Maher is a loser, and MAGA gets it

“Every time low ratings dummy Bill Maher has anything nasty to say about your favorite President, me, Fox finds a way to put him on, usually sandwiched in between really bad anti-Trump ads. Maher is a loser, and MAGA gets it – but Fox doesn’t. He said I was fortunate to have my home broken into because it was good for my polls. Wrong, it was an assault on liberty, and very bad for our Country, which is incredibly angry right now…And no, I was, and am, leading everybody in the POLLS – BY A LOT!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Why are there so many terrible people in this country and why is Fox News putting them on the air in between those disgusting ads. Why would Fox News elect to lose ratings to become fake news. I long for the days of free and fair press.


I had also written to Bill Maher, a couple of times. He is a little man with a huge “ego.” He is a self absorbed, little bully. I don’t find him the least bit funny, nor do I find him intelligent. I wonder how Bill Maher would feel, if the FBI “raided” his home? 🤔 I wonder what they would find? You know what they say about those who scream the loudest? They usually have the most to hide.

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You hit the nail on the head…100% true about Maher. Even when he occasionally says something I agree with, he’s just nasty. That smirk is really timeworn…his kool-aid drinkers laugh and jeer on cue whenever he breaks out the sneer. Yawn!


You got my vote. Hopefully it want be stolen again.
The deep state has infiltrated our news outlets and cable tv networks to set their narratives,
Same as they do with fbi, DOJ, big tech and so on.
America has had enough of this, they need to go, like now.

Save Our United States

Not to worry, FOX is wobbly and the public is aware.


Bill Maher Is a Commie-Lib!
His Opinion and the Fox FAKE News Opinion Means NOTHING!


President Trump is my favorite president of all time, hands down, and I really mean it. With Trump we had energy independence and low fuel prices, a far more secure border, peace treaties in the works between Israel and Muslim nations, true anti-poverty policies aiming to improve life for everyone regardless of “color,” respect from our communist and other enemies, and their abuse of the USA being stamped out, felony animal cruelty signed into law, lower taxes, true support for small businesses, a thriving economy (until THEIR covid plandemic and race riots kicked in), etc. …all great, and all the polar opposite of what “biden” (the swamp) is doing!

Sarah Luu

Mahar has always been a zeo – a loser. Not worth the time of day to waste discussing. Don’t even know why I’m even commenting about such an ASS!

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