It’s now clear he could, and should

“Corrupt Democrats and RINOs (including 40 point loser Liz Cheney) passed the “Presidential Election Reform Act” in the House, making it “impossible” for a Vice President to cure Election Fraud and Malfeasance. These same people have been screaming that Mike Pence had NO power to do the right thing, and send it back to the States to investigate widespread Election Fraud. It’s now clear he could, and should, have done it, otherwise why would they need new law? Also—bill may be unConstitutional!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

DJT, can’t wait to get rid of this illegitimate piece of crap. And to all you little commie irritants, there is a huge surprise waiting for you. You are going to hate it because it saves this country and your sorry ass, whether you want it to or not. Oh, and by the way, nothing can stop it. MAGA King rules.

Dan for DT

Everything they do is unconstitutional -They don’t care, nor do they serve the public trust. For them, it’s only about winning and getting their way. EVIL

Save Our United States

Besides being an UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill, what our communist / RINO lawmakers forget is that with their own legislation, we can now tell them to sit down and shut up. After all, who contests elections more than the communists?

I want to remind everyone that both the Democrat and Republican parties show nothing but contempt for We the People. These are very power hungry arrogant people. Never forget: it is We the People that get to choose who represents US and the direction our country takes, not the political parties, some ABC agency, our educators or the press.

Look Up To Heaven



You mean they passed the “steal the elections” plan. Sick of them.

Donna Richardson

When are you going to tell your supporters you lost the 2020 election. You didn’t claim fraud in your 60 court fillings that were all thrown out due to no proof. Just like you keep saying you declassified the document you stole in public but never in your court fillings. Can you explain to your supporters why that is? We know they aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

Last edited 6 months ago by Donna Richardson
Dan for DT

2000 Mules is actual film footage of just one example of the great bamboozle job that was the 2020 election. We are NOT better off now, than we were when Trump was president –This is STONE COLD FACT. Pay ATTENTION.

Pat McGroin

2000 mules is a movie.


You are on Drugs with Hunter Biden and Brandon!


You must ignorere these illegal laws. Next time you must not leave Office. Cannot allow criminals in the WH. All elections postponed untill all criminals in prison and we have elections we Can trust (= you win or your endorsements wins. All other results Will be criminal election fraud)


True; we cannot allow criminals in the White House. Which is exactly why, for Trump, there won’t be a “next time.”

The rest of your comment is so completely stupid, it’s not even worth mentioning.

My Man Trump

All that this illegitimate regime does can be undone. How many votes were stolen to get the house and senate democrat commies and rinos. The whole thing is illegitimate and criminal. As for Mike Pence, he went with the commie dems because he wanted their support and attaboys. Snake and another traitor rino.

Donna Richardson

If the election was stolen than why in the he’ll are these people running in elections they don’t believe in. If you don’t believe in our democracy than don’t fucking vote. Worship Trump the loser on your own time.


Let’s have a vote on Donna. I vote her to be a foul mouth misinformed radical Democrat that spreads lies and disinformation. “We The People” know the truth and you, adk, shell, mcgroin, and prize have views of a peanut 🥜

Kreg Vergith

Thanks, Cindy!

I’m in!

Good call!


Pistachio, definitely a pistachio. Wait, we are talking about brain size, right? lol




Can someone answer why it is that not one Republican officeholder objecting to Biden’s victory has objected to his/her own win, on the same day, same ballot, in the same election? Why weren’t those votes stolen too?

Kreg Vergith



Give your side a little credit, they aren’t that stupid to think they could get away with stealing from everyone at the exact same time.

Last edited 6 months ago by Kevin

Please explain how the votes could have been rigged against Mr. Trump but not other republicans who were on the exact same ballot. Your statement avoids Prize’s actual question.


No dingleberry my statement is the answer. I now have some questions for you.
Why were republicans forced to leave the ballot hq’s in some states on the night of?
Why were the windows covered from the public in these hq’s, why hide?
Why were boxes on top of boxes pulled from under tables in the middle of the night at these hq’s?
What was in those boxes?
Do I even need to ask you any questions about the dominion machines?


Kevin, the name-calling and conspiracy theories (all of which have already been proven baseless) are doing nothing for your cause. And, no, your reply to Prize was in no way providing an answer as to how votes could have been rigged against Mr. Trump but not other Republicans on the exact same ballot. It was just dancing around it.


The answers to those questions are very easily found, by anyone who takes the time to research them, and those answers are easily confirmable, and confirmed, by other sources.

However, it’s perfectly clear that you haven’t done the research. What’s more, you have no intention of doing so. Even if you did, you wouldn’t believe those answers anyway.

Point being, why should Shell – or anyone else, for that matter – waste their time, trying to answer them for you?

Kreg Vergith

Besides, Republican votes were all they were looking for, to make them get misplaced.




But the others on the same ballot were also republicans.

Kreg Vergith

That’s why they seem to magically disappear.

They don’t need logic. They use overwhelming numbers (found in the dead of night).


Bye Felicia!
Typical Commie-Lib Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat McGroin

Send them back to the states to do what exactly?? How many times do you want to count votes over and over? The numbers only change if you cheat, which is obvious you’ve been trying to do from the start.

Get over it already. You lost.

Kreg Vergith

So, you didn’t take a Civics class in middle school?

The Electoral Votes are sent back to the States to rectify errors (or malfeasance) in the tabulating of those votes.
Paul Gosar and Ted Cruz stated directly that some of the Electors in AZ were not authorized to participate in votes.

The obligation of State Election officials is to count the Electoral Votes as many times as it takes to ensure accurate and verifiable results – regardless of who wins.

Got that?

Donna Richardson

You obviously haven’t been watching the January 6 hearings. Trump and his little minions you just mentioned and more were trying to put in fake electors to steal the election. News Flash. Welcome to the real word. I think that’s what he was referring to. Unless you was filling Trumps dumbass in.

Kreg Vergith

Oh, please…

The problem is that you’ve been watching the un-select committee “hearings”.

Like anyone with two brain cells to rub together, I know that the “hearings” are a useless waste of my time and tax dollars, and the very definition of “clear and present danger”
… Ask your grandparents…

Dig up some newsreels of Stalin’s show trials and you’ll see the similarities (“show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime”).

Run by one Party, no opportunity for cross-examination, no opposing witnesses,
Questions spelled out on teleprompters provided by their Hollywood handlers…

They’ve got it all!

Live it up!!!


Well said

Kreg Vergith

Incidentally, the subject was Electoral Votes.

Deny, deflect, denounce.

Pat McGroin

But it wasn’t run by 1 party. It was bipartisan. And all of those that testified were republicans. How much darker does the writing on the wall need to be?

Kreg Vergith

Liz and cryin’ Kinzinger are Republicans??

They’re what qualifies that fiasco as bipartisan?

Hey, I’ve got some swampland (actual swamp – not D.C. swamp) in Phoenix you may be interested in (cash only!).


The Hearings are just that – hearings. They are not a trial. There is no cross-examination, and as for opposing witnesses, a number of individuals were subpoenaed to appear. They could have appeared, and they should have. But they refused – like the cowards they are.

Speaking of which, the Republican Party also refused. Of the eleven members of the Select Committee, five would have been Republicans. But they refused – which is not only cowardly and craven, but contemptible……and totally typical.

Live it up? Hardly. In fact, certain Republicans may never live it down.

Kreg Vergith

There is (normally) opportunity for members of both parties to question witnesses – hence, the definition of cross-examination – at the discretion of the chair (there’s the rub).

The blizzard of subpoenas resulted in nothing more than stuffed recycle bins (for the better).

The real Republicans knew, and could predict, the course the “Hearings” would take, and they very wisely opted out.

They avoided being tarred with the same swampy brush as the un-select committee.

It was not, for them, a purely political decision, or a personal choice.
It was a clear choice to follow the Constitution.

They gladly stood and watched as the Social-Democrats ran into the ditch – again and again and again.

“There’s no education in the second kick of the mule”.- Mark Twain

They just keep blindly coming back for more.

Contempt of Congress? Damn straight!!!
That ‘august body’ deserves nothing less.


The Dummy Lib thinks the RIGGED hearings are a new Soap Opera or Reality T.V. Show!

Kreg Vergith


Fiction is very popular with that crowd.
Real life is foreign to them.

Sloppy story lines, syrupy background music, cliffhanger episodes, plot twists (that everyone with brains sees coming), “witnesses” straight out of Central Casting with no substance at all, etc. etc.

Word is that they’re postponing their Wednesday prime time TV premier extravaganza because of – ready? – the hurricane !!!

It could take away their screen time!

“Quick, we need to update the teleprompters!”.

“Call my agent!!”

Damn, Sam!!! They just don’t learn!!!


A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!


Civics isn’t taught in middle school. It’s a high school course.

The Electoral votes are not sent back to the States. It’s never happened before, to any State, for any election, and there’s no Constitutional provision that allows it, requires it, or even mentions it.

All eleven of Arizona’s electors were authorized to participate. There are only two requirements to be an authorized Elector. One must be a legal resident of the State, and one’s name must appear on the slate of either Republican or Democratic Electors which has been pre-approved by the state legislature. Each state’s legislature pre-approves TWO separate slates, well before the election, but only ONE slate is legally authorized to cast the state’s electoral votes, on December 20. Republicans in five states submitted a second, phony document, with signatures of individuals claiming to be the authorized electors for that state. Depending on the state, having done so may be a crime. In any event, the notion that a state can submit two sets of electoral votes is absurd.

The obligation of State Election officials is to collect and tabulate the popular vote totals, statewide, and then to certify that those totals are true and correct, to the best of their knowledge and belief – regardless of who wins.

I’d ask if you got that – but I doubt it.

Kreg Vergith

Hey, batter, batter, batter, where to start?

I had a Civics class in Eighth grade. It was not an advanced class. It was the standard curriculum. No alternative. You took the class!

You’re 0 and 1.

If they are contested, for any reason, Electoral Votes, after a member of the House and a Senator sign on, and if the Vice President DOES HIS/HER DUTY, are indeed sent back to the States to resolve problems – errors, malfeasance, FRAUD, – ANY problem at all.

You’re 0 and 2.

Your third paragraph, or whatever that is, serves as a description of a PROBLEM that requires investigation and resolution.

A little outside, so you’re 1 and 2.

The last paragraph contains the only partial measure of fact in your entire polemic.

But, a low ground ball to first isn’t good enough in the dramatically important issue of the VOTE!!

You’re out!

Is there anything in this response which you find offensive or insulting?

Meh, either way…


Love it. Educate this poor man, he’s still learning.

Kreg Vergith

Sorry, y’all, I gotta say it:

“There’s no crying in baseball!”.


Go back to your ironing. This conversation is not for the likes of you.


Yes. And meh, to your analysis.


Do you need some Vagisil on your Sore McGroin?
Poor Baby.


They are so crooked. Pence is a traitor. Everything they do is unconstitutional.
When will we stop this evil regime?

Donna Richardson

You are a traitor if you believe in Trump.

Dan for DT

…. and you will destroy this country if you don’t – We are on the verge of WW3 and ALL because of your man Joe the idiot child.


FJB! and YOU!


Mike Pence did the right thing. Although it turned into a courageous thing because your ravenous supporters wanted to hang him. And if your supporters are willing to contribute to your political PAC, they oughta know you are not spending the money on anything but your interests, including your huge, mounting legal bills.


Pence was too busy trying to appease the evil ones, so what does that make him? Certainly not the devout man of God he identifies as. Look what his failure to act has done to us all and to our nation.
Btw, I suspect that “Shell” in here IS Liz Cheney.

Donna Richardson

You are just Ignorant. Hopefully your family gets you some mental help. You have no right to call no one evil when you are worshipping the most evil man in the world. He caused the insurrection on January 6th and people died. ALL OVER LIES FROM THE LOSER DONALD J. TRUMP.

Dan for DT

NO ONE lies bigger than a Democrat !


That Shell theory is very interesting. You might very well be correct. I mean I assume we are all aware that these radical liberal politicians frequent this site along with the big 3 fake news outlets, why wouldn’t any of them create dummy accounts and attempt to rally for their party? No reason at all as to why. This certainly wouldn’t be above any of them.


Pence has kisssed trumps ass all along. He abidded by the Constitution. He is a devout man. Q is your God!


You’re weird.

Kreg Vergith



The law, as read, gave Pence the authority, and the obligation, after Paul Gosar and Ted Cruz bravely stood up to object, to send the disputed votes back to the States, regardless of how many “insurgents” were beating down the door.

He wimped out and gave the green light to the Leftist agenda.

It’s now far easier to ram through a corrupt Election, seemingly without consequence or remedy.

What a world.


The crazy world you’re living in sure is. Pence had no such authority.

Kreg Vergith

I’m tired of you already.

I think we should see other people.

It’s not me. It’s you.

Pick your own cliche’s.


Lol, breaking up is hard to do.


And all this time, I just knew the two of you were going to make it. Boy is my face red.


We understand that actual facts are a headache to Trump supporters.

Kreg Vergith

Trump supporters don’t get headaches from…what are you, again?




No law, anywhere, says any such thing. Pence did not have the authority, OR the obligation, to “send the disputed votes back to the States.” Because electoral votes are NOT disputed votes. They are the legal, legitimate, and lawful votes, cast on December 20, by the slate of electors pre-approved by the state legislature, based on the certified results of each state’s popular vote. Only one slate of electors is authorized to cast the state’s electoral votes, and the votes they cast ae not in dispute; not by anyone.

Popular vote numbers may be in dispute, but once they are certified, by each state’s Secretary of State or the official so designated, the dispute is over.

Kreg Vergith


Try again. We’ll wait.


Try again…..why? There’s only one version of the truth.

And that was it.

Sarah Luu

As usual they are trying EVERY WAY they can to sidestep the Constitution & Bill Of Rights in order to get their way & rape and pillage our country while they have the power to do it. THEY MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!! (Actually A Long Time Ago) They have & ARE getting away with so much & it appears virtually almost NO ONE is doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE TO STOP THEM NOW!!! They are getting away with so much they are TOTALLY CONVINCED that they are ALL POWERFUL GODS!!! They MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION, but they are going TO TRY LIKE HELL!!! DON”T FORGET – “In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN With A Vision!”

Last edited 6 months ago by Sarah Luu

Mike Pence did do the right thing, and Liz Cheney, unlike many of her colleagues, will be praised and not shamed in the history books.

Last edited 6 months ago by Shell



Mike Pence is a PXSSY-Liberal Like YOU!




Low IQ libtad you are all in space and will feel our pain shortly…do all of us afavor andshut your commie mouth and get off our patriot channels…. Your brave on the internet… go pick out anew dress fruitypop


You will go down in history as the only person IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that will ever say, Liz Cheney will be praised and not shamed in the history books.
First of all, in ten years she will be all but forgotten about by the majority but on special occasions when someone does mention her name it will be followed eventually by the word STUPID or LOSER or IDIOT RINO.
She is an embarrassment to the nation and chose the wrong side, she also chose the wrong man to go against and that’s why she was humiliated in her election. Also, your statement along with Prize’s approval shows the rest of us exactly the mindset of the nuts we are dealing with today.
The RED WAVE isn’t coming, it’s here.



Kevin, l personally know a history writer and have firsthand knowledge that she will be praised in the history books. If you took the time to research it, you would realize that Liz Cheney, while despised by most Trump supporters, has an enormous amount of support and respect from Americans as a whole. She lives in the least-populated state in America, and thus her defeat in this Trump-supporting state was not nearly as significant as Mr. Trump likes to boast about. You embrace the conspiracy theories and mimick Mr. Trump’s childish language (e.g., referring to people as “stupid,” “loser,” and “rino idiot”). Mr. Trump preys on people who will only think what they want him to think rather than what the evidence shows.

Dan for DT

Funny—It didn’t show in the voting booth. She will be remembered as the turncoat she IS.

Kreg Vergith

My parents and their parents and their parents were born and raised in WY, and very proud of it.
Just because the land is not bulldozed, built on and landscaped doesn’t mean there is nothing there.

The common – sense people of WY voted out Loser Liz, and that is very significant, indeed.

They learned very early in life to know BS when they see it.



And I personally know an actual rocket scientist and long story short, unbeknownst to me I once said to him while being questioned, this isn’t rocket science. My point is, it means nothing.
Your history writers book of lies, if In fact is about how great Liz was, will never see the light of day and certainly won’t make it into the actual history books.
You’re making Liz out to be a real champion almost heroic. I’ve researched her and even some of her best stuff is just blah. She is simply just another liberal in conservative clothing. Nothing more, nothing less.
If she had a huge amount of supporters and respect then how did she lose by so many votes? BIG NUMBERS.
I am only mimicking the truth. When you claim to be with one party and fully support the other while still claiming to be a true red conservative then have the gall to vote to impeach a president that did absolutely nothing wrong, otherwise the impeachment would have stuck, you are completely useless to your party and the American people. Liz is no hero. Liz is not respected by any majority.
Let’s both watch and see as current becomes history just how much Liz will be talked about, praised, admired or even liked. So far, I’m winning but I’ll wait.
AGAIN you’re wrong, it’s the liberals that are weak minded, they follow and support the most evil people on planet earth and they’re to blind to realize. My eyes are wide open.

I do have one question, why do liberals hate children? Abort at any term and strongly promote body mutilation at the youngest age possible. I wonder were good ole Liz REALLY stands on these matters?



Liz Cheney lost her seat by 63,709 votes. Think about that! That is not a significant number of people and certainly not representative of America as a whole. The fact that Wyoming is a Trump-supporting state is also not representative of America as a whole. All we have to do is look at the results of the last election to know that’s true. Liz Cheney doesn’t have to wait for a history writer’s book to be published praising her work on the Jan. 6th Committee, as she is already being praised every single day. It’s all over TV! If you are not aware of that, it’s because you are living in a bubble where your only reality is what Mr. Trump wants you to believe. You think that because you don’t like Liz Cheney (or Mr. Trump doesn’t like Liz Cheney), there’s no possible way many others could like her either. You think that because you wanted Mr. Trump to win the election, the only way he could have lost was by fraud. If the elections are corrupt, what makes you think Liz Cheney even lost? What Liz Cheney supported was the Constitution, and she was one of the few who was willing to defend it regardless of the cost to her personally.  She voted to impeach him for his part in Jan. 6, as she very well should have. Keep in mind that most members of the House felt the same, which is why he was impeached. Also, the impeachment did not go away when the Senate failed to convict and claiming that it proved his innocence is clearly unfounded, as the Senate Majority Leader at the time (Mitch McConnel) was clear to declare (after he voted to acquit) that there was no question that Mr. Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for Jan. 6. They let him off on a technicality because he was no longer president at the time of the hearing. As far as your question about abortion and body mutilation, you would have to ask somebody who actually supports those things, as I do not (and neither does Liz Cheney). May I suggest Mr. Trump, as he has already acknowledged that he is “very pro-choice.”


First you say she lives in the least populated state in America and try to defend yourself by saying that losing by 63’000 votes isn’t that bad. DOUBLE TALK!

You know, Laura’s theory about you being Liz in disguise here is becoming more and more believable by the second. No one and I mean NO ONE in America has ever nor would ever try to defend Liz like your doing now. If the American people other than WI were supporters of Liz, why don’t we hear anything from them about the election? Why didn’t they put blame on President Trump for getting her sorry ass voted out?

The reason I don’t hear about how great Liz is like you CLAIM you do is because I don’t follow FAKE NEWS.

An impeachment only works when you get the person out of office whom you’ve impeached. Did that happen?

Why didn’t Nancy take his advice and bring in the guard on Jan 6th? No one wants to answer that. Part of the plan maybe?
Trump pro-choice? LOL Who are you trying to fool here Liz?
You lost, You lost BIG. History will only say what a failure Liz Cheney was and then she will be forgotten about.

Instead of feverishly defending loser Liz that will never hold any office again and someone other than yourself that no one cares about AT ALL, why don’t you focus your time on Making America Great Again? Liz won’t be history but Liz certainly is history. Take a history page from the rest of America and move on from Liz.


Kevin, I’m not able to write a long post right now, but I would encourage you to factcheck the following statements yourself. 

Did Mr. Trump claim to be very pro-choice? (Watch his NBC video.)

Did Donald Trump offer to bring in the guard on Jan. 6? 

Is the person on this post who goes by Shell actually Liz Cheney? (I’ll answer this one for you: Although I would be honored to be Liz Cheney, I am not.)


Well said.


Thank you.
For some reason or other they HATE children.

Liberal views 101.

Kill as many children as you wish right up until actual birth. But in the same breath, ban every gun owned by citizens in hopes of putting an end to killing by firearms. We’ll just let you and your doctor kill all the people you want just as long as it’s not with a gun.

Teach the children at the youngest age possible that it’s perfectly fine to switch genders, your never to young to decide if you want to be male or female, forget the fact that depression and suicide often follows after the procedure from the young. Forget what sex the Lord gave you.

Take God out of everything, especially school.

Flood our country (except for Martha’s Vineyard) with as many illegals, no matter what there background says about them, murderer, rapist, drug cartels whatever, all are welcome just for a vote. Because they know once they get an illegal in, they’ll just put them on welfare and then have complete control over their vote.

Lie, cheat and steal there way through life.

Defund our states first line of defense the police dept.

Change laws to suit their needs only.

And finally, cry about how awful Trump is and the conservatives that support Trump are and always ask, Can’t we all just get along?…As long as you agree with them on everything.

WOW. What a life they live and there followers are too STUPID not ignorant to realize just how screwed up they all actually are but don’t call them evil or satanic because if God (in there minds) doesn’t exist then how can Satan?

Last edited 6 months ago by Kevin

Very sad but true.




Some MORE Bullshit by the Commie-Libs and Rinos!
Has the Senate approved it?
Violation of the 12TH Amendment IF both the house and senate Have Not signed off and FAKE President BiDiumb has not put his “X” on it.


Speaking of bullshit…….the Twelfth Amendment makes absolutely no mention of the House or the Senate signing off on anything.

Or the President either, for that matter.


Liberal Dope Head!

Kreg Vergith

The Electoral Count Act.
The one the House just turned inside out.

Heard of it?



Mary Geiger

Pence and a lot of others fooled the American people, and those would be Dum0krat people who were fooled. Look at what they’ve caused.



Robert Taylor

Didn’t know about this one. A little scrutiny of some of the Conspiracy Theories relevant to Jan 6, and the various agendas simultaneously present, make me scratch my head and wonder if those addressing Who and Why the doors were opened have truth and substance to them.

Kreg Vergith

Remember, President Trump offered Crazy Nancy the use of National Guard troops – before the tremendous crowd started forming.
It was up to her to request them.

She set up bicycle racks for barricades.

Kreg Vergith

And Ashli Babbit was killed.


Yep, Ashli Babbit was the ONLY person killed on that day!


Ashli Babbit, Unarmed and shot in the back of the Head by a STUPID capital cop who needs to be tried and convicted for 1ST DEGREE MURDER!


She was not shot in the back. The police officer warned her and she did not stop. She continued to break through the Capitol. It’s super shitty that it happend. Trump is responsible for riling the crowd. Your King is to blame for all who died that day.

Kreg Vergith

Sorry, no.

The Capitol “police officer” did not warn her, or anyone else for that matter.

The three “officers” standing between the crowd and the door simply walked away (some say after they had chosen their target) and the Capitol “officer” crept around the corner and pulled the trigger.

It’s all documented on video from several angles.
It’s FACT.

The small number who were actual “insurgents” had worked themselves into violence, and not because of President Trump’s words: “I know that many of you will soon be marching up to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard…”.

It all began when people – Americans, remember? – gathered to protest a rigged and unfair Election.

Should we not have that right in your world?


Kreg, I have read several of your comments on this site and am actually stunned by some of your claims. How was the insurrection not Donald Trump’s fault? He’s the one who spent months spreading his election lies prior to Jan. 6 and has continued to do so regardless of the failed lawsuits and recounts all going in Joe Biden’s favor. Mr. Trump is the one who instructed his followers to come to Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, and he’s the one who sent them down to the Capitol. At one point, yes, he did tell them to do it peacefully, but in the same speech he told them to “fight like h*ll.” I would suggest that you watch all the available videos of the insurrection and of the shooting of Ashli Babbit. She was crawling through the window when she was shot, and it was the officer’s job to protect Congress, who were themselves hiding from Donald Trump’s mob at the time. Mr. Trump was primarily responsible for her death, and I would be very surprised if her family doesn’t eventually turn on the former president and try to hold him accountable. My Friend, there is a whole other world out there from what Mr. Trump wants you to believe, and it would be in your best interest to find it. Have a nice day!

Kreg Vergith

I gotta tell ya, Hoss, you’re making my case for me:

If you believe and support the Leftist Party Line, you are willfully deaf and blind.

Kreg Vergith

And a good rule of thumb…:

It’s really not a smart idea to tell me what’s “in my best interest”.

There are a lot of different interpretations of a statement like that.

Just so you know…

Dan for DT

Jan 6th was a setup


100% CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz, is that you again? This is not your unselect committee your trying to convince.
We are living in the world that your illegitimate Biden regime has created including you. Are we having fun yet? Anything to celebrate?
Unless you like killing babies, unsafe streets and an unfair justice system with radical politicians attacking citizens with different views.
If that’s the world you want. You got it.
I hope your not a teacher of our youth or a babysitter. People like you are the danger of our society.


“And fight like hell”

Dan for DT

Just remember all you leftist dem socialist idiots, If you get your way, YOU will have to live in the same Socialist Shithole you have created just like we will. Only then will you realize how incredibly badly you have FUCKED UP!


Let me get this straight:

Three Capitol Police officers were standing between the crowd and the door. The same crowd which was jammed against that door, trying to break in. The three officers simply walked away, after another officer “crept around the corner” and shot their intended target, Ashli Babbitt, who was just minding her own business, innocently crouched in that shattered window, nearly inside the Speaker’s Lobby.

And that mob of people just shrugged, and allowed those officers to simply walk away.

What you’re saying is not documented by any videos, from any angles. It’s a LIE – and a completely nonsensical one at that.


Look at the video tape!
FJB! and YOU!

Kreg Vergith

The angle of one cellphone camera caught two “officers” dragging her away, still bleeding, by the ankles down the polished marble floor – like yesterday’s trash.
Her husband was standing right next to her, as well, God bless him.

No one on the Left will even acknowledge that it happened!

These people need to be thrown under the jail – with extreme prejudice!!

She deserves justice!!

Kreg Vergith

All this over what?
Some broken glass?!?!?


Absolutely, Justice for Ashli Babbit!




Her husband, Aaron, was NOT standing right next to her. He wasn’t in the Capitol, or anywhere else in Washington. He was back home, in California, running their business.

Which he, himself, has said numerous times.

This quote from him, reported to TMZ, later appeared in the New York Daily News: “When asked how he would have protected her, he responded: ‘We would never have been in the Capitol, for one. That never would’ve happened… I wouldn’t have gone in there. I don’t like crowds, and neither does she, which shocked me.’ “

Kreg Vergith

Actually, I do remember that.

But, TMZ? The Daily news?



I Agree


Ask Ray Epps and Pelosi!


Yeah, It’s UNconstitutional. This whole administration is fraudulent, For Real this time.
If we overcome the voter fraud in nov. we will be ok

R Minoglio

The Republicans need to fight this with everything they can. We must have election integrity. Let’s go Brandon. ULTRA MAGA.

Mary Geiger

I believe it doesn’t count; they have to amend the Constitution for it to change anything.


Yes Ma’am!
That is what I am thinking too!

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