Late Night Television is absolutely dying

“Late Night Television is absolutely dying. The hosts are not funny, talented, or smart. Actually, it’s amazing that they keep their jobs. Ratings have gone south to a level never seen before. I could take the average person on the street, insert them in these loser’s place, and the entertainment level would be better. Stephen Colbert is drawing “flies,” Jimmy Kimmel is down almost 50%, and Fallon has lost 60%. Basket case Seth Meyers has lost most of his audience, BORING. Trump haters are DEAD!”

By Donald J. Trump

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They “ALL” know what is coming. The “fake” news media are “knowingly” ignoring the truth. They know I exposed all the names, of government “swamp,” and Hollywood “elites,” in Epsten’s flight log.They also know, I exposed Nancy Pelosi, in the underground rooms of Epstein island,caught on security camera 11. The “fake” news trashing “QAnon” are intentional and disinformation/misinformation. They are “guilty” of covering up a worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring.They al
know we have everything🌹🦁🇺🇸💓 #MAGA~#QAnon~#WWG1WGA

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Nancy Pelosi is a Sadomasochist Alcoholic!
Paul Pelosi is a Homosexual Alcoholic Sadomasochist!
911 Call:
His name is David, and he is MY Friend at 2:30 AM!


Hating is not a good trade…..Ever!


Lol, I would love to see some upcoming comedians that are not woke. We need some good entertainment. There is a lot of fun that can be poked at the Dems party and policy’s.
Comedians should be having a field day, lots of material.

My Man Trump

Late night TV is the worst. Never watched any of it. I do not participate in the never-Trumper club.

Mary Geiger

There’s nothing like a good ol’ old rerun at night if you like. There are more channels now that have a lot of the old reruns that people actually liked to watch. Some funny, some not. Still better TV than the new garbage that is offered nowadays.


100% Correct!


People are watching Gutfield.


Yes Sir!
Gutfield Rules!


It is all politics. Not even funny. Never watch them. What a waste of time.


FIRE ALL late-night LOSER talk show host NOW!
NOBODY watches that Bullshit!

Gil Reite

I hope you do not mean DEAD literary Sir. They are all reched humanbeings, that my be a little harsh, but if they have committed crimes against humanity so be it.


Dead as in Done, Kaput, Out of Business, etc.

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