Joe Biden just canceled a major Alaska oil lease

“Not even believable that Joe Biden just cancelled a major Alaska oil lease where not only big dollars would be made by the United States (instead of another country) but also massive amounts of oil would be produced when gasoline is at the highest price ever.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

We all believe it, Sir. This is how we have been living since the illegitimate regime. It didn’t take them long to destroy us. Now everyone is losing their life savings and babies are starving, unless your an illegal alien invading our country.


How to raise fuel costs and everything else? Crush our oil. Germany lost the war also, when they had no more fuel


He just keeps throwing Americans under the bus!


FJB! and the Liberals!
MAGA and Energy INDEPENDENT!!!!!!!!!!




FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


Please tell the WHOLE DAMN Story. No one wanted to produce there!!


Joe Biden Did THAT!

Save Our United States

…or perhaps you need to dig a little deeper

Biden Oil And Gas Lease Sale Cancellations Draw Strong Reaction

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Dean Anoia

Of course he did. He hates USA with a passion. #MagaKing embraced

R Minoglio

Wake up people. President Trump you are the only one who can fix this. If it is not to late. We need you now more than ever. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. I love my country. I hope it is not to late.

Bonnie Posner

Biden is out to destroy us!


Destruction of our United States .. Democrats in control .. never forget .. #KeepOnTrumpinTruth

Save Our United States

Still looking for some insight on this: Where in the constitution does it say that the federal government has a right to own or control land in any of the 50 sovereign states? The federal government is an entity, not a state. If the government was forced to return sovereign land to the 50 states, we would remove federal control of our resources.

Save Our United States

Intentional destruction of the USA. All of this is well planned. How long until the citizens rise up?

Anonymous pxerson

Do any people here read newspapers? In 2021 the American oil industry put $174,000,000,000 in their pockets. That’s pure profit after all business expenses paid. For comparison McDonald’s made only $23 billion. Do they look poor to you? Even Wal-Mart makes only $123 billion. The oil companies have us over a barrel. They are fat, happy, greedy, and wealthy, and they love it when you stick Biden stickers next to their corrupt prices. They could cut prices in half tommorow, if Republicans really cared about you. They don’t work for you, they work for the oil men and Saudi Arabians. How did they manage to do this without any new drilling in Alaska for the past five years? For 80% of that time Donald Fucking-Idiot Trump was in control of those leases. The oil companies don’t want to drill, drilling is expensive. It would take ten years to see any profit. They weren’t going to drill in Alaska. Their current plan is to reduce their production and keep raising prices. They love hearing you hicks blame Biden. Exactly what do you think Donald Trump would be doing to the oil companies right now?. He would be taking bribes, and at some point he would rat-fuck those same companies by capping their prices just like Richard Nixon did. Rat-fucking is Trump’s only business skill, besides marketing, of course. The dumbest, most embarrassing foolishness you can engage in is believing Trump knows how to do anything but fuck other people in the real estate business, and hide the fact that he isn’t a billionaire. He’s the stupidest President in American history, and he’s completely insane.


FJB! and YOU!


Not sure your comparison is just, McDonald’s and Walmart don’t put gas in my car. The American oil is an industry not a company. Certain there’s a lot more involved in this matter.


Anonymous fuels his/her car with Happy Meals!

Mary Geiger

Biden is in a big hurry to make us go belly-up. Either he’s taking orders from the devil himself or ol’ joe is the devil.


Joe Bama = 666 The Anti-Christ

Charles Gregory

He is just following the script to economic devastation, China spent their money wisely.


We pay the price of a stolen election!

Happy US Insurrection Day (11/3/2020)!?!?!?!

I remember $1.87 / Gallon when you Made America Energy Independent!


Well Said!
God Bless Texas!


This POS FAKE imposter MUST HANG!!!!!


I hope Biden has some long john’s to wear cause the older you get and as skinny as he is he’s going to freeze those hairy legs off that he is so proud of. He may be trying to cut our throat’s, but he forgets his is in it too.

Last edited 10 months ago by Betty

Are we at the precipice yet?

Gloria Hensley

You do know that he wants us to become a communist 3rd world country don’t you? So, everything he does is toward our destruction. This will be a job for Jesus and His Mother.

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