Let Twitter rot in Hell!

“Twitter is loaded up with Bots and Fake Accounts. Why would anybody want to buy it, especially for $44 Billion? What bank would be dumb enough to finance it? Elon better get back to watching his Electric Car business – lots of competition. Don’t give the Radical Lefties, who have done so much damage to our Country, a windfall profit. Let Twitter rot in Hell!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Twitter has been a bird road kill (identified only by its feathers) for years in my opinion? I think Elon Musk would feel at home with Truth Social. I would too if it aids other phones apps to it.


Let Twitter file chapter 11 bankruptcy and Elon can buy them for pennies on the dollar out of bankruptcy court.


I couldn’t agree more with President Trump. The truth was silenced and viciously attacked, while bots and bullies spread misinformation/disinformation. I am praying justice prevails, and the swamp is flushed down the drain. The news medias total disregard and lack of empathy, is hurtful and discouraging. You were right about the attacks, only becoming more vicious. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life!!! God help us all!!! What a sickening display! I’ve truly lost faith in humanity.Nothing like stabbing a person in the heart, who tried to do the right thing. It took tremendous courage exposing the swamp.I can no longer watch the news anynore.It is like being slapped across the face for telling the truth. How dare I expose the evil in this world .

Cheryl Driscoll

Where can I find your “articles”? I TOO want to TRUST the plan!! But WHAT I KEEP “GETTING” is that I HAVE NO HELP AGAINST THESE ILLEGAL, DEMONIC, CRIMINAL ATTACKS @ ME! I,’m fed up too! I’d rather they just tell me the TRUTH! That I’m not going to get any justice!! And WHY are 1/6 patriots still IN JAIL??? THIS CHAPS ME TOO! I too have lost FAITH in humanity! I was never far from it. It’s a done deal now!


Tell Elon to save his money. It is only worth a penny as is.
Let them bankrupt it will serve them right. Show them no pity

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Must be a hell of a deal, the kind demo’s would make, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.
Never trust the leftist radicals. Playing deal or no deal.

Meg P

Yes Sir, let it rot in hell. Tens of millions of people started and went on twitter for one thing: @real Donald Trump. For four years it was the only place that we could get the full truth, right out of your mouth, Sir. We loved seeing all the beautiful events that took place in the White House. That was a first, that you Mr. President allowed for us to see, through the video coverage of so many awards to military and ordinary people who did extraordinary things for our country. We viewed ceremonies for the new Supreme Court judges’ that you appointed for their conservative values. We saw it all. While Fox stayed focused on too much of the negative, YOU stayed focus on the balance of the positive with the negative. Thank You Sir.
Then when those same tens of millions of us were REMOVED (millions of us even had our wireless PCs enabled at the same time-who did that?) of the twit-man’s site they LOST in the end, because YOU keep it going. Guess that is when twitter had to fake accounts with bots, to make up for all the loss. So let it rot, let it rot.


Twitter is a marxist- fazcist propaganda media and anyone using it are supporting the enemies. Trump made Twitter big (Perhaps He invented it. Who knows? A lot of people says He did). But the communists took advantage of Him. So unfair when He made their business big for them. Now Twitter is for Bots and losers only and if anyone buys it they are financing an enemy of the President and thereby our great great nation. Who would anyone want to do that?


i was never on twitter and feel so much better because of it.



Linda Goodman

Sorry to state the obvious, but without the bots everyone knows there’s just a tiny minority of leftists left. Rules for Radicals #1: ‘Power isn’t only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have’; unstated 1b: ‘Don’t let the enemy know their true power.’

Cheryl Driscoll

True sentiments I share, with our duly-elected, dearly beloved President of our Republic! Having successfully dismantled the DS criminals who allowed us to sell our freedoms into becoming a Corporation, meant to be used as commodities, enslaving us, and making us the victims of crimes against humanity. No more! Thank you Sir! I will stand with you, for you, til the END! We are all the Victors in God! Our Covenant is alive & well, with the One & only true and living GOD! YHVH! Amen! God Bless America! Amen! Let’s ‘git er’ DONE!’ Thank you!


The news media knows I have everything.There are no coincidences why President Trump entrusted me. He told me to trust the plan and justice was coming.




I am proud to say that I quit Twitter and have not gone back since Nov 3rd, 2020!! Never Again!

james H. Victor

Rot in hell, Don? Very harsh, but rightfully so. The Game has changed in the World, because of a self acquired “self-empowerment”, via technology. Big Tech, Facebook, Twitter, Rumble, Parlor and many Other’s, is where the war is. On the www. We are All, at the “Party of World Communication”. It is where & what America and the World was, and is now. It is a World Arena, played out in front of the World, on the www. It’s where the war is. How did We get here? So, I could be wrong, but, it continues, this mankind against mankind, Who are at the top of the animal kingdom. Humankind is It’s Own worst enemy. It is We, Ourselves, the human species. Rhetoric. Behavior Matters. FREEDOM GONE MADD, SAD, SAD, SAD.

A new leaf on the tree

NO To do this properly Twitter needs to rot in FAKE HELL

In Fake Hell instead of having just smoke. they also have mirrors

I would imagine crooked Hillary will end up there as well 🙂


The news media knows I’ve exposed all the demons. You are watching the biggest cover-up in US history. President Trump told me go trust the plan and justice was coming🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA


I have read some of your articles.
Thank You!
Keep Up the Good Work!

Jennifer Cloud

AMEN…Twtr blocked me 2 yrs. ago just because I’m a Christian.. they kept ALL MY personal info. won’t allow me to even delete the account just because I use my Freedom of Speech to tell the TRUTH about the LIES they continue to spread …I PRAY 2024 will bring a NEW President..and by saying NEW I mean YOU President Trump..Blessings and Hope to ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE


You must have said something untruthful that was construed as dangerous misinformation. Twitter wouldn’t block you for being a Christian. Twitter did not block DT for all the bullshit he spewed about Covid 19 including pushing dangerous drugs and/or treatments (although they should have). Please Jennifer.

Jennifer Cloud

NO…I posted my OPINION (which is ALWAYS Christian based..)…opinions are NOT lies ..it is simply a view or judgement about something …it’s also known as FREE SPEECH … Be Blessed
PS thank you for YOUR opinion


With all due respect Jennifer, they would not have blocked you for a benign Christian-based opinion that did not consist of hate speech or dangerous statements. And by the way, all speech is not protected by the first Amendment. Also Twitter has rules that you must agree to before you become a subscriber. If you violate those rules, you get booted. If you don’t believe your comments violated those rules, you should take it up with Twitter.

Jennifer Cloud

For WHATEVER reason they blocked me…TWTR should NOT have the right to KEEP ALL my personal info and not allow me to delete my page…and WHO determines if it’s “dangerous speech”??? I HAVE NEVER and WOULD NEVER threaten another human nor would I support “hate speech”,racism or encourage harm to ANY LIFE…so let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that..I’m sure there are plenty out there you can “correct” that ARE doing the things your ASSUMING I did with my page…I’m just a grandma that DOES support our Constitution and rights so many have FOUGHT and sacrificed EVERYTHING to protect ..NOT a terrorist…#MAGA #GodWins
and again..Be Blessed

Albert V Barnett

For all the bots and fake accounts, the MSM treats twitter as holy writ, thus Elon is doing America a favor, exposing it for what it has become. A propaganda farm for the Deep State, who thinks twitter has a government office inside twitters Corp HQ feeding twitter with talking points and blocking protocols, like Perkins Coie!


So, you know about the FBI office in Perkins Coie, too.


Let it go Mr. President, it’s his money to waste the way he sees fit.
Love ya man, but let it go and perfect your own site.


I agree, but on the other hand, why should marxists be so enriched? They hate wealth and greed, or so they say.

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