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I am not watching the latest witch hunt. I won’t give them the satisfaction of filling my head with their vitriol. But, I know Ivanka was mentally checked out, as were the other family members and who can blame them? YEARS of abuse from the lying leftists fake news for doing a beautiful job trying to save the country and bless the citizens.
On that day, the leftists insiders incited the insurrection they were planning all along, the Trump family were caught off guard, it would stand to reason that she and any loving, sane human being would say they wanted to do something to stop it.
And with Barr making his lying comments previously, the battle was too uphill. She felt check mated and indeed, we all did.
So I imagine this is where this is coming from. But that is all speculation from reading the stupidity of peoples’ comments on social media.
So I could be wrong..but..I doubt I am.

My Man Trump

To hell with Bill Barr. He was a coward. Ivanka and Jared can come out publicly now and refute all the commies statements about them. But really it does not matter. It is just an opinion and not proof of anything. The country knows the truth even though Bill Barr was too chicken shit to stand up to the commies, but DJT and his followers (of which there are millions) are not. We stand with you, President Trump!


Ivanka is a Birllant and Beautiful First Lady. There was certainly chaos on that day and Bill Barr was I’m sure a deliberate part. He is a snake in the grass, lying in wait. Prompting his part.

Lulu Babette

IVANKA was not FIRST LADY moron – IVANKA is his daughter -this is a metaphorical comment for the typical Trump Supporter


Cindy started drinking Early Today!


Don’t drink, but thanks for correcting me. Hope you can get over it. Malanina is Brilliant and Beautiful First Lady and so is Ivanka.


My bad

My Man Trump

That is okay, those words can still be used for his daughter. She is brilliant and beautiful, as well.


You got conned by Barr and Fauci the quintessential deep state creatures. Remember that for next term.


Ivanka was with trump at the WH all day on January 6. She tried to get him to stop the insurrection. How was she not involved? She didn’t have to agree with Barr. She knew he was right.


You should be yaking on Lying biden aka slow joes page. That’s where the uninformed spew their opinions void of any fact.

My Man Trump

Ivanka is not in a position to say either way. And who cares, asshole. It doesn’t change the fact of the massive steal that happened. Trump won!!! Get over it.


“Insurrection” you people are so dumb…why didn’t the FBI charge Trump with insurrection ?…You think all of the protestors being unjustifiably incarcerated classify an insurrection ? You can’t understand the magnitude of the illusion because the indoctrination has filled that little space in your head..


How is Ray Epps doing Prize?


Errr, she was under oath when she said what she said so I hope it was true…


Errr,, Pippy is a Stupid-Lib!

Michael Jenson

bbbdb = bill barr dumb bitch damn forgot the +… till these self-serving American hating bitches get a jail sentence and take their money away nothing will change…. oh, Andy Taylor was a good show …. sorry about the cussing but I feel it’s time to be a vocal and one more thing can I get Pelosi to make my old DUI go away? some animals are more deserving than others huh Pelosi and they wonder why there not liked. weirdos


A respect Barr didn’t deserve, sir!


Everyone knows the Truth & knows Ivanka wasn’t involved. Yes, she did leave long before. It’s a good thing too because if she had been around & gave a hint, she thought Barr sucked they would really be after her for days.

Gloria Hensley

Yet the ‘wanna-be committee’ had her in their little friendly jail room for 7-1/2 hours!!!!


Her testimony was by video. She wasn’t in any “jail room”.

My Man Trump

You will be if you keep this up. She could testify that the sky is purple. Is it? Grow up.

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