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