Let me explain the facts

“Now that Ron DeSanctimonious is finally admitting he’s in the Race by beginning to fight back, and now that his Polls have crashed so he has no other choice, let me explain the facts. He is, for a Republican, an average Governor, he got 1.2 million less Votes in Florida than me, he fought for massive cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and wanted Social Security minimum age to be raised to 70-years-old, or more. He is a disciple of Paul Ryan, and did whatever Ryan told him to do. Florida has been successful for many years, long before I put Ron there—It’s amazing what Ocean and Sunshine will do! Surprise, Ron was a big Lockdown Governor on the China Virus, sealing all beaches and everything else for an extended period of time, was Third Worst in the Nation for COVID-19 Deaths (losing 86,294 People), Third Worst for Total Number of Cases, at 7,516,906. Other Republican Governors did MUCH BETTER than Ron and, because I allowed them this “freedom,” never closed their States. Remember, I left that decision up to the Governors! For COVID Death Rates Per State, Ron, as Governor of Florida, did worse than New York. In Education, Florida ranks among the worst in the Country and on crime statistics, Florida ranked Third Worst in Murder, Third Worst in Rape, and Third Worst in Aggravated Assault. For 2022, Jacksonville was ranked as one of the Top 25 Major Crime Cities in the Country, with Tampa and Orlando not doing much better. On Education, Florida ranks #39 in Health & Safety in the Country, #50 in Affordability, and #30 in Education & Childcare, HARDLY GREATNESS THERE! The fact is, Ron is an average Governor, but the best by far in the Country in one category, Public Relations, where he easily ranks Number One—But it is all a Mirage, just look at the facts and figures, they don’t lie—And we don’t want Ron as our President!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Ron De Santis must be a communist! Simple as that


TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

I guess you do not want Ron to get too big for his britches. And you were just putting him in his place. He would do well to stand behind you and support. you instead of judging you. JESUS forgives you everyday and only you know what you confess to GOD; it is a moot point to bring up old news. But, it seems the news media say things as if it were true and they are slandering you. They really should be more careful of what they say. But, as for me, I don’t care what you did or didn’t do, JESUS forgives you. He forgives me too, so we are safe. JESUS says we are pure and holy. It doesn’t matter what other people say, they are not the judge. And if they stood before the judge, would they be declared not guilty? Even if they just said a cross word to their spouse. Don’t worry about sanctimonious folks. They act “holier than thou” but, if they saw your pure heart, they would be ashamed. Nancy A. Daylo


Ron D. is a Back Stabber!
TRUMP 2024!


Ron DeSantis deserves credit for reigning in Disney World, taking Woke education out of K-3, relocating illegal immigrants/invaders, removing a Woke DA (think NY’s Brooks), blocking digital currency from banks in Florida, works well with others, and has many more successes.

He is young. He is without six years of non-stop investigations and verbal wars. He shows potential to reach and bring in young independents, some young Democrats, and some young Republicans that don’t see the need to vote. He has the JFK appeal.

For many people, he is considered a peaceful alternative to you.

Tread carefully.

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