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JERRY Pyeatt

Need to stir things up & mention Myron Fagan illuminati exposed. You would ruffle feathers like never before, youd skyrocket in ratings if it was played for the world to hear. Names places times Iean it’s full of information and once its played watch out. You gonna hear lying x 10000000000 to say no liar is Myron. But bill on that he was a hero on 67. But he exposed horrific realities, and if the country were together then it would of made a significant difference but 67 was wartime too much focus on war but now people are awakened & wondering which Avenue to travel in order to turn this monstrosity before the lies generated quicksand & there the reality sinks find the illuminati & you’ll find the answer Myron tells somewhere in his audio illuminati exposed 1967 audio. Give that a listen. The answer within

Mark Rakow

Quite the dinner party, featuring “Republican Surf-and-Turf.” Something fishy, along with Trump’s bullshit.


Great! What time and what channel/network/app/site? Thanks


Great! Put the video on you website!
Rock N Roll President Trump!

joy young

wish i could be a fly on the wall and hear what they say and what you say in return.

Shave Our Country

Or a fly on Mike Pence’s head…


Dammit! First I heard of it.


President Trump I wish you would come back and bring peace back to the world. No other President has brought peace to the all parts of the world like you did.
You are the best leader this planet has ever had in history.
God Bless you Mr. President come back very soon

My Man Trump

Have a great time, Mr. President. I’m sure they love you as much as we do.



Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding! Nothing is more wonderful than President Trump actively working and making progress for our Country. Our Country, which has been decimated by ELECTION FRAUD, and 10 months of the Demented Joe communist agenda. The Joe Administration is destroying our Country. We are talking about an administration of retards who couldn’t even build a toddler’s LEGO set, let alone build back anything. We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP.


Thank you Trump and all of your team. Thank Q for me. I know you all are working hard. Holding on by me fingernails and feet braced with body holding the line. I saw a video of the tomb of the unknown soldier and thought of all the people who helped us get to this point that I don’t know and who don’t know me. When I get scared I think about God holding me and Q talking to me. I know it will be all right as long as we save all the little children. Nothing but God and his children are more important. Get every last one of them. Those who you do let go will start this up through their children and grandchildren. Blessed Be.

American girl

We need you more than ever or we are going to have no US.



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