Joe Biden must apologize to America

“Joe Biden must apologize to America for allowing the Military to leave before civilians and for allowing $85 Billion dollars worth of sophisticated Military equipment to be handed over to the Taliban (and Russia and China so they can copy it) rather than bringing it back to the United States!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kate Kate

An apology is well and good, Sir, but I want Bi-den and Harris to go. JUST GO AWAY.


You have nailed it, as usual! This was a well executed plan!


I wish he would apologize, yes. 👍That would be amazing to hear, but I kinda think things went just the way he—or the puppet master—wanted them to go. So he sees nothing to apologize for. He may even be getting congratulations from some people.

You know what? This is surreal!!! I can’t believe this man is anywhere NEAR the office of the presidency after all he’s done—and neglected to do. Unbelievable. Never would I have imagined America’s “President” wouldn’t be immediately handcuffed and escorted straight to jail in light of all that’s happened. I don’t have a place for this in my brain and it’s exhausting me. A living nightmare.

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