Let them know that you’re sick and tired of FAKE NEWS!

“Time Warner, the owner of Fake News CNN, has just announced that they will be terminating a very popular and wonderful news network (OAN). Between heavily indebted Time Warner, and Radical Left Comcast, which runs Xfinity, there is a virtual monopoly on news, thereby making what you hear from the LameStream Media largely FAKE, hence the name FAKE NEWS! I believe the people of this Country should protest the decision to eliminate OAN, a very important voice. Likewise, Comcast is terrible and expensive. Let them know that you’re sick and tired of FAKE NEWS! In this modern age of technology, they are no longer necessary. Demand that OAN be allowed to stay on the air. It is far bigger and more popular than anyone knows, and importantly, it represents the voice of a very large group of people!”

By Donald J. Trump

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OAN is my news source.


ok people….listen to GUTFIELD, Tyrus, Kat T, etc. They tell it like it really is, &
funny at times, their guest love them too cause they all get to speak their TRUE
minds!! They are on Fox TV channel. 😉

Mark Rakow

OAN is neither “very popular” or “wonderful.” If it was either of those things, they wouldn’t be removing it.

Even a very stable genius ought to know that.


Only thing we are tired of Donald is a your lies


O brother! No appreciation for the 45th President giving you an opportunity to
share your ideas, opinions & have a dialog of real reasoning; by the way, NO OTHER past
president ever considered to do with the American people, because they see themselves
as the untouchables! You should be thankful Dan. 🙁


They don’t care what we think. The blood is in the water and the sharks are here to destroy all the little fishies in the deep blue sea, sorry folks but thats you and that’s me. Communism only sucks if you are on the bottom or awake. so,…the top is full, best go to sleep. The world leaders and fake news pretending to care about the atrocities in Ukraine all know it could be stopped right quick by buying all their oil from the US. Cut off their money…but, weird, no moves being made, huh? Its bc they are doing this on purpose to get rid of the last legitimately elected world leader that is left and to punish the people that voted him in. First Trump and the J6ers and all those who have been silenced by that and now Zelensky and all the precious people there dying, fleeing, losing it all. And world leaders twiddle, drum their fingers on the table, waiting. But hey, at least Soros can complete his bucket list. There’s that.

Hannah Lenfestey

Lately I’ve seen a shift in the way Newsmax is a heading. It’s almost citizenship they have join the main stream media, I’ll find another way to get my news but I don’t trust Newsmax anymore. Looking for TruthSocial and my complete approval to join. God bless and Save America!

Meegan Fixler

I was hoping that Newsmax wouldn’t be another Fake News Propaganda outlet, but it is. They fired Emerald Robinson, who in my opinion was a great journalist! I am really disgusted with the whole thing. OAN should get on Roku. But I am going to protest this move by Time Warner!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Meegan Fixler
Jojo Gomez

The fake news media has gone too far. They didn’t even cover the rigged 2020 election and the rigged dominion machines that flipped votes from trump to Biden in the dead of night. They also didn’t air Mike Lindel’s excellent program Absolute Proof. It is time to impeach Biden for being incompetent and bringing trump back in. We must take this to the Supreme Court, although the Dems might have rigged that too. We should only have true patriot America first MAGA people in congress to get this country turned around before it becomes a communist nation

My Man Trump

Disgraceful! What the fake news network and mags are doing to this country is criminal. And it is all for personal power and greed. They have been in it all the way with the radical, commie left. And Fox news is no better with that rino Ryan. There is so much they are not allowed to say….election fraud, to name one.

Military Vet

It amazes me how the elite in the wolrld are openly discussing taking over politicians and governments and if anyone fights for true freedom from the elite tyranny they get cancelled and the elite use their propoganda paid for media to program the masses. The world was just in a global uprising yet the elite ramped up a war with Russia for two reasons to change the narrative and to take more of our freedoms away. The elite own the world wide internet and they are showing how they can shut anyone down. US/NATO have commited many crimes and have never been cancelled. I was US NAVY and I stand for freedom for all not just a select few…hence the reason I got out of military…..we are not fighting for freedom for the masses…we were fighting for freedom for the elite to gain more power and control and many of us were duped and still are to this day. If people want true freedom you first need to get rid of the people trying to enslave you and keep their control. This is how NAZI germany programmed their people to think what they were doing is right, funded by the elite. If the elite can destroy it they can buy it back cheaper and they gain more control. Hence the reason the elite have been implating their banking system to take over people and their countries. People need to also realise the internet was designed to spy on people, nothing is private….NOTHING!!!! I just cant believe their are fellow humans willing to sell out so that they can think they will get a little peice of better life when the evil is in control. Are people not waking up to how the world is going down hill since the radicals got into power in many of the contries and just how odd is it they belong to the same elite groups while their elite masters praise them on how good they are doing implementing the elites plans for a one world order great reset….where elite are in full control of every inch of our lives and tell us how to live. If the wold goes into chaos the elite will hid in their bunkers while we all die…… There is too many of us on the planet and the slite have lost control over us and they are trying to get it back and they are succeeding because we are letting them win.

This is the true WW3…the elite against freedom loving people.




Well sir, well put. But really, all this mess was bound to happen. And
why the majority of young people, middle aged people are following right into the traps
set up by OUR own government, to make people think they must be on food stamps,
public housing, etc, because they are considered to be stupid & cannot think or do for themselves!! What BS & lies people bite into too is beyond me!! God gave us ALL a
brain to think & use of obtaining wisdom & knowledge, to have a GOOD healthy &
wealthy life, if people will apply themself to go after it & stop looking for handouts!!!
Nothing is free, it will cost you something. The issue is, what are these people willing
to give up in order to really have this freedom of life?? Makes me wonder.


Tired of fake news. Real journalists doing real news need to come back.


We need to protest the labeling of OAN’s being far-right, Trump propaganda organization.
The fact that OAN is labeled as such, which every article I found on Google about OAN states, is proof that the presentation of world events, national events, public speech, is tainted and distorted to mislead the people of the United States and the world.

A controlled media guarantees a controlled population. This cannot be allowed to continue.

The big question remains: Who is there to represent us against a controlled media? Who is there to sue the media giants or hold them to presented objective news instead of manipulated news?

Simply not watching CNN or not subscribing to Time-Warner, etc. will not affect the manipulation of the news to meet the views of those who are destroying the US from within.


Start your own news station!


Good Idea. Why don’t you call it “Pravda Social”.

Johnny Appleseed

Here is a bit on the fake news I think we should pay attention too.


The sun is in a solar minimum.

The last time this happened we got Stratovarius Violins.

But, from what I hear we are going to have massive solar flares possibly over the next few days???

I am scratching my head….

How does that work exactly???

Meegan Fixler

Good question!


LOL!!! Me too! :0

Becky G

Well… OAN definitely not as bad as FOX..Newsmax…. Its really the only TV news that shares pretty much the truth… I do 💖💖 PEARSON SHARP! He is an EXCELLENT REPORTER!


I love oan… Damn those Nazis

Bonnie Posner

The censorship is so out of hand. I can tell when people are only watching Fake news and are unaware of the truth and are totally brainwashed…so frutrating, especially when they are close to you!


Why doesn’t Mr TRUMP just buy Time Warner ?


Your becoming unhinged Dean, (Nov 2022, has got you rattled)

You really need to take a couple days off and do some inner reflection. (And come back fresh)

(Besides I heard Soros is interested)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

THosk you kinda think your slick with that reply, shouldn’t you be burning down a Wendy’s or a federal court house or something?
A mope like you loves to see freedom of speech being attacked. To bad we couldn’t drop you off in Iran, they would fix your slick ass real good.


I’m not a Democrat. (So, I don’t burn down anything, except idiotic leftist comments) And you do realize Dean is a leftist?

And because of your typical leftist style aggressive comment.

You can KISS MY ASS!

(How’s that for a slick reply?)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

T these are the guys I was telling you about… they are like little wind-up toys.

Makes it look like we are fighting…. Mis fire snapping at each other because we are tired is one thing… creative criticism is another welcomed thing….

These guys look like us talk like us… will eventually become one of us if there is an ounce of truth in their souls…

But are used like hand grenades by the other side…

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

So true, but I like to be the one who picks up their hand grenade and throws it back at them. (Donald Trump style)


Your so funny! Lol!! Trump style! 😉


Lol!!! We are all humans, it is a matter of who is quicker, faster,
most responsive in a split second! LOL!! Moms….usually are fellows!!


Actually it would be more correct to classify Dean as former RINO rather than “leftist”. But then THosk & company don’t care much about fact… much easier to just make stuff up…

Johnny Appleseed

Make stuff up….

Listen here you two faced little sidewinder….

When T says something, or basically any of us say something you know we are spring boarding you to take the bate… then we let the hammer down on you with the actual facts…

And lord help you if grim or tabby get a hold if you…

As far as you flipping…

So far your words are still writing checks your ass can’t cash.


Lol!! I love you Johnny Appleseed! People need to read that story
from decades past, cause this guy had lots of wisdom, knowledge, and loved God. Planted apple seed trees all across this nation to bear
fruit & feed people & animals. God bless!


If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, Dean.

(Simple as that)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
My Man Trump

A F’ing rino is worse than a commie. You hypocrite nothing burger. You are just an empty suit that has to attack American loving people because you love nothing. You just hate. All you people are disturbingly disturbed.

Becky G

DO 👀 need to repeat what SHOULD HAPPEN 2 traitors??


Come on don’t contribute to any bashing process! They are just venting on each other! Lol!


Come on people; let’s not cut each other at the throat over
wanting to share your opinions. We get a chance to have dialog on
our 45th Presidents’ site, in which NO OTHER President has ever
thought about us little pee-ons EVER. So it is great we all can really
come together and speak our truths about what is really going on
in our beloved America! God bless you both!!

Johnny Appleseed

T is a good guy.

T is pretty slick but not like you are saying… I have misfired on him too….

T is a Patriot.

My Man Trump

What THosk said, you moron.

Becky G

He would be HANGING out in the center of town…


My Man Trump

I heard FJB was, too. Have fun!


O heck NO with George Soros, the old douch bag needs to disappear!!
It’s his money that has bought & brought all the “evil” into this nation for
the longest time ever!!

Becky G


My Man Trump


American Patriot

Maybe because Mr Trump is nowhere near as rich as he would want us to believe.


I see your being “attacked”. Not sure why. But it’s an excellent idea. Tbh, I don’t think President DJT has the money to do with. 🙁


Amazing how many people are frozen in deep denial and actually continue in support this draft dodging, all-about-me, world class con man.


Does it even matter now that Truth Social will be full blown in less than two weeks !


Crazy joe biden has TO GO

Patricia McDermott

This entire administration has to GO. They’re all corrupt and evil, especially the puppet masters who are controlling them. They want our Country destroyed and on its knees they and are doing whatever it takes to make that happen. If this evil triumphs, we are all doomed.


I agree, this whole current left side have too go away, & a few on the right side too! For sure Biden, Polusi, Schumer, Shiff, etc. You know who I mean!


You are the President. You must order all fake news media closed. Only the Truth Can be allowed!

John F. Brzezinski III

the label of ‘dictator’ is what is being avoided. Unfortunately, POTUS Trump is 110% correct…..the PEOPLE need to take control.

Mark Rakow

Actually, I’d like to see Trump issue such an order. He and his minions would never again be able to use the word “freedom” without provokiing a storm of derisive laughter.


Yeah like this! Lol!Lol! Lol!! ;0 :0 Lol!! Cause we all need a good laugh these days!!


Can Mik Lindell pick up OAN if absolutely necessary?


thats a great idea! he is on ROKU, too.

Mark Rakow

Probably. It’s only worth about 75 cents.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

These Fake News, and Big Techs with their friends woke garbage can all go BROKE!
Also, thank you for your endorsement of Governor Henry McMaster at the Florence SC, rally the other day. We appreciate Save America people who are working hard to Keep our Country great.
We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.


AT&T / DirecTV don’t care that we’re terminating them. We are still looking at all options…

Craig Barrett

Time Warner will never get 1 cents out of me they are the definition of Anti American TRASH


isnt it owned by Hanoi Jane and hubby?

Mark Rakow


Jane Fonda doesn’t have a hubby, and hasn’t in more than 20 years. She and Ted Turner were divorced in 2001.

Brad Gustafson

I got rid of AT&T.


Yes I am!!! Been sick & tired of it for years now. They are worthless.



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