It will be interesting to see how it was covered

“What Hillary Clinton and the Radical Left Democrats did with respect to spying on a President of the United States, even while in office, is a far bigger crime than Watergate. It will be interesting to see how it was covered by the media and what Mitch McConnell and the RINOs will be doing about it. This is an insult to the Republican Party, but a far greater insult to our Nation. Covered very powerfully this morning by Fox and Friends and, of course, Maria Bartiromo.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lock them up!!!

Mark Rakow

Maria Bartiromo is a ratings whore. Not a very effective one, but she keeps lying. I mean, trying.

Johnny Appleseed







Those damn unborn kids been acting up again… hey get me a damn coat hanger now.

My Man Trump

I watched Maria Bartiromo. Excellent coverage. I doubt they will cover it at all. How the hell can you spin that. What a disgrace and laughing stock they have made of this country. They are all terrified of you, Mr. President. They are going to be watching you closely. With Durham and your proof of the steal, it is game over.

Mark Rakow

“Proof of the steal.” No proof, and no steal.

No game, either.

Johnny Appleseed

There is proof. There are many of us that have found it. Information given on election night and voter registration numbers do not match up.

There are many who know the truth.

Take out one group another will stand up.

Getting it admitted into court… that is the game.

Proof in your world “fa la land” I made up articles written by others like you slowly getting exposed for who they are.

Proof in the real world is not any less real because you don’t want to look at it.

Becky G

You really 💖💖💖us here Mr. troll…you can’t stop posting…go on admit it… We’re wearing you down…your coming over to the RIGHT SIDE… Its ok…you just might be a normie after all

Johnny Appleseed

What is the best way to win a nuclear war???

What is the best way to win any war???

What is the best way for two sides to settle a family feud???

In all cases the answer is…

Be strong enough you words have weight…

And don’t have a war.

Thank God I think the American people learned this lesson.

Cause when it boiled down to it…

Eventually you probably going to have your best friend looking you dead in the eye with a gun to each other’s head.

What sense does that make???

Do you want to kill your best friend???

Cause that is what they like to do us….

We do the dirty work of killing each other and they get away scott free while your life is destroyed.

I am such a warmongering asshole.

I don’t know what to do with my self.

Johnny Appleseed

Maybe if you don’t talk about God and make yourself look all crazy….

Does Waco make more sense?

How many times have you heard:

You don’t want to sound like a religious nut on television???

Read Carl Marx….

How do you destroy this country.

Make it nuts to talk about God???

Or use his name.

Or thank him.

Or be grateful to him.

Especially if you cuss or have something wrong with you because you ain’t perfect…

Does 501c make sense now???

I mean the government is telling the church what to do…

What happen to separation of church and state?

I mean don’t that make it to where a church can’t even endorse a candidate????

That 501c ties the church’s hands and basically twists the words of God???

I mean I don’t want the Catholic Church to rule our government… but I don’t want the government to shut the churches up…

And another thing… if a church will let their rights be curbed for tax exemption….

Are they the right people to guide us???

And if the churches are separate from the state… shouldn’t they be tax exempt anyway so no one can sway them???

And ain’t church were two or three are gathered in his name??

Did we learn nothing when Christ tore the veil??


All these questions…. Questions questions…..

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Wilhelm Schultz

Actually he said the “spying” was totally legal opposition research, but we know you have issues with, like, FACTS!

Mark Rakow

Yes, he does. And he has issues with reality. And credibility. And integrity.

And obesity.

Johnny Appleseed



And too fru fru to actually



All because he used a big word… obesity….

(Sorry Mr President I will go in my corner now… just had a chance to point out hypocrisy…. I do not think you are a fat ass…. I have to do this with my boss all the time, I apologize)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Carmine Gazerro

Cover it they won’t cover it they all act like it didn’t even happen and then everybody being shocked when people go to jail how did that happen. President Trump you need to either have at your rallies a constant loop of 2000 mules Election fraud facts and the Russia Russia Russia fax or you need to talk about it in detail that’s how you get it out

Mark Rakow

The legacy media didn’t cover it, because at this point, it’s still just an allegation. Even Fox conceded that point. What are you suggesting: the media should report it, then a couple months from now, report that it was all a big mistake? How’s that going to go over?

I thought you folks had a problem with the media reporting fake news. I’m not saying this is fake. But, at this point, it’s just an allegation, which means nothing has been proven.

By the way, if you don’t believe what I said about Fox, go to their website and find their story on it. The words “allegedly” or “alleged” or “allegation” are clear as can be.


Richard Grenell believes “Durham has filed in court and in his filings he makes it clear that this internet company was spying on Donald Trump as President.”

Johnny Appleseed

You always have bombs.

Mark Rakow

What Richard Grenell believes, or even what he says, doesn’t necessarily make it true. Only a court of law can make it true.


oh but everything you say is true according to you, apparently you and your ilke’s truths don’t requires courts of LAW, only for US and not for YOUSE huh?

Here we are back to the two tiered justice system that doesn’t exist.

I think most of us would believe Ric Grenell over the likes of you, because we know that nothing you believe you say as truth isn’t, and certainly hasn’t been proven in any court except that of your opinion.

Mary Geiger

I wonder what ol’ Hillary will do or say to get out of this one? I hope she doesn’t get away this time. She’s due.

Mark Rakow

She doesn’t need to say anything. In fact, I doubt very much she will say anything. Why should she? She, herself, has not been accused of anything.

As for “she’s due,” one might well ask if your kitchen floor is due for a mopping. After all, it would make about as much sense as your comment.


Yeah I think she did exactly that in England this week when confronted by a reporter “I know Nutthink NUTTHINK” now leave me alone “I have to go smash my blackberry hard drive though just in case they try to subpoena it again”


John Solomon and Sarah Carter IMO, may be the greatest investigative journalists in the world.
Fearless and dogged, they pursued this story of democrat malfeasance/crime against candidate and then President Trump from the beginning, 2017.
I recall Republican, Californian congressman Devan Nunes, privy to vital and classified info because of his House Investigative position back then, being visibly shocked by what he found, but was unable to disclose to the public on Fox.
Obama’s underlings, all lawyers and yesmen, certainly obeyed him when he said, ‘Do it by the book’ on the last days of his presidency, as evidenced by Susan Rice’s memo. The onion had many layers. You were always right Sarah!

Only Fox News had the courage to carry their work. Only Sean Hannity, then Laura Ingraham had the courage back then, to allow them to tell the world what they believed was happening, against much derision from rinos and the corrupt corporate media.

I was an avid viewer of Fox News, especially Carlson, Hannity, Laura, Judge Jeannine and Mark Levin before the 2020 election fiasco. After that, I could no longer watch. Fox seemed to change. Over their head clearly has hung the sword of Damocles. Hopefully, it will soon change.
John Solomon and Sarah Carter take a bow. Not just the USA, but the Free World owes you heaps for plying your craft of journalism with integrity.
The great, fastidious lawman, John Durham can also join them.
Now for Justice to be dispensed. Good luck and God bless.


I agree about John Solomon and Sara Carter being very very good. Fox News wasn’t the only outlet to carry the stories and for your information hannity fawned over Sara Carter WAY TOO MUCH and left John Solomon out of the picture.

OAN carried the stories too, and much more that Faux news wouldn’t carry.

Have you ever watched the 6 part series with Chanel Rion and Rudy Giuliani covering the Biden Ukraine situation?

Talk about the attacks against those interviews and Rudy going to the Ukraine, Faux wouldn’t even let Rudy talk about or should I say hannity (talk about a RINO) wouldn’t and cut him off when he tried.

OAN paid for the whole excursion.

Yes, and hopefully Durham will come through, which seems ore likely. Of course then there’s the liberal courts in DC.


Thanks for the reminder griffthegrand! I remember now how badly Rudi was treated by those who I would have expected better from. Those, who I thought were on the side of the TRUTH being revealed.
I suspect their jobs and more, probably were in jeopardy if they gave credabilty to Rudi’s revelations. Remember the evil character of the people who had so much to gain from the suppression of the TRUTH.
It must be very painful for that great man to see what has happened to not just his country but his beloved New York City.


I couldn’t agree more, I think many have been exposed on both sides of the aisle who really don’t stand for what they say they do, and especially not for we the people they pretend to represent.

Mark Rakow

Rudy Giuliani might very well go to prison. The various allegations against him are extremely serious. I see, however, that he’s working on an agreement to testify before the House Select Committee. That’s a step in the right direction.

Clearly, he’s aware that he’s in serious trouble. This possible agreement is fairly clear evidence of his awareness.


Evidence oh my, and even clear evidence at that is it?

My how your definition of EVIDENCE changes when it applies to your side,

Guess we’re back to that two tiered justice system again.

What is it with how your side applies the rules?

WHY is that YOU and you ILKE always think the LAW is on YOUR side?

I’m starting to think things are really starting to get to with all the failings you side has been waiting for to happen to Trump and his supporters, even with your activist judges, corrupt DOJ and inept Politicians, and even the FAKE news msm pumping out the lies to try and convince the masses.

Maybe that’s why less and less people from either side believes your lies anymore.

Becky G

You know the old crow ain’t gonna be doing anything except wiping that brown stuff off his nose since its always up BSC Nancy’s ass…just saying…


He’s probably part of the Cabal running biden.


We, the people, are the news now and we are making sure that this is covered truthfully! I promise you that, Sir! But, it’s time that the criminals pay for their crimes.

Mark Rakow

Anyone who listens to you people, and believes a word of it, has flipped their lid. Or is completely idiotic.

Johnny Appleseed

Skid marks… do you just sit at home in your mama’s basement hanging out in your underwear just dreaming up stupid shit to say???


Do you actually mean this bullshit you say??

Dude we have been the news since this country began.

Sitting around drinking coffee laughin our asses off at the shit y’all make up and think we are so stupid as to believe your drivel….

This is what real news looks like.

Raw uncut and mildly entertaining.

Unlike yalls stuffy shirt idiots walking around like a corn cob was shoved up their ass.

Oh wait, they do stuff like stand in ditches to make a yard flood look like Noah’s revenge.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

There’s that good old self reflection again you’re so in need of, but always having to project your inner feelings onto others is unseemly for someone of your self espoused character, that none of the rest of us have seen from you.

Mark Rakow

I read that twice, and it still doesn’t make a bit of sense.

Marijo Makufka

Yes, Mr. President, we will have to see–now that the truth is officially out about what Killary and the demon-crats did with respect to spying on a PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA–how Mitch McConnell, the RINOs, and the lamestream media respond.
I pray that they will come to their senses, realize the gig is up, and FINALLY do the right thing.
What We the People know is that you are the GREATEST, MOST BELOVED, DULY ELECTED, 2ND TERM PRESIDENT and that your family is the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!
We await your return to the White House and remain forever at your stead.

Mark Rakow

“Do the right thing?” Seriously?

What the hell do Republicans know about doing the right thing? The only thing they know is to believe the paranoid, moronic nonsense that rattles around inside Trump’s head.


Sir, I blame the Republicans for letting the heifer Hillary get away with all her crimes. You shall be vindicated. Justice Will Prevail

Kreg Vergith

The truth (eventually) came out about Watergate.
Maybe this case will follow suit – only faster and cleaner.


Yes, to show D. Trump’s incompetence. He lost and can’t accept it.

Kreg Vergith

Another county heard from…


Yeh- another Volcano Plug heard from- he’s a Peter alright.

Kreg Vergith


Yep, that fits.


Hillary Clinton and the Commie-Liberals need to be CHARGED, TRIED and CONVICTED and SENTENCED to Twenty Years Hard Labor at Leavenworth Federal Prison!


I am in absolute agreement with you Stuart . . . except please stop calling what this Country was founded on a “Democracy”. We are a Constitutional Republic. In advance, thanks Stuart. :>)

Mark Rakow

And it’s clear you know nothing about the concept of democracy.

Mark Rakow

Clearly, you know nothing about the criminal justice system.


If they DO NOT make people pay for this, they will be setting a VERY dangerous precedence!



Mark Rakow

Perhaps you should do some research on past precedent regarding Federal indictments. Point being, the chances of anything significant coming from this are remote, at best.

Obtaining a Federal indictment is very complicated and involves multiple steps, and the process itself moves at a virtual snail’s pace. Indeed; that’s as it should be, lest the process become hopelessly mired in partisanship and vindictiveness. Consider the fact that Durham’s investigations have gone on for nearly three years, and have produced only two recommendations for indictment – neither of which has actually yet produced an indictment.

myree williams

It’s definitely been interesting already and it’s only 1pm where I live….. 😀

Last edited 1 year ago by myree williams

Fox did “cover” what Mr TRUMP and friends claim to be a “story”.
Big “nothing burger” but Fox & Jim Jordan & others are running their mouths with a lot of unrelated allegations and just making stuff up… there’s a word for that… oh, yeah, BS…

Post the actual plea documents and let the people decide what the story is.


Another VP heard from

Johnny Appleseed

Mask don’t work…. Considered BS.

The plandemic will be here for years…. Winding down unvaccinated still alive for some reason.

The masks do work….. was “true” now BS

There are no cures…. Turns out there were….

There is a pickle fart in the cheese moon on the rainbow showers of Venetculla….Still more believable than the fake news.

Things take time put your skeet gun down and grow some patients. Unless you have decided to accidentally on purpose open a new air hole on your shooting partner….

Du-dut-ding yeah….


The Clintons, the Obamas and every single one of their henchmen are Traitors that deserve to be tried for Treason and dealt with accordingly!!!!

Mark Rakow

Learn the full legal definition of treason. Or have a knowledgeable person carefully explain it to you.

Emphasis, of course, on “carefully.”

Gerald Warner trudeau will need his pony stick or call the queen

Mary Geiger

It will be swept under the rug as it usually is. Fingers are pointing at the lawyers, not Clinton. She’ll just dust herself off and continue to lie her way out of everything that could be thrown at her. All of DC is protecting her.

Meg P

Time to spend more time with God and his son Jesus. After a morning of Mass, we all see this for what it is. The truth being reveal, more and more. Although attempts made to downplay this Durham report to the Friday “dump” in hope it will be piled under Super B Sunday and be gone by Monday, we know God is giving us a great gift and our President as well. Yes Sir, how true, at an earlier time this act could result in death. Miss Hellary has to deal with her own soul and regardless of mankind’s weaknesses she will have to face God on this. Thank you, Holy Father.

Mark Rakow

When, in American history, has this act ever resulted in death?

Answer: never. And for good reason. However, I doubt you’d learn any of this in Mass.


If anything is thrown at all is even thrown at her.

Johnny Appleseed

Associative complications.



BUSINESS INSIDER…………….BY Alia Shoaib – 6h ago
“Trump claims allegations that Clinton operatives tried to infiltrate Trump Tower, White House servers are crimes that ‘would have been punishable by death'”!!!
Former President Donald Trump accused operatives linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign of spying on him and suggested they deserved to be put to death. I AGREE!!!!!! THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP TOLD UM SOMEONE WAS SPYING ON HIS COMPUTERS BACK DURING HIS CAMPAIGN!!!! THEY BELIEVED LYING HILLARY INSTEAD!!!

Mark Rakow

Perhaps you should return to your kitchen, and lop the heads off some chickens. After all, if you’re so bloodthirsty to have made this suggestion, you may as well devote your energies to something worthwhile.

Incidentally, be sure to defeather, clean, and thoroughly cook the chickens. A decapitated, bloody, raw chicken is hardly palatable.

Laura Bland

Trump was right all along!

Gerald Warner

The foundation is also under scrutiny as they moved the busiuness Canada to hide from IRS and FCC tohide donations and trudeau didn’t collect the 90% tax anyone taking business out of Canada

Sue Mckee

President Trump this all over the news , Hillary is a criminal, on fox now twice today and spreading like wild fire on social media, GETTR is trending what she did to you and your campaign and you as a president. Wire tapping with a tech!! Who was PAID! Then tapping White House computer!! WOW 😳, She needs to pay and all involved. this is Huge. We can’t ALLOW this. But she owns the FBI, DOJ and will take them all down so let’s see WHO will be held accountable.


The hell with what the media has to spew. What will be interesting is how it is dealt with. If our prisons do not soon fill up with MSM, politicians and many, many clowns on the Left of me and jokers on the right; then Houston we have a problem.

Last edited 1 year ago by JMF
Mark Rakow

Not even Houston would take you seriously.


the only thing we can do at this point is wait for 22 and 24 make them pay bigtime.

Craig Barrett

Criminals cover for criminals, be interesting to see who isn’t one



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