It’s all a big SCAM!

“Why won’t the criminals on the Unselect Committee discuss the massive evidence concerning the Fraud and Irregularities having to do with the 2020 Presidential Election, the reason people came to Washington in the first place? Why won’t they discuss the 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers that I recommended, but weren’t used? Why won’t they talk about the fraudulent Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, headed up by most of the same people who are now on the Unselect Committee? It’s all a big SCAM!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mindy Pechenuk

This treasonous witchhunt against you must be stopped. You are the lawful President of the United States. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican candidate for California State Assembly 18

My Man Trump

Look at your endorsement record, Sir. Also, the regime knows you’re coming, Sir. The Unselect is doing everything they can to change the story and stop you. But the people do not give a damn. We are all waiting for you, Mr. President. Godspeed.

Just Me

They have a singular goal: To destroy your chance of becoming President, again.

Denise 🇺🇸

Dear president Trump,
They aren’t having a REAL “trial”! It’s illegal under the laws of this nation!
They’re terrified of YOU because you see through their corruption! They hate America… YOU love America!
Why are these hearings even being allowed????
You have constitutional rights!! The DemonRats were the ones that planned the “insurrection ” and FBI agents were involved.
I’m so sick of their BULL💩!!!
What can patriots do to stop this abomination?????
God bless you, president and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


The House Select Committee isn’t going to discuss any of those things, because they’re lies.

Mary Geiger

They can’t tell the truth; they would implicate themselves if they were to be the slightest bit honest about what is really going on.


Spot On President Trump!
It is ALL a SCAM to keep you from Winning Your 3rd term as President of the United States!


Crime of the Century the Rigged and Stolen Election, they are all criminals.


They are evil and don’t care about the American people.

James R Kissiar

The Election of 2020 was a complete FRAUD, and they know it was a SCAM. That’s why they keep going on about J6 because they know they will lose in the next election. The Democrats are a disaster!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Any politician involved with this J6 garbage needs to be removed from office and investigated for treason.
Election of 2020 was a complete FRAUD.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.

Save Our United States

Agree! Remember, the Democrats always project what they are doing — they are the insurrectionists.




Right On!


The Unselect won’t for the same reason no one is watching their kangaroo court!

When we beat the 2022 November cheat and the Trumplicans and Trumpocrats take over in January 2023, the REAL January 6th Committee will!

The REAL 11/3/2020 US Insurrection Day Committee will!


Well Said!

Michael Jenson

sorryasslyingdogs is this how they spell committee?????




I think most Americans know it’s a scam. Unfortunately, we are use to this kind of thing.
We are waiting for the lion of truth to defeat the lies.


because they know it to be true they know we know it is the truth. why do you think they are wotking so hard to shut us up.

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