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My Man Trump

Thank for everything you do for us and our country. If not for you, the evil illegitimate regime would have swallowed us whole by now. Instead, we are watching the rise of the best President of our time, if not ever. We are all waiting, Sir, when the time is right.

Save Our United States

Thank you for explaining your choice for JD Vance and recognizing that some of us had another candidate in mind. It shows you are listening. Good enough and nice touch.

I watched your rally with my dad and we had a few chuckles. One thing though, we both agreed that, while you were President we didn’t have all of the worries that we have now. Now, every damn day it seems that something new happens that is cause for concern.

The newly elected Republican majority better produce this time — no more feckless sideshows — otherwise we may be reading about the Republican party in history books.


You are the only one that gives me hope….the only one that makes me feel in my core that we can save our country. Thank you President Trump!!!


Watching from Texas. On Rsbn. As always great. Trump Trump Trump Trump…..


Sounds GREAT President Trump!


Big BELLY!!!!!

My Man Trump

Big mouth, small brain!

Dan for DT

Glenn will be watching from his bedroom in his parents basement.

Jana R Keenan

Will be watching from California!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President