It’s a complete mess

“I think Twitter is going down. Bots, Spam, Fake Accounts (and more!), all add up to big trouble, but the biggest trouble of all for them is that, no matter how many times they may ask, or admit they were wrong, I will never go back on Twitter again – TRUTH IS BETTER! Elon has no idea what he is getting into. It’s a complete mess where users are fleeing, in many cases to TRUTH. There is no confidence in Twitter anymore. It has become a dark, unfriendly and very boring hole!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Josh Bernstein at reports the unfiltered truth. The truth has no agenda. It is simply the truth. Covid is being used to tear down our election system and install a permanent police state.

Ralph Fleming

If Twitter is so terrible and you’ll never go back on there, then why were you having all your posts to truth placed on Twitter? That is until that account got banned too? Also of Twitter is so terrible than why is truth so much of a copycat of Twitter?
Also the first amendment right does not mean that Twitter has to let everyone post anything they want. It protects us from the government coming after us for saying negative things about the government. You want to talk about violating the first amendment look at what Florida is trying to do to Disney! That should have all you conservatives up in arms! The Florida government is going after a private business because it said it didn’t like a law, that is the very thing the first amendment is about protecting, but because Disney said something about a law against gays I guess that makes DeSantis in the right?

Phillis Massad

Just for fun, I tried to see if I could get back on my account on Twitter. Once President Trump was banned, and I was banned from Facebook & Messenger and utube would not let me comment anymore I tried to reach people on Twitter, but my comments changed or were erased or?? Never posted. So I never tried it again, until about 9+ months ago, looking for someone who wasn’t using Twitter anymore. Today I tried and can’t get in my account?? No explanation why. Just say they can’t find this account?? Weird. Strange happenings at Twitter. Hopefully Musk will get a billion from them as this company is one big fraud!! Nothing left after all the law suits which should be filed by SEC& people with this stock, and… musk should file his suit first.


Never used Twitter tweeter.


No one uses twitter any more. Everyone moved to TRUTH which is the most succesful app EVER. By far. All that is left on twitter is bots. Dont be fooled if you see people posting om twitter. It is only bots and the criminal marxists that try to fool you.

Kelsey MK

I hope Elon succeeds. We need more places that have a fair platform, not less. Also, I love you Trump, but your team has still not reached the Android platform and I was looking forward to a desktop version. I would like you to go forward in supporting Elon as an ally not an enemy. Together you want great things for our country and our future. Maybe he can give you a hand in your programming problems. That is what is best for our country. He will take Twitter, fix it and and we will all have your Truth Social so we have no interruptions in getting your communications.

susan hargis

They should be regulating the rules for no bots instead of censoring people on the first amendment!

Renee Storm

Not sure anyone besides corrupt politicians, news flops, liberal talk show hosts, and Hollywood falling stars are using twitter anymore. I know no one personally that is
on Twitter. Twitter is for Twits! Does anyone use twitter even, for business profiles anymore?! NO. It’s dead. Now with the uncover of the bots propping it up, we ALL know it’s a tool for govt and main stream media to push lies! why would anyone go back (?) …Truth is Awsome!!!!


wow so much still being uncovered, We need to focus on getting the election rules straightened out so we can get the republicans who are honest and doers in place



My Man Trump

LMAO! You’re right again! Perfect description. I feel bad for Elon. I hope he figures out this mess. By the way, everybody says he’s a genius and I’m sure he is but a democrat? Wow, that does not add up. I guess you can’t be brilliant at everything.


Well Said!

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

45,i believe Elon Musk knows exactly what he is doing on this deal with Twitter.He has called them out on the bot,spam and fake accounts,and has asked them to produce that information to force the truth out of them before he makes the purchase.Twitter will not give up that information he has asked for,because it exposes them for the lying and cheating criminals they are to the investors and those who gave Twitter money so they could advertise on the platform.Twitter knows that when the truth comes out,those who purchased Twitter stock will sell that stock and the advertisers will go after Twitter to get their money back.It will be the collapse and destruction of Twitter.This in turn will steam roll through all of Silicon Valley big tech,because the investors and advertisers will say,if Twitter lied to and cheated us,it is possible the rest of Silicon Valley big tech is lying and cheating as well?If you asked me,i would tell you Elon Musk is an absolute genius when it comes to his ask of Twitter.He has backed Twitter into a corner,he’s got them by the balls and he is going to clamp down on them until they pop.Twitter is playing checkers in a 4D chess game which they will lose in the worst way.Every time i think about it has me ROTFLMAO.

A new leaf on the tree

It is natural that the socialist/communist fake news media would use a fake messaging app
like Twitter

They both are all smoke and mirrors ….

and we are coming to put out the smoke out in November

Last edited 10 months ago by A new leaf on the tree

Twitter is a waste of time. I have never been on and never will.

Tray Tray

Too many nasty individuals psychoanalyzing every thing a commoner writes. I’m glad to be away from the circus of it.


#LoveTruth #BrandonSucks

Cheryl Driscoll

This post proves you’re poetic!🤩🇺🇲

Michael Quinn

GREAT POST MR. PRESIDENT!! Just love hearing from you all the time until you can be returned to your rightful place in the Oval Office!!

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