Make sure to watch The Moment of Truth Summit

“Make sure to watch The Moment of Truth Summit this Saturday, starting at 9 am CDT, hosted by Mike Lindell! Watch the movie premier of [S]election Code and hear experts and Patriots from all 50 states showing how the 2020 Election was RIGGED AND STOLEN and how to STOP it from ever happening AGAIN. A MUST SEE event to help SAVE our COUNTRY from the deliberate AND ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION going on NOW!! Watch on or RSBN. For more info, go to”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank You President Trump!
I WILL be watching!

My Man Trump

F***ing Awesome. I wouldn’t miss it.


Right On!


Preaching to the choir, yet again.


The demoNcrats cannot be allowed to rig and steal any more elections. It really is a form of treason and it is they who should be having their lives turned upside down and be investigated thoroughly and all the rest of what they deserve.

Just Me

The whole world needs to see it. It is an inexcusable state of affairs when “TV” will not allow the public to see information that does not fit the corrupt political narrative.


I will be watching from Texas.


Nothing I would rather do than watch a bunch of lunatics talk conspiracy theories and how wronged you have been. No thanks.


Are you going to be Smoking Crack with Hunter Biden and the Russian Prostitutes when you are watching the FACTS about the 2020 election being RIGGED and STOLEN?

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