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Please help me locate my missing daughter, Dinah Liskin, from L.A, Ca.President Trump, her husband has been hacking me for years…her calls are all forwarded to him, he reads/answers her emails. He is partner in the Law firm KWIKA/ SANTA MONICA, CA. He’s gas lighting me! I’m homeless living in my car in Austin txs her # is 310-600-8350. Please please help find her! If she’s alive, she may be hurt! I told him today via email he answered I sent to her, that I believe he killed her…he’s angry. Please help her children Macon, Daphne Liskin, Jaxon Speer/Univ of NM /Albuquerque, NM..3rd yr student. I need to hear her voice…months and months!! Please help locate her!


I hope I am included in this lawsuit as my right to free speech was taken away several times for months at a time. Being disabled and homebound , social media was my outreach. Several of my immediate family members live thousands of miles away. I was unable to reach out when family members wererecouperating from surgery, one was my mom. It has affected me spiritually , physically and mentally. The pleasure of reaching out to loved ones on face book was taken away several times. They disabled my original account with no explanation at all. This should never happen to anyone. I have seen vile posting that includes slander, sex and cuss words, these posts are allowed. I pray that no one in my circumstance ever gets censored. No one should have their right to speak freely taken away,especially when it is the truth.

Diane Roy

My face book account was disabled and all my memories erased. All for exposing the truth. I lost friends, family and my face book page all for exposing the swamp.

Florida Robert

US is still free (sort of). The Soc’s attempt to silence US by censoring the legacy bulletin boards (like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Myspace, and AOL) will only result in people migrating to uncensored platforms, such as Rumble, Gettr, GAB, Frankspeech, and (of course) the deskofdonaldtrump.

Meegan Fixler

Thank you President Trump for giving America a chance to fight against Big Tech and their fascist ways! They will pay!

Mike Hunt

Meegan, you have it backwards! Trump is the fascist (you too by association) & “Big Tech” are the freedom fighters! As to anyone “paying” it will only be suckers like you who keep sending money to this snake oil salesman! The lawsuit will be laughed out of the first court it in which it is presented.

bob simpson

oh really!!?? you call taking away free speech, which the big techs do, and claim Trump is fascist. I think you are a little mixed up here, but then again typical of a leftist communist liberal. how sad that you believe everything the liberal media tells you! try thinking for yourself and do some searching before you spew your nonsense.

James Wiles

You sir/ma’am or whatever gender you identify need to get over your TDS. Who follows someone they don’t like but a person that’s mentally I’ll and afraid of the truth. Get off your high horse and hope you enjoy the high cost of living that demented old man in office has brought to America and all the destruction the DemoKKKrats have done to the real men and women of America


I see you Mike Hunt the Cunt have a bad case of TDS. You follow people you don’t agree with because you’re mentally disturbed. The left are fascists and not President Trump. If you voted for Xiden Biden please explain why without mentioning Trump? I bet you can’t. Hope you enjoy the cost of living dipshit


thank you, thank you, thank you


Sue the Hell out of Social Media President Trump!
Save America!
Trump 2024!


One doesn’t have to be a soothsayer to predict that there will be a major “lawsuit” fundraising campaign starting up shortly…

Mike Hunt

The grift started about the same time the lawsuit was filed. Watch the marks line up to empty their wallets & purses for their cult leader!



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