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thank-you for posting here.

Angel P

Watched it earlier. I miss the good ole’ days when America was great!

Yuk Chun Birch

Thank you both! Mr. President & Mike Lindell.

Yuk Chun Birch

Mike is better than the so called “journalist” Jonathan Karl!😂

Yuk Chun Birch

2 smart guys who love our country! That’s what makes a difference for our country. Now we have those politicians (swamp) running the country only for their own benefits 🙄

Yuk Chun Birch

Mike: “the real President”! ❤ President Trump.

My Man Trump

Mike Lindell. You gotta love him. He is a inventing, marketing genius who just loves DJT.
excellent interview. So terrible what they did to Mike just for seeking the truth and helping America. When DJT gets back soon he will make it right.

Short Bus Sam

With these two together we know where to stick the enema nozzle

Gerald Warner

Bastard obama is is right in the mix ruining this country.

Tim Tates

I believe Obama is the one who told China Joe to leave all the military equipment in Afghanistan for his Muslim buddies! These people should be charged for TREASON and they know it!

My Man Trump

Actually it is the Illuminati calling the shots. They were Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc. handlers and now they are joe’s through Obama. Obama is a low level member of the Illuminati. Orders come way high up the chain. SoreAss, Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Obama, bill Gates, HW Bush, J Kerry, Warren Buffet, Tony Blair, Gorbachev, etc., are all members. There are 300 in total and above them the highest ranking members. God help us all. They are huge and very, very powerful. It is way worse than we thought.

Gerald Warner

Now the Russians are practicing blowing up satilights putting our astronaughts at risk. was a bad deal allowing both Russian and Chinese on our space station


Russia is Not our enemy! China, yes. It would benefit us to “get along” with Russia! Russia can be a friend, to the US as long as we clean out all the shit politicians and generals that just want war. The propaganda that Russia is our enemy is for the purpose of the warmongering bastards that just want war because it is huge money for them!!

My Man Trump

Right on!

Lenora Thompson, Writer

Dear Mr President, Dan Scavino and Staff: :Could someone please address why Fake Biden is blurring out the Presidential Seal on his podiums/desks??? I mean, we all KNOW he’s fake, phony and false but still…why the sudden blurring!?!?! Here’s a classic example:

Thank you and please come back soon. We miss you and love you so much. Holding the line! #trumptriumphant

~ Lenora Thompson, Patriot Writer


Great interview and 2 great patriots.


Wow looks like an awesome interview


I hope I live long enough to see the truth come out and have those accountable dealt with.


Me too! Mr. Trump needs to be held accountable for spreading election lies, calling people to Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, and sending them down to the U.S. Capitol with instructions to “Fight like h*ll.” Some people would still have their loved ones and others would not be locked away if not for the actions of the former president.

Rowland L. Holland

From an upholsterer …. It took Mike a year to make his pillow …. I woulda fired him after the first or second day ! hahahahahaha JK, love your pillows Mike !!!!! Go Trump !!!

Mark Rakow

Instead of “the blind leading the blind,” Trump and the My Pillow Guy are “the swine misleading the lyin’.”


Watching now!!



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