Look at the Great State of Texas

“Wow! Look at the Great State of Texas and their powerful Republican Party Platform on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud. After much research and study, they disavow the national result for President. Such courage, but that’s why Texas is Texas!!! They know that a Country cannot survive without Free and Fair Elections (and STRONG BORDERS!).”

By Donald J. Trump

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The Lone Star State will lead in getting all the States to stand against this regime and securing our rights to govern our own States. Close the border for illegal alien invasion.
Start the process of reinstating Our Rightful President Trump and hold the criminals accountable for what they did to our elections.


God Bless Texas!


Texas has evidence of 2020 voter fraud!!! I can’t wait for Trump (The REAL president) to march up the stairs of congress and present the EVIDENCE OF 2020 VOTER FRAUD to THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!


What about the rest of the Republican Party members in other states? Making such a bold proclamation can hardly be covered up by fake news!



My Man Trump

Congrats to Texas and thank you for your courage. Now please take the border out of FJBs hands and put it in yours. Stop the criminal activity and use all other states to do it. This is a national criminal sanction by FJB and his regime, not a Texas one. Every state must fight.

Michael Fuechtmann

woo hoo Texas!!!!! A state with balls!!!!!! Can I say that?


Rock N Roll!
GOD Bless Texas!


It is about time someone stood up. Where are the swing states?

R Minoglio

The demoRATS are going to cheat in the election’s. Joe has pretty much came out and said it. We need people to be alert. Sign up to be election judges. We can not let them get away with another steal. I want my country back!


100% Correct!


Except for Ted Cruz. Why is he still around?


Why is Bitch McConnell still around?


Long time comin’….now, my fellow Americans, we need to see some more backbone- step up👊🏻🇺🇸


Gives me hope! God Bless the Great State of Texas, and the great GOP there!! They need to get rid of Cornyn!


Correct, he needs to go.

Cheryl Driscoll

POTUS! This is a word the Lord just gave me! Isaiah 51: 4-5. I AM RIGHT TO BELIEVE! FAITH IS! B/C there is FAITH! I HAVE IT! THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT!!! WWG1WGA! #ULTRA MAGA KING! (Thank you Texas!)


Get rid of fraudulent voter roles and private companies involved in maintaining voter roles or we will never get country back


Now we need EVERY Red state and EVERY Swing state to Stand Up and Disavow the 2020 Election!
God Bless Texas!

Mark Rakow

Yeah, sure. The net effect will be a whole lot of nothing.


Dream On Mfker!
P.S. Keep smoking crack with Hunter and Brandon.



jo young

well better late than never; however, it means nothing because it is only the republicans. the cheating needs to be recognized by every citizen regardless of their political affiliation.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help