It’s all phony games.

“Hearing RINO Larry Hogan has tried to come to the rescue of his fellow “Never Trumper,” Kelly Schulz. They say the Democrats want to face Dan Cox in the general election, when the opposite is true. It is just more Democrat disinformation. They want weak RINO Schulz, who is endorsed by the Amazon Washington Post. The Schulz campaign is coming up with last minute smears because they know their candidate is losing, and losing big! Schulz even got a “tip” on what the Democrat Governor Association is doing (Collusion?). It’s all phony games. The last thing Radical Left Democrats want is a real fighter in Maryland, or any other great state, and that’s Dan Cox all the way. Dan is the MAGA candidate who will save Maryland from the lunatics trying to destroy our borders, destroy our economy, destroy our energy, and destroy our schools. Primary day is July 19th, vote for Dan Cox, and his fantastic running mate, Gordana Schifanelli, who both have my Complete and Total Endorsement. They will never let you down!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

We don’t play your games. We stand with Trump!!

Rita Mills

Mr. President, please stop pushing the vaccines, as they are killing people. You were lied to and now they want to give them to infants. They are murdering the American people and they all need to be held accountable. My older son has been hospitalized 3 times since getting the phizer shot which causes pancreatitis along with a pleather of other side effects and death. I pray for you and support you. I just cannot do it financially right now.


Agreed! He should go back to recommending injecting bleach into the blood stream

My Man Trump

You go ahead and try it and let us know how it worked out for you.


Hang In There Rita!
Better Days will be here soon starting November 2022!
God Bless You and Your Son!

pike mence

grab ’em by the pussy


Mr Pence! What would mother think?!


Pike Mence is a PUSSY!


It really doesn’t matter who the Republicans choose. All of the polls – every single one – shows the Maryland gubernatorial race as “likely Democrat.”

Not sorry.


I forsee more crying coming from Trump


Maryland = Land of Commie Liberals and Dead Rats in Baltimore.
What a Crap Hole!

My Man Trump

Quit listening to all the bullshit and vote Dan Cox!!


Dan Cox is a plant by the Democrat CIA!!

R Minoglio

My vote goes to Dan Coxx. We must destroy all RINOS.


Dan Coxxx has my vote, one of the BIGGEST COX on the Industry!!


God bless and Godspeed patriots 🙏 Let’s drain this swamp and get this show on the road!!! The radical left is taking over “fake” news media with this ridiculous circus show!!! We have everything so what are we waiting for??? The news media needs to acknowledge the TRUTH!!! They are “knowingly” ignoring everything that was exposed!!! It’s time to put their ego aside and expose the demonic pedophiles!!! MAGA🌹🦁🇺🇸


I wish that conservatives would stop using the terms mis and disinformation. These terms do not accurately describe anything that, until recently would be called propaganda, false, or lies. The Democratic party and the Left do not believe in absolute truth, and this is their way around it. Let us NOT participate in their charade.


Thank you Mr. President for continuing to be our leader in the darkness of these days. You are much like France’s president during WWII.

Mark Rakow

France didn’t have a President during World War II.

Albert Lebrun was the last President of the Third Republic of France, until July 11, 1940. France’s next President, Vincent Auriol, took office on January 16, 1947.

That said, surely you don’t mean Marshal Philippe Pétain – although, on second thought, perhaps you do mean him. After all, that analogy fits very well. Both Pétain and Trump were egotistical, addled dictators with strong Nazi tendencies, and both were utterly despicable.

Philippe Pétain was a Nazi collaborator who “ruled” the quasi-state of Vichy France between 1940 and 1944. He was convicted of treason after the war and sentenced to death. Instead, however, he spent the remaining 7 years of his life in prison, while – and again, very much like Donald Trump – he completely lost his marbles.

Rev. Vaughn, I think it’s fair to say that you, too, are losing your marbles.


Congratulations Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli! Make Maryland Great Again!


Make Maryland GREAT Again!
Vote for Dan Cox on July 19th!

Glenn Shepherd

Trump has let the human race down


You are on Drugs.

Patricia McDermott

I am so angry about how Larry Hogan changed. His first term he did a lot to help Maryland, even while fighting cancer. But his second term has been a disaster for Patriots. I don’t know if he’s always been, but he proven to me that he is definitely a RINO. I commented on his facebook page many times that he gave in too much and too easily to the left. And, when Schulz started emailing Marylanders and asking for money, I wrote her back and asked what her position was on President Trump. She never wrote back responding to my question, and I never received another email from her asking for a campaign contribution! Her “silence” told me everything I needed to know. These freaks will say and do anything to get what they want. The fact that they’re lying about Dan Cox does not surprise me at all. VOTE and keep her OUT!


Thank You for YOUR Input.
Now WE know the Truth about Rino Hogan!


Dan Cox is a Democrat CIA PLANT

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