It’s amazing

“It’s amazing, I’ve had two stories—one in Politico, one in the Fake New York Times, where in the midst of the story, they say that I put my message out on Truth Social, a “little-used” site with “few” people watching. More Fake News. They know it’s now one of the hottest sites in the world, but they will never admit it, that’s why they call them the Fake News. Everyone is watching @truthsocial!”

By Donald J. Trump

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550% increase in app downloads for Truth Social after the raid. Hah! It’s a bit hard to register for TS and quite a bit of personal info required; if not for that I think the membership numbers would be a LOT higher. But I believe the info required is probably necessary with the evil trolls out there who join only to cause trouble. When I try to register I keep getting the “Something went wrong. Please start over from the beginning” message, so I gave up. But there’s always this site here. Keep it going, President Trump!

Sarah Luu

We already know it. In my opinion, TrurthSocial has rocketed to the top faster than the others combined! We already know that EVERYTHING that is puked out by the FAKE NEWS MEDIA is just that -VOMIT! I don’t see HOW they even can stay on the air. Isn’t their a rule that the FCC has that says “They(Broadcasters) are to ” SERVE THE PUBLIC TRUST AS PUBLIC TRUSTEES”? They have been violating that “Trust” for decades and are in violation of that rule. Their Broadcast licenses should be REVOKED immediately & permanently.

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