Justice Must Prevail!

“Can you imagine, the failed Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance (at the time), took Crooked Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, from her and the Democrats Law Firm, Paul Weiss, Rifkind…., and gently placed them into the District Attorney’s Office in order to PROSECUTE “TRUMP.” They have GREAT liability for doing this! It got so bad that various prosecutors quit because they thought that Donald Trump was being treated so badly and unfairly – and it continues. In the end, Justice Must Prevail!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Can’t wait to see you take them down. Their day is coming.


Mr President I hope you sue them in to oblivion!

Kreg Vergith

Hillary and Co. believe there’s nothing they can’t do to “get Trump”.

Thankfully, some prosecutors saw the light, and bailed out. Smart.

But, this ain’t over!

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