It’s RINOs like this that are allowing the Democrats to destroy our Nation!

“”Senator” Mike Rounds of the Great State of South Dakota just went woke on the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020. He made a statement this weekend on ABC Fake News, that despite massive evidence to the contrary, including much of it pouring in from Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states, he found the election to be ok—just fine. Is he crazy or just stupid? The numbers are conclusive, and the fraudulent and irregular votes are massive. The only reason he did this is because he got my endorsement and easily won his state in 2020, so now he thinks he has time, and those are the only ones, the weak, who will break away. Even though his election will not be coming up for 5 years, I will never endorse this jerk again.

It’s RINOs like this that are allowing the Democrats to destroy our Nation! Our Borders, our Military, our Economy, Inflation, the horrible handling of the China Virus and Afghanistan, and rampant crime throughout our Democrat-run cities are ripping our Country apart. We are a laughingstock throughout the world when we were respected and even feared just 1 year ago. There were no thoughts of Russia with Ukraine, China with Taiwan, Iran with nuclear weapons, or North Korea with nasty statements.

The Radical Left Democrats and RINOS, like “Senator” Mike Rounds, do not make it easy for our Country to succeed. He is a weak and ineffective leader, and I hereby firmly pledge that he will never receive my Endorsement again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

Sen. Rounds says that he believes the election was fair – and Trump goes berserk.

That fact alone tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump.

Johnny Appleseed

Sure does.





TRUMP 2020!!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I’m sick of Rino’s. Just move to the other party!!!

Mark Rakow

Are you sure that’s what you want? Because they’ll take quite a few of their supporters with them, not to mention their votes.

Republicans don’t seem to understand this very simple concept. As they continue to purge their Party of those they believe are turncoats, or at least not sufficiently loyal, it costs them voters – and votes.

Democrats have won the popular vote in 7 of the past 8 Presidential elections. It’s not because Democrats cheat. It’s because Republicans cut themselves off at the knee.

At their most basic, elections are about numbers. When Republicans weaken their party, by chasing away former voters and repelling potential voters, they lose the numbers game.

Johnny Appleseed

Nice move mark… it’s the first one I have seen you make that is actually formidable.

No mark a turncoat has a chance to do the right thing.

We believe in forgiveness. We also believe in watching each other’s back.

We also know about how people use this concept to do what you do in disguise.

I am so glad you think we are stupid.


Kreg Vergith

A word of warning:

You may troll to your heart’s content on this site if that floats your boat, but if you try that over-the-line garbage on President Trump’s new platform you will be summarily eviscerated and dismissed by those who shut down trolls for a living! They are very good at it!

You will be “gone and gone” in very short order.

You are amateurs!

Civility, courtesy and decorum will be the unbreakable rules.

If you follow them, all participants will be able to enjoy and contribute to the forum – without your annoying noise.

Johnny Appleseed

Just remember compassion for the pure of heart.

This thing is a double edge sword.

1. God,

2. Country

3. Family

And humans are messy. Don’t forget that.

Johnny Appleseed

And remember,

No one here is perfect.

God don’t make us perfect.

Just because you don’t agree with them… or don’t like how they express themselves… does not mean anyone has the right to shut anyone up.

“All men created equal.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Kreg Vergith

Ah, clear and exactly on point, as usual…


Johnny Appleseed

Sorry to bore you… I feel so much better my freedom is in your hands…


Kreg Vergith

No, your freedom is in YOUR hands!!

You should have known that since grade school.

Politeness and courtesy don’t take freedom away from anyone.

Johnny Appleseed

Politeness and courtesy only go so far….

If you actually believe in truth…

And you are so damn smart…

You know the polite and courtesy game puts this thing called a white elephant in the room… with no one willing to say anything due to … it’s not polite to say that….

One of the things I love the most about Trump is he will address the not so polite topics to actually solve a problem.

So are you actually on his side or not… because you are starting to sound more like a cooler than a troll hunter.

But I digress…

Are you going to do the right thing…

Because you are kinda good… or are you going to be a sheeple that spews the rhetoric… and don’t walk the line…

Like everyone else….

Or are you going to actually do it…

There are rules to confrontation….

So far I am not impressed.

So far you have ripped apart three people on your side… not for guidance or getting people on the same page… nor in any capacity of inclusion to change minds.

Just out of pure arrogance.

So tell me… do you believe in the American dream…

Or are you just trying to be “cool”?

Is this a game to you??

Or are you trying to make this country a place like we were allowed to grow up in?

Should I go on????

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Kreg Vergith

ZZZ… I’m sorry, what?

Kreg Vergith

That’s how normal functioning mature people behave.

Try it, and everyone around you will be much happier.

Johnny Appleseed

The people around me are happier because I am honest… and they have the ability to actually handle the problems they are facing…

It’s a really nice things to get used too…

Their feelings get hurt… but they have the ability to do this thing called


It’s really awesome.

You should try it.

Johnny Appleseed

Sometimes there is no polite way to say things Kreg…. You just officially silence about 93% of anyone that disagrees or has a difference of opinion.

And over half that has vitally important information for decision making.

Go Freedom….

All hail King Kreg….


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

Actual mature people, know they have control over one thing…


And the ability to ascertian information from any source… not just the readily accepted and allowed form of communication.

But I digress….

Johnny Appleseed

Because the question is:

Are you about being free… freedom… the citizens being free… which not everyone of them are going to be prim and proper….

Or are you about controlling the other side instead of convincing them?

You sound like a dictator.

Not real fond of those guys myself.

Are you about solving the American problems??? Or are you just trying to make sure “your side” wins??

American first… right??

Because if you honestly believe that… because I know way more rough necks I trust over polite. Political…. P-O-L-I-T-E



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

How much do you get paid to troll hunt???

I do it for free…

Because it’s fun… and the right thing to do….

What’s your salary????

Three peanuts and good old ego rub???

Cause you are on the right side???

Because you are a hero???

Because it’s popular now and there is a place people go to be there???

Oh… it’s just to be an asshole because it’s cool to be an asshole.

I do it because I love my fellow Americans.

Americans are a strange breed. They don’t have a creed. Their only unifying similarity is the fact they love freedom.

Some are stiff old Bible thumpers…

Some are dusty dirty ol tree huggers.

Some are cow patty stompers….

Some are weird computer geeks…

“Paid to put trolls down….”

There is a group that has been doing this for fun since the first computer made a telephone call to another and sent a letter facsimile to another.

But, you are a professional….

I am laughing my ass off.

Mark Rakow

Apparently, the reason for that is they don’t really want actual “truth” on Trump’s putative platform. Just an unreasonable facsimile thereof.

His bootlickers claim that his platform will be up on February 21. That may be. The question, however, is will it be “up AND RUNNING?”

My guess is that it will not be running. After all, I should think it’d be very difficult to run while one’s hands are dragging on the ground behind.

Meanwhile, this site is basically what my clients had said it would be. And, as far as they’re concerned, it’s serving its purpose relatively well. However, in all honestly, some of what’s posted here – purportedly by Trump himself, though that’s doubtful – is astonishingly petty and churlish, even for Trump. But what’s really astonishing is the abysmal ignorance and head-spinning lunacy expressed in many of the comments. One wonders how some of these creatures manage to pass as human.

Johnny Appleseed

Oh blow it out your ass kettle.

Just because people are trying to get their voices in tune does not mean they don’t want the truth….

If you and your ilk were not out there blasting sandbars to muddy the water…

They would already be used to the polite way to say it to you….

The guy I just got on his ass has said more things true than you and your five compadres combined….

See we keep our selves in check…

Any thing goes in your world…

Believe me I have have had my ass handed to me over and over to understand what freedom is…

And how we should protect it.

How about you commie boy???

You want to jump your ass into the trucks and go get that gas chamber shower???

Cause I am still waiting for you to pull your head out of your ass and start trying to protect this country instead of crucify President Trump…

I have a question for you….

If trump has been marginalized… and silenced…. And put out to pasture…


Every time you open your mouth now to discredit….

You give credence…

Can’t you hear the changing winds???

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mark Rakow

“Can’t you hear the changing winds?” Hmmmm…..

The sheer idiocy of that question boggles the mind.

Johnny Appleseed

And by polite…

I mean the polite way to


Have a nice day….

I don’t want to get rid of any of you… I enjoy blowing your asses out of the water too much….

Kreg Vergith

You and Rakow Rico Racko Rocko Whacko Psycho are textbook examples of why the vast majority of the users of this site don’t want to deal with trolls.

We can respect the First Amendment rights that you and every other user have, but your ranting, vulgar, rambling, personally insulting diatribes are often difficult to ignore – mostly due to their sheer volume.

You’re just taking up space.

At times, it’s necessary to call you out – even if it has no lasting effect.

If troweling out your offensive closed-minded garbage makes you feel better about yourself, we don’t care.

The rest of us aren’t here to support your delusions.

Johnny Appleseed

After everything you just wrote you are calling me closed minded….

Yeah fuck you fuck that…

All hail king Kreg the paid troll hunter!!!

Hey, your shoe laces are untied.

Hmmm… I am still here… someone don’t agree with ya.

Have a nice day…

Do trip.


I mean don’t trip.

I don’t mind getting called out… I have this thing called being human… I don’t play the cut throat I am perfect games….

But, the person calling me out better be right…

And you ain’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Becky G

What a dipshit! Excuse my language, Mr. President, but I think the RINO’S are worse than the Cabal Lib’s… Traitors will one day reap what they have sown….

Mark Rakow

Military tribunals only apply to members of the military, and/or those who are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

My Man Trump

Everybody listen up…..We have a resident know-it-all on the platform.

Mark Rakow

While I don’t know it all, I have no doubt that I know considerably more than you. Meanwhile, while I’m certainly not a “resident” of this abysmal asylum, my presence here is for a specific purpose.

That said, you’re all been more than helpful with your remarks. My clients’ expectations are being met, insofar as data collection and digital fingerprinting of users.

It’s nothing personal, you understand. Just doing my job.


Their state legislatures must recall these criminals who have betrayed the trust of their people!

There is recourse to deal with turncoats like this clown!

Light up the phone lines for your state if you have a RINO riding their term and doing what they want.

Report your efforts here so that know that you’re at least trying, otherwise, if you make no effort at recall, you’re part of the RINO squad too!


He did the exact same thing (D) Joe Manchin does after every re-election and then about a year or so just before the next election he tries to appear to be for the people and WV citizens fall for it every time. We can never be certain who’s honest and actually for the people when electing but we now know thanks to President Trump, who the corrupt are and we need to vote them out. Remember all they have done during their terms.

God's Cell

Pray for all preys and predators. Pray for all creatures to turn to God. It can only help to bring the Truth in all hearts even stronger than ever before. Massive Prayer from our Heart to make all Hearts grow BIG. Then miracles comes.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

I keep in writing this…. Vote out all democrats and RINOS.
We need truly vetted and performers who are willing to Save America. Without integrity in our elections we do not have a Country.


Again lay out the PROOF or deop the BS claims. Proof you won. NOT proof of some irregularities.. I am waiting!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Glenn
Mark Rakow

There is no proof he won. That’s never going to happen, because no such proof exists.

Regarding “proof of irregularities,” irregularities do not necessarily mean fraud, let alone widespread and systemic fraud. Even so, there is very little that state courts can do about it, after the fact. They cannot “decertify” election results, and neither can the legislatures, because no state’s Constitution authorizes such a remedy.

Bottom line? This is far too little, and it’s far too late.


Well Mark I don’t think you are fooling anyone on this site, I think you are a rhino. You seem to be pushing your own agenda on this site, which is fine, freedom of speech and all. You and your friend Ted Cruz can hang out and talk about all the MAGA terrorists that were there Jan 6th. Although no one has been charged for terrorism. Also keep pushing that narrative that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen with countless video, sworn affidavits, audit evidence along with corrupt ass dominion machines. The truth will come out bout the time you crawl back under your rock.

Mark Rakow

How could I possibly be a RINO, when I’m not even a Republican? Incidentally, I’m no friend of Ted Cruz. although we are both graduates of Princeton University. He went to Harvard Law School; my law degree was earned at a Big Ten university. That said, I doubt anyone will actually be charged with terrorism, although it’s just as well; obtaining a conviction on such charges would be very difficult, not to mention time-consuming.

However, conspiracy charges are a very real possibility, and I firmly believe a number of people will ultimately be indicted on those charges. As most criminal attorneys can tell you, conspiracy is a relatively easy case to prove. What’s more, I think there’s a good chance such indictments will be sought. And I should point out that a Federal indictment on any charge is a very serious matter; it’s a complicated procedure, and if such an indictment is handed down, a conviction is almost inevitable. Point being, those who are refusing to cooperate with the House investigation had better be careful; such refusal could ultimately lead to a Federal indictment. Let me assure you: anyone who thinks otherwise has another think coming.

Will Trump himself be indicted, and prosecuted, and convicted on conspiracy charges stemming from the January 6 insurrection? The jury is out – by the way, yes; pun intended. Personally, I think he will not be.

Whether or not I think he should be is a whole other matter.

As for pushing the narrative that the 2020 election was not stolen – yes, I’ll continue to push that narrative. I’ll continue to do so, because it’s a fact. “Countless videos” prove absolutely nothing. Sworn affidavits are rank hearsay, inadmissible in a court of law. The audit evidence has, so far, uncovered no evidence of substantive fraud. As a matter of fact, it’s been a spectacular failure. Cyber Ninjas’ Arizona effort proved so disastrous that the company itself has imploded. Last Wednesday, the Arizona state senate issued a scathing report, debunking nearly 80 of the company’s claims.

Which brings us to, as you’ve put it, the “corrupt ass Dominion machines.” You may have noticed that, just lately, there’s been virtually no mention of Dominion, not by any media source. Perhaps you’ve even wondered why.

The reason has to do with Dominion’s lawsuits against Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell “and related parties,” and Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame – just to name a few. A certain obscure, rather arcane legal phrase,”neutral reportage privilege,” is about to become a whole lot better known, in the very near future. And why, you may ask? Because, in all probability, that phrase is going to do to OANN and Newsmax what the Maricopa County audit did to Cyber Ninjas – and it’s likely to cost Fox News an enormous amount of cash. Tucker, Sean, and Laura, among others, might soon be looking for gainful employment. My Pillow is destined to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dominion Voting Systems. And Mike Lindell? He’ll be lying awake at night, sobbing into his last pillow, wondering why anyone would be stupid enough to get in bed with Donald J Trump.

The thing is, Dominion stands behind their products, and for a very good reason. Their products are very good indeed. Not even Trump himself is stupid enough to say otherwise.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

Hi mark I appreciate you responding back to me with your opinion, which is just what it is an opinion. Also I can give two shits where you went to collage. Apparently college hasn’t helped you with every day common ordinary horse sense. I have an acquaintance I went to collage with who is an active anti fascist, this little shit has bragged on multiple occasions how he was payed through bit coin to tear stuff up from state to state. Further more he will tell you the demarcate party footed the bill. He has advised voter fraud was is every state and government is surppressing everything. Corrupt government has there hands in 90% of or media right down to help from corrupt Soros appointed judges.
My problem is that you can’t see any of this corruption going on and almost defend it? You talk about are justice system and the federal government like they are on our side, THEY ARE NOT.
mark what you failed to mention is a lot of the law suits dominion has started against everyone you mentioned have been dropped. Where do you think a company like dominion gets there backing? They have tried to sue everyone into submission, ain’t gona work. You mentioned cyber ninjas, really, you can’t see just a little corruption for what happened to them. A Arizona judge fined the $50,000 dollars a day. Big government suppression right in front of your eyes.
This is all just starting, let’s see how it ends up.

Mark Rakow

First of all, these are not opinions. They are facts – though whether you choose to believe them is, really, of no concern to me.

Second, regarding “every day common ordinary horse sense.” The claims you made immediately after using that phrase do bear some resemblance to that which is produced by a horse. Specifically, from the rear, just beneath the tail. For example, “Soros-appointed judges.” Seriously? The very notion that George Soros is, in any way, authorized to appoint judges, let alone that he has, is simply absurd.

Third is, frankly, more of a personal question: You said: “My problem is that you can’t see any of this corruption….” Tell me; how is what I can, or can’t, see your “problem” at all? In fact, how is it even any of your business? You assert that there’s corruption, yet you offer not a scintilla of evidence that might support any such corruption. In other words, in fact oafish words, with the likes of you in mind: You sayin’ so, ain’t makin’ it so.

Fourth, regarding the Dominion lawsuits, the reason I “failed to mention” anything about dropped lawsuits is very simple. No lawsuits have been dropped. Dominion Voting Systems has filed a total of eight separate defamation lawsuits, against the various individuals and organizations I mentioned, NONE of which have been dropped, dismissed, settled, nor lost. In November, certain sources reported that the suit against Fox had been dropped, because another suit had been lost. Both of those claims are entirely false.

Incidentally, for sake of clarity, there are actually two separate lawsuits against Fox. One is against the parent Fox Corporation and Fox Broadcasting; the other is against Fox News Network, LLC, the subsidiary company of the parent. In addtion, both suits name five individuals (Mario Bartiromo, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, and Jeanne Pirro) as respondents. Both of these lawsuits remain active, and, at this point anyway, it appears they’ll be headed for trial. I would add that settlements are extremely rare in defamation suits, because the case is not about money. It’s a reputational concern, and a valid one at that; no amount of money can repair the damage to their reputation. Consider the facts: Prior to the 2020 election, very few people had ever even heard of Dominion. Now, the company name is one of the widely known in the nation, if not the world – but for entirely nefarious reasons, caused entirely by these defendants.

Meanwhile, you asked “where do [I] think a company like Dominion gets [their] backing?” What “backing?” The fact that, in 2016, Dominion Voting Systems served over 70 million voters in over 1,600 jurisdictions, in 28 states, speaks for itself, and serves as its own backing. And then, Cyber Ninjas, and “just a little corruption for what happened to them.” What happened to them has nothing to do with corruption. Yes, they’re being fined $50,000 a day. Do you know why? My hunch is that you don’t know, and yet you’ll claim that you do – whether you actually know or not.

Well, here’s what I know: When the state that hired you asks you to release the documents, you release the documents. When you refuse, and the state takes you to court, and the judge orders you to comply, you comply. And if you refuse to comply, the judge puts the hammer down. And rightly so. Cyber Ninja has absolutely right to withhold those documents. and no proprietary rights to the data therein. And as I’d pointed out, the AZ State Senate debunked nearly 80 of the claims made by Cyber Ninjas. Corruption? Or fraud? How about conspiracy? Racketeering? Perjury? More to the point, what was the result of the audit? No evidence of widespread fraud. Good God; how many times does one need to look into an empty pail before you see it’s empty?

The bottom line of all this is a sad, undeniable fact: Tens of millions of American no longer fully trust the election process, and untold millions will never, ever regain any sense of trust. It’s been absolutely, totally destroyed. Voting is the most basic means – and in many cases, the only means – by which a citizen can actively participate in their own governance. And it’s been compromised. Who knows how many people will never vote again, as long as they live? Actually, you expressed the sheer magnitude and the profound long-term ramifications of this problem in three little words “Ain’t gonna work.” Because, no matter how any of this is resolved, for those millions of never-again voters, there is no resolution. It ain’t gonna work, ever again.

The very functioning of our government has always depended on \a certain amount of trust. It’s implicit; we’ve always trusted our government, because we’ve never had a reason not to. My biggest fear is that, from now on, we’ll need a reason to trust our government. And there’ll be no reason. Instead, untold millions of Americans will find their own reasons to NOT trust our government. When that happens, our government won’t be ours, and it won’t be a government at all. America will surely be destroyed.

Clearly, we’re headed in that direction. Each half of the country is already blaming the other half for destroying us all.


You certainly didn’t learn grammar or spelling in college, or any school for that matter.


You haven’t been educated by that university—You’ve been brain washed by it –you just can’t see–You’ve been playyyyed.

Mark Rakow

Since you’ve offered up no evidence whatsoever to support that gratuitous claim, you’ll have to resume playing with yourself.


Mark, some of your facts need to be set straight. Start with Arizona. You said “the Arizona state senate issued a scathing report, debunking nearly 80 of the company’s claims.” Incorrect. The rebuttal of Cyber Ninja’s report was written and issued by the Maricopa County Elections Department. The very entity under the microscope in the investigation replies saying everything in the investigation is wrong. There is a surprise, a government body being investigated denying everything. As you read their report you will find a common phrase (Cyner Ninja’s did not understand Arizona law. They have no idea what Cyber Ninja’s understood about the law, yet they use that claim throughout. Most notable in the rebuttal is that the Elections Dept. has no real rebuttal related to double counted ballots. Thye try to deflect and speak to the subject of double votes, but that is not what Cyber Ninjas reported. Last, it was an action of the court from a lawsuit filed by an advocacy group that resulted in a heavy fine, not action by the Senate.

Testimony during hearings in the Michigan legislature from people who filed affidavits provides insight into how double counting of ballots can happen, and likely did happen. The actual ballots are scanned for entry into the Dominion voting machines. Scanners jam, and according to testimony, jam often. The procedure when a jam happens is take the last ballot and place it on the unread pile and continue scanning. Witnesses testified the poll workers were placing the jammed ballot on the entire pile and rescanning, producing duplicate ballots, which the machine then counts. According to further testimony, the poll workers were told they were in error, but continued what they were doing. Supervisors did not correct the error, according to testimony. Was this just human error? Should it have been investigated? Yes, it should have. Could this have happened in Arizona? Yes, and other locations as well. Should it have been investigated? Yes. How is it investigated? Look at the printout of ballots and the original ballots, a full audit. Did that occur? Only in Arizona, well after the election.

The Arizona Senate sought to find out if election procedures failed. Despite media reports, they were not trying to prove Donald Trump won. If that was their goal, the ballots reported to be duplicated or otherwise questionable would have been counted to determine the effect on the election. The Cyber Ninja audit found issues with the processes. After reding the Maricopa Election Departments rebuttal, it appears there are several processes that need work,

Conspiracy. Conspiracy for what? Before January 6th persons connected to Donald Trump working toward a challenge of the election results (completely legal) were looking into the Electoral Count act of 1887. Did they endeavor to use a legal process to legally challenge the 2020 election results? It appears they did. Does using a legal process to bring a legal challenge to the Floor of the Electoral Vote Count constitute a Conspiracy? Absolutely not.

Did Donald Trump, his campaign, or advocates contact and coordinate with parties that committed acts during the riot that resulted in felonious activity on the part of those groups or persons. The FBI finds no connection. Were those groups or persons committing the act of ‘insurrection’? The FBI has announced there is no evidence of insurrection or sedition. According to the FBI, a small number of persons engaged with 2 or 3 groups did coordinate a plan to break into the Capitol, but the FBI found they had no plans once inside the Capitol. No persons or groups had weapons to undertake a government takeover (insurrection). To summarize, there was no ‘insurrection’.

Questions related to a conspiracy are still unanswered though. Why did leadership within the House and Senate deny multiple offers from the Administration, authorized by President Donald Trump himself to provide National Guard troops at the Capital? Why did Capital Police open barricades and doors into the Capital Building? Who within the House and Seante were responsible for denying the offers for National Guard protection?

The January 6th Committe will try to confuse and use misdirection to make people believe there was a conspiracy by Donald Trump and his associates. They will not investigate their own failures, opening the door for some to believe they are conspiring and covering up.

We will see who will succeed and who will fail. We might find out if the Justice System is apolitical. We all should hope the latter is true.

Mark Rakow

Right off the bat – yes, I misspoke, and I apologize. It was NOT the Arizona State Senate that debunked Cyber Ninjas’ claims. It was, in fact, officials from Maricopa County.

Regarding the procedure in the event of a paper jam in the tabulators, you seem to be suggesting that the procedure you described is the sole, uniform procedure. What’s more, you seem to be describing it as though you’ve actually witnessed it. And it’s certainly possible that you have. However, the fact is, when there’s a paper jam, there are multiple possible reasons, and thus multiple potential remedies. True…..depending on the exact remedy used, the accuracy of the count can, and probably will, be compromised. I’m sure we agree that accuracy is critical in the vote count.

There’s no doubt that paper jams and other mechanical issues do occur. And, sometimes, human error creates inaccuracies. The problem, though, is in the notion that inaccuracies always favor Democrats. What’s more, it carries the implication that inaccuracies are not errors, but are intentional. Mind you; I’m not saying you’re doing that. Your confined your argument to mechanical errors, an entirely valid point. That said, the fact remains that many people, particularly Republicans, automatically believe that inaccuracies are deliberate, with an intent to cheat. This, in turn, feeds the long-held perception that Democrats routinely “fix” elections.

Regarding “conspiracy,” please note the context of my use of that word. I was merely speculating – spitballing, really – on the possible claims that Maricopa County debunked. However, the idea of conspiracy prompted you to raise a number of points. These are valid points, to be sure. The problem is, the claims you’ve made on these points are not necessarily factual.

You had stated that “persons connected to Donald Trump” were looking into an electoral challenge, invoking the Electoral Count Act of 1887. That may well have been the case, and, as you correctly said, it would be perfectly legal to do so. You posed this presumption as a question, thus implying there was some sort of conspiracy afoot.

I have two problems with this. First, while they may have been acting within the law to question the process, thus the validity of the electoral count, the fact remains that no evidence of wrongdoing was found. Nevertheless, members of Congress had every right to lodge objections on January 6, which they did.Therefore, it begs the question: where is the conspiracy?

Second is a much more complicated problem, however, building upon the first. In bringing up this point, you appear to be laying the groundwork for justifying the entirety of the events of January 6. This is crucial, because it reveals at last your purpose in all this: trying to “prove” to me that there was no insurrection. Which is, frankly, a moot point. Whether or not it was an insurrection is irrelevant, because, strictly speaking, insurrection is a criminal act, but not an actual crime. One cannot be charged with insurrection; the actual crime is sedition. Granted, it all sounds like so much legal mumbo-jumbo, these arcane terms, favored by attorneys (as Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, “…let’s kill all the lawyers.”) But it’s not that simple; correct terminology is essential. Just as many people use the terms “traitor” and “treason” ever so casually, it’s more than a bad habit. In fact, it’s very dangerous.

As for the issue of House and Senate leadership supposedly denying Trump’s alleged offer – or, as you claim, multiple offers – of National Guard protection, there are many problems, and I’ll spare you the lengthy description of these.

Instead, I’ll say two things. First, a lot of people are presuming to know precisely what happened, right down to the last detail, regarding when, and where, and who did what, and who said what, and this, and that, and so forth – but they don’t. How could anyone possibly know? All of these are questions that MUST be answered. That’s why the Committee’s work is so important, and that work must continue. But if we presume to know what the Committee will and won’t do, we’ll never get those answers. And if that Committee is disbanded, not only will we not get those answers, we won’t even know all the questions.

The second thing is that those who are refusing to cooperate, refusing to provide documentation, actively working to prevent other from cooperating, or testifying, or providing evidence, ARE obstructing justice. And that’s an absolute fact. What they’re doing is the very definition of obstruction of justice, and it’s my firm belief, not just as an attorney but as an American citizen, that these people must be held accountable. Even if that means they’re prosecuted, to the fullest extent of the law.

No one – repeat, NO ONE – is above the law.

My Man Trump

John, this creep is not a rino he is lower than that….He is a poser and probably works for the commies in the pretend white house. His job is to troll the DJT site and act like he is not illegitimate like the rest of them. Disgraceful, really.


Ya, think your right on the money.

Mark Rakow

You seem a bit peevish. If there’s anything I can do to further aggravate or infuriate you, I’m only too happy to comply.


The proof, one way or the other, exists. But no one is ever going to see it. No one is going to count the 57k illegal, or 34k double counted ballots in AZ to see how those ballots were cast. No one is ever going to go back now and remove the 250k+ unconstitutional votes in PA, or the 265k or so ballots in WI that the WI Supreme Court said were illegal, where WISC Judges said they were illegal, but they would do nothing about it. They might find more illegal votes in WI via the nursing home investigation, and ballot harvesting in GA; But the ballots found to be illegal will not be thrown out or recounted. And no one in MI is even going to look at the double counted and illegal ballots there. If anyone still thinks recounting votes to prove Trump won is still the game, they are missing the real point. The real point is to crack down and clean up the election processes, so it doesn’t happen again. President Trump at some point should turn his attention toward Making Your Vote Count instead of Stop the Steal.

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Mark Rakow

You claim whatever number of “illegal” or “double-counted” or “unconstitutional” ballots or votes – whatever – but you provide absolutely no proof of any of it. Not the numbers, and not the labels. Nothing.

And, by the way, he’s NOT “President Trump.” Not by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, the correct phrase is “former President Trump.” I’m quite sure you don’t like it. But that’s the way it is.

Johnny Appleseed

So you admit irregularities.

Hmmm… slowly the wheels turn.

“Show the proof.”

“Prove it.”

Here is the truth:

The people that cheated know they cheated. Life and things are like plants. They start off a seed. Then they grow.

If this all was of God we will see it.

If it is all political ploy, God will reveal it.

The truth always comes to the top.

The truth is, I don’t ever have to write anything ever again.

It is in God’s hands.

He has the power to handle it with out me ever lifting a finger.

If God wants the truth to come to light…

It will.

If he wants the masses to be blind and ignorant they will.

If this was a bad seed it’s fruits will show it.

I give up.

I put it in the hand of he who is greater than I could ever be.

I know what I saw.

I did what he moved me to do. I spoke out until he is now telling me to stop and let him handle it.

He don’t want Trump to have the glory.

He don’t want me to have the glory.

He don’t want the people to believe “Moses” freed them.

He wants the people to know HE, God the father almighty, freed them.

Not me, not you, not Trump…

But the Alpha and the Omega.

The beginning and the end…

The lord God almighty.

The lord of Host.

The creator of the heavens and the earth.

Mark Rakow

That’s it.
You have now, officially, flipped your lid.

No one

Jesus was called many things…

“Remember they hated me first.”


We’ve got a lot of enemies & they are running the white house, my father fought in VIETNAM and had many encounters with the enemy, if he was alive today to witness this garbage that runs AMERICA stealing lying constantly he would say the enemy must die after all he was drafted he went fought came back a mean dude, didn’t take shit, war makes you want to take out your enemies. AMERICA fight the tyrannical pieces of garbage hang em out to dry. AMERICA 1st not last.

Mark Rakow

Talk is cheap.

Gerald Warner

We are going to find out all these idiots who are against any investigation were using these crimes to get elected themselves including Bastard obama


Same with Cornyn Sr. Senator from Texas were stuck with him


Rino’s worthless!


Wow! What a weenie! Just as we’re moving to SD from CO, too. Leaving because of our loser Lib Governor Jared Polis doesn’t have a spine and can’t be trusted to secure our mail in ballot elections yet alone protect the people from tyrannical lockdowns. At least we can count on Kristi Noem to protect our freedoms better than Polis. Screw public schools in any state, too! States can’t be trusted with our kids yet alone the letter (R) behind their name. We’re watching you ALL!!


He got re-elected in 2020, so he has until 2026 hoping SD citizens forget.

My Man Trump

The way that rino played you is more like a radical commie. He is a poser and a hater and in no way deserving your continued support. Maybe Christy Noam can push him out. Sir, you made him, you can break him. FJB and his evil rinos.




I’ve loved cruz for years. So disappointed in him this last week. Need men and women with a strong backbone. Fighters for the American people. Get the weak ones out!!!


How strong a backbone do you need to just do what you’re told ?

Mark Rakow

Good point.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Extremely disappointed in Senator Cruz and his remarks plus his flip-flop…


I believe rhinos like this have been bought or cheated in office for a while now. The left had a plan to take this country over while everyone was drinking Starbucks and playing with there i phones. President Trump exposed the corruption and the left executed there attempted takeover early. I don’t think it’s gona work out. The American people see the lies and bull shit! This was there big play, I believe there gona fail.




Agreed! I’m researching which corporations are sponsoring who before I vote. I’m not able to run for office at this time in my life or I would. No one owns me.




We’re watching them all closely. An (R) behind someone’s name means NOTHING anymore. Can trust no one. Watch how they vote, wht they do, not say! Spineless sellouts -most all politicians!

God's Cell

Yeah, the questions are, How many Souls will loose track in the process ? and how far in Time the devilish ones can take all of us into mind tricky illusions ? Let’s think higher than High, let’s use all our Mind Power, Heart Power, the true Soul Power. With God, in God, for God.

Mark Rakow

Apparently, you’re already higher than high.

Elizabeth Curtiss

Bravo President Trump! Stop supporting these weak spined RINOs. That includes Graham, McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniels. They are all snakes. They are exactly why we are in the position we are in. They did not stand up and fight with you on the fraudulent 2020 election. The Democrats have been stealing elections for years. Time to get tough as we see Obama gearing up to steal the midterms.


He did a terrible thing. He told the truth.


FJB! and YOU!


Rinos = FAKE Republicans!

Yuk Chun Birch

Yes, Mr. President. These “representatives” not only are RINOs. They are also enemies of the people (allow me to use your term😅) to deny 75+ million voter’s concern! They’re the ones deliberately blind to the destruction of the current administration brings!!😡


I wonder what they offered him/have on him…

Deborah Addor

I agree with you Mr. President.
God is separating the wheat from the chaff.

God's Cell

Witch Hunt : : : Wheat Shunt

Save Our United States

RINOs and Democrats are destroying our country.

If and when the Republicans win back the house/senate in 2022, winning is not the end goal; it is the starting line. Take note: we are watching.


Well Said!


Your Statement is vary true. I think again if we don’t correct the corruption that happened in the 2020 election there won’t be a victory in 2022.

Elizabeth Headley

AMEN! SO SAITH OUR PRESDENT! #19! It’s always refreshing when you speak the truth over their lies! Thank you for HELPING US NAVIGATE these murky waters! INFORMED VOTERS ARE THE ONLY KIND THAT COUNT!!!


Round and around mike


Where does rounds get his news and intelligence. 50-60% of state does not follow Twitter and CNN for info.


Thank you, Senator Rounds, for having the courage to speak the truth!


Liberals = LIARS!


Most democrats and all RINO are commie bastards/bitches. It’s sick people like Nancy Pelosi that gave way to one thinking twice about our ancestors burning witches at the stake. It’s people like Chuck Schumer that; like wise, give one a second look at the dunking stool.

RINOs are even worse than the above mentioned scum bags. They give justification to “KILL ON SIGHT.” RINOs are not even deserving of a stoning to death. Or a stockade in the town square.

Yes, deep hate has formed in the country for these kinds of people. Enriching themselves off of the People, at the expense of people’s well being and lives. The People have a very high tolerance for this crap. Stupid politicians actually think the People are God damned stupid to recognize the screwing they are receiving by said politicians, but in reality it’s the politician that is to stupid to understand the high tolerance of the People. Furthermore; these politicians actually think that the People won’t or can’t take action against said scum bag politicians. Again; they are stupid politicians and can’t see reality due to the fog of money and power in their mind’s eye.

The tolerance of the People is nearing its end! The rope we gave is now secure to the tree and the noose has been tied. You’re about to hang high. You corrupt behavior and actions have given the People the justification to live with your end.

I can only think of a half dozen Republicans serving the People well; while all the rest serve only themselves by kissing the asses of those the feed them the People’s tax dollars or monies earn via the People.

We will go as far as killing all things (country etc).

Today’s politician; more than ever in history, makes one want to give way to: “Kill em all, and let God sort em out.” Not sure why we need God – all are going to hell.

We are about to send them packing. Go ahead and keep on giving the People a reason. You best toe the line we the People have set for you.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We need honest elections with voter ID. NOW. Vote out all democrats and RINOS.

Mark Rakow

Voter ID is voter suppression.

My Man Trump

That is right Mark. After all, how in the hell are you going to cheat if you have to use those pesky IDs. Never mind that you need IDs to do anything in this country, including healthcare. But what the hell…..How else can illegal aliens vote or commies that vote many, many times for same candidate. You got away with this bullshit in 2020 but the
china virus is over. They can’t massage the data forever.

Mark Rakow

Exactly how would an ID prevent a Commie – or anyone else, for that matter – from “voting many, many times for the same candidate?”

Voter ID has nothing to do with the virus. The virus did not make an ID necessary, nor unnecessary. Which illustrates the point that Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem


Speaking of enriching, is it okay with you that the RNC uses your contributions to pay trump’s personal legal fees. The cost is well over a million dollars. Please look it up before you start screaming.

Daniel A S

You are absolutely right, Mr. President. RINO Rounds votes against us all the time. He does not listen to his constituents. We in SD are p!ssed. We are also questioning Thunes’ loyalty to his constituents. They are definitely not for making America great again. Questioning if they would have gotten elected if the vote was less than “okay.” SD has got election problems that need to get fixed!


Most democrats and all RINO are commie bastards/Bitches. It’s sick people like Nancy Pelosi that give way to one thinking twice about our ancestors burning witches at the stake. It’s people like Chuck Schumer that; like wise, give one a second look at the dunking stool.

RINOs are even worse than the about mentioned scum bags. They give justification to “KILL ON SIGHT.”

Yes, deep hate has form in the country for these kinds of people. Enriching themselves off of the People at the expense of people’s lives.

I can only think of a half dozen Republicans serving the People while all the rest serve only themselves by kissing the asses of those the feed them the People’s tax dollars.

Makes one want to “Kill em all, and let God sort em out.” Not sure why we need God – their all going to hell.

Craig Barrett

Trash like him need to be ran out of office with their tails between their legs #NEVERFORGET


I just can’t abide a turn-coat- kick him to the curb like yesterdays trash.


It’s a shame when you can’t depend on an elected republican politician that can’t uphold the value of his constituents.


You think all his constituents would prefer he lie?
Actually, you have a double negative in that sentence. That means he was truthful?

Kreg Vergith

Sir, the good news is that RINO’s can only wear sheep’s clothing for so long before it starts itching and forcing them to reveal their true nature.

They can be very skilled at deception, and that is a trait not fit for an elected representative.

Thank you, Mr. President, for weeding out these weak, counterproductive, and dangerous individuals.

What do we do about the (generously) “mercurial” Joe Manchin?

Who’s twisting Mitch McConnell’s arm?


Screw that Bum.



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