Jack Smith purposefully omitted the Presidential Records Act

“Deranged Jack Smith purposefully omitted the Presidential Records Act from his sham Indictment, even though he knows that the PRA is the only law that applies to this subject. Nor does he mention the Clinton Socks Case, or any of the many others cases that are exactly on point, and completely vindicate me. He should be ashamed of himself but, more importantly, he, the DOJ, and the FBI, should be sanctioned for PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT and Grand Jury Abuse. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mary Geiger

The mad men of the DOJ have not made anyone believe they’re really honest about anything. They’ll use anyone who they think will give them the knockout they desire so they can go about their destruction of our country. They do play dirty. Only one person can stop them, and they keep tying him up with all this fake crime. And their persecution of President Trump is persistent.


This regime doesn’t follow the law. They believe they’re above the law and can use it for their narrative to interfere with our Election. So long as they weaponized our doj, FBI, media and other entities, they will continue to abuse our President Trump and our systems.
There has to be some good, God fearing people high up that can stop this abuse.
This is not the America I was born and raised in.
I pray God help us.



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