Liz Harrington, our new spokesperson for Save America

“Donald J. Trump is pleased to announce Liz Harrington, a strong Republican conservative voice for America and who has represented conservative policies so well over the years, as our new spokesperson for Save America and Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. Liz will be taking the place of Jason Miller, who will be leaving to enter the private sector. “I greatly thank Jason for his service—he is outstanding!” said President Donald J. Trump.

“Liz Harrington is a fighter,” said President Trump. “She was an important part of our receiving more votes than any incumbent President in U.S. history, far more than we received the first time we won.”

“It is an honor of a lifetime to represent President Trump and to stand for the truth,” said Harrington. “At such a critical time for our country, President Trump’s fighting spirit is needed now more than ever. We will not stand idly by and let America fall to the Radical Left-Wing Mob.”

Harrington is the former national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, editor-in-chief of, and senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon. She has long been a staunch supporter of President Trump.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Linda Egle

I am an avid supporter of Donald Trump and will continue to be because of his policies, but reading the snarky remarks on Colin Powell makes me cringe and sick to my stomach! I’m sure I’m not alone. There is a good adage that sometimes you just shouldn’t say anything….is that possible???

Saudí Cohen

I’m fighting with everyone bc I want to know if trump is on GETTR it looks very official I love Trump he’s still my President but I don’t want to join something that’s a lie ty

James Damschen

As a honorable die hard Republican supporter of Donald J Trump and Greg Abbott living here in the State of Texas. I know that Donald and Greg will be down on Texas Border on June 30th, can you tell me where on the border they will be. I am a Vietnam Vet that served 3 years in that war and served 11 years in the military. I am going 74 years of age and my wife who is also a veteran who just turning 64 on Jun 19th. We would both like to drive down to the border from San Antonio for a once in lifetime visit to see them both and show our support for the greatest President and greatest Governor in my lifetime.

Thank you…

mike pepin

Trump may have been a kinda bumbling, somewhat ineffective president, not really getting done what he wanted to do done, but at least unlike conservative or liberal politicians here in Canada or in the US, his heart is in the right place. Hugging the US flag. Loving his country. Everyone else seems to have other people pulling the strings or making the decisions.

Michael McCann

Are you kidding me ?
This Country under Trump was energized
unemployment for all down
reached full employment
Stock market almost doubled in value
Gas prices dropped drug prices dropped
Investment in USA soared
Military revived
China Russia Iran North Korea in their place peace deals in Middle East
Only the deaf dumb and blind democrat or Canadian
Woiuldnt know that

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