Just dropped a large portion of their request for my records and documents

“The Unselect Committee of Radical Left Democrats, and two failed Republicans, has just dropped a large portion of their request for my records and documents—a very big story even though the New York Times refused to put it on the front page. The reason that they dropped the records request is that they don’t want this horror show to happen to Biden and Hunter in three years. This also changes the entire complexion of their request, not that there are any documents that would be incriminating or a problem for me—but the Witch Hunt continues!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kreg Vergith

Shifty Schiff, Little Jerry Nadler and the rest of that Dem “select” “Commitee” are setting themselves up for some poetic justice.

There will be “perp walks” for months!

John F. Brzezinski III

Actually, you should wonder what the real reason they started the ignorant requests is…..OPTICS. News has been running a “Here it comes” campaign for 4 solid years based on witch hunts.


We the People want to see the demonkrat and corrupt politician’s records!


It’s really embarrassing. I thought most politicians were smart or at least have some common sense. Well, here they are showing the world their lack of. We need to have a Nov. 3rd Commitee.


Jan 6, Legal Protest, turned Riots, clearly was a “FED SURRECTION” – all planned and designed by the FBI and the Democrats to politically harm Pres. Trump and his Supporters. See the Revolver News Investigation on this.

Gerald Warner

These epstien clients and workers that never came forward also needs prosecuted. The law states…If you know of a crime and do not report it your just as guilty as the one that pulled the trigger


That’s bs. And it’s you’re


Wow, are you kidding me? You don’t think those poor young girls Epstein and others molested deserve justice?

Gerald Warner

This needs to happen in 3 years no matter what they do now along with all the other crimes that have happen in WA DC


They dropped their request probably because they themselves are illegal. Hopefully about to be dissolved. Can’t even follow their own rules.


Those fools are so boring with the same play book! Can we say hand cuffs!


They are disgusting. Can’t win legally, so they lie and cheat.


O_O “… in three years.” !!!

all hopes for wrongs to be made right were just dashed by these words from your statement.

so, in essence, “they” did get away with it.


why are people down-voting me?


I don’t know, but maybe because you are implying you expect Trump to somehow return before 2024. We need patience! Sometimes it takes a while for justice.


The request was not dropped, but just deferred. Tim Mulvey, the committee’s spokesperson, emphasized that the decision to defer the request was temporary.

“The Select Committee has not withdrawn its request for those records and will continue to engage with the executive branch to ensure we get access to all the information relevant to our probe,” Mulvey said.

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Kreg Vergith

Oh, please…




Spot On President Trump!
They are SO LOW in the poles now they do not want any more heat from


Many lives were ruined on Jan. 6. God willing, you and others who pushed the “Big Lie” will be held accountable.

Ed eddie

They never needed facts as they were planning to make up incriminating scenarios anyway.


Congratulations President Trump, and to your attorneys. Now, please go talk to Ron DeSantis. I love the guy. He fights for his people – – but re-disgricting in Florida is losing big time to the democrats/Marxists. Again he democrats ae takng over in the field of re-disricting. Biden is eating dirt, but the democrats are zooming by the Republicans in several states with Florida being the leader of falling behind. I don’t even consider myself a Republican anymore because of McConnell and McCarthy and many more RINOs. Also, when WiinRed rakes in 40% of what is given to RNC – I no longer donate to them. I give directly to my Michigan people: Steve Cara and Ryan Kelley. I am not a wealthy person and when I donate, I want to know I’m not giving WinRed 40 cents out of a dollar. You live in Florida, make and appointment and go talk to DeSantis. He can get on his staff and get things in action. Thank you.


It just goes on and on….Sir, you and your family are such a blessing. I’m filled with such gratitude that you have remained at our side. I cannot even let my mind drift to where this country would be at this time without you and your inspiration to us all. God Bless and Thank you.


not that there are any documents that would be incriminating or a problem for me”

I guess that’s why Mr TRUMP has gone all the way to the Supreme Court…


If the republicans win congress and senate in 2022, and if they don’t impeach every democrat leader in sight and open investigations into the FBI, DOJ, and DOE etc etc, they’ll never get my vote again.

Lynn Frank

Oh, OK Steve, I’m sure they’ll just get out the AX and wail away indiscriminately cause they sure don’t want to lose your vote.

Mark Rakow

If the Republicans take control of the House in 2022, and impeachment is how they choose to spend their time from 2022 to 2024, they won’t have anything to run on in 2024.

Which will surely cost them control of the House in 2024 – a Presidential election year.

As for the Senate, there’s not much chance the Republicans will take control. So impeachments will seem all the more ridiculous.

Kreg Vergith

Those unselect (I like that!) losers are so predictable.

Shifty Schiff and the rest will always reliably pivot to CYA when they get enough pushback.

You need have no worries about what they’ll do from here.

It’s prudent to keep a close eye on them, but they got nothing – and they know it.

They’re a fly on your nose, Sir.

Kreg Vergith


They all have some pretty slimy skeletons in the closet which they can’t outrun, and that will affect their actions.

It’s terrific to watch you and your closest advisors telling them where to stuff their subpoenas.

Apart from legal fees, you all don’t have a lot to lose in all this.

Godspeed, Mr. President.

Deborah Addor

Deuteronomy 28:7
The Lord will cause all your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face; they will rise against you one way and flee before you seven ways. Hallelujah ✝️
I pray this scripture for you President Trump often.

Last edited 1 year ago by Deborah Addor
Kreg Vergith

Thank you for quoting that verse. I’d nearly forgotten about it.

I challenge anyone to say it better than that!


Disclosure is a very powerful weapon.

Craig Barrett

Piss on the unselect treasonous trash




Eat my Shorts

Eddy Leger

exactly what i been thinking………the tables always turn……Karma is a horrible way to learn the most important commandment…….you don’t screw Trump with malice and expect nothing in return…….be well


The tables haven’t turned anywhere near enough for me.



Deborah Addor

It is actually scriptural.
Deuteronomy 28:7
The Lord will cause all your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before your face; they will rise against you one way and flee before you seven ways.
Hallelujah ✝️

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