Kevin McCarthy will be meeting with me

“Kevin McCarthy will be meeting with me this afternoon at Trump National in Bedminster, N.J. Much to discuss!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Christine Marie Hester

The January 6th Commission is just Another attempted Impeachment by the left

Florida Robert

Cute. Get Dems to focus on California. But usurper Biden is still in charge of US military and taking your idea as his own. Less talk and more action, please.


And so he should! You’re still the President as far as I’m concerned.

Mike Hunt

Just a quickie or will he be spending the night?


Covids Over, You’ll be going back to Junior High school soon…


It is more like Kindergarten.

Kathryn Vass

Good to know. Hope you have a most productive meeting. My best to Congressman McCarthy. Sorry you couldn’t get your special ring back from that MK guy. (JK, MK guy. 😉) All my best. ~kv

Mike Kissinger

Will you be using your special ring for him to kiss?


You’re Therapist called me, He wants to know why you keep missing you sessions.

Mike Kissinger

Don’t worry my little trollie, you too may be summoned some day to kiss the ring. Hang in there, you are good Trump material.


Mike Kissinger is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Mike Kissinger

Oooooh, another little trollie! I am so honored! Two of my very own trolls.

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